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This is my first contest. However, I have entered and won first place in four consecutive gaian writing contests, so I believe myself qualified to hold one of my own.

Whilst searching the forum for an interesting contest to enter, I realized that I had never seen a contest devoted specifically to nature (forgive me if I am wrong). Because I enjoy poetry, (not so much for writing or reading short stories sweatdrop ) I decided to make a Nature Poetry Contest.

So. The obvious rules apply. Don't make me have to say more, please.
Other than that:

Make your entries themed on nature (I was debating whether or not that was "obvious" wink .
No length restrictions.
Post all entries here.

Now for the part everyone actually cares about -
the GOLD!

Firstly, you have to give some to me. Entry fee is 100 gold. WHICH MUST BE SENT TO "DOLEON MULE"

What you could get in return:
I have 2000 gold I am dedicating to this contest.

The 100 gold for your entry fee will be divided as follows -
1st - 50
2nd - 35
3rd - 15

The same goes for any other donations WHICH ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED =D

Edit - An honorable mention will recieve a mantis mask, and 300G from my personal account.

Edit - Final Prizes stand thus:
1st ~ 10,000 gg
2nd ~ 7,000 gg
3rd ~ 3,000 gg

I hope to have at LEAST fifteen entrants, so this contest is running for a month.

Have fun, I'm looking forward to reading your work!

EDIT- 100G covers
Two entries per person.

A big thank you to the folks at WW&CCF for their grant!!!! heart heart heart eek heart heart heart
Entrants Thus Far:

1. Follyiandra ~ Voices in the Desert Sky, The night Sky Wept 4laugh heart =900G eek Thanks!
2. Inquisitive Solitude ~ A tree's ballad, Two years ago 4laugh
3. Mahayr ~ Perfect Plan, Desert Blues 4laugh
4. Wolven Poet ~ Autumn, Canis Lupis 4laugh
5. DarkAngel_Kia ~ Luna 4laugh
6. Julie_Ann ~ Ripples on the Water 4laugh
7. LongTimeListener ~ Autumn in the Alley 4laugh heart =1000G eek Thanks!
8. neko_chan13 ~ First Snow, Superior 4laugh
9. Kiria Delusional Kitty ~ Gentle Morning 4laugh heart =400G Thanks!

11. Jemartian ~ Listen Child, Wind 4laugh
12. Panthino the Moth ~ Romancing, Haybox 4laugh heart =1000G eek Thanks!

14. Vaylle ~ Night Grief 4laugh heart 33G Thanks!
15. Teardrop25 ~ Sky, Oh Sweet, Soft Sky 4laugh heart 100G Thanks!

biggrin Entered
xd Paid
4laugh Paid and Entered
I will so join. It's about time it was nature. I have the perfect poem ready and stewing. Oh, also. Can we enter more then one?
Thank you so much for your donation! and yes, I just updated the first post - two entries. Thank you for asking.

I will so join. It's about time it was nature. I have the perfect poem ready and stewing. Oh, also. Can we enter more then one?
Poems By me: Samantha Schoser: All rights reserved.

Voices in the Desert Sky

Voices in the Desert sky, hear them luagh, sing, and sigh.
Sitting neath the desert moon, watching the plants as they dance and swoon.
I wonder how I came to be, here forever, with the sand.

Thunder rolls and a lightning flash, Illuminate, the parched desert grass.
The arryos run with a streangth so feared, yet beauty lies, neath the rage.
Like a lioness, strong and swift, it wipes away, all traces of life.
The storm abates, and once again, I sit neath the desert sky.
The world is quiet, but waking up. Here and there, the crickets chirp.
Then, like a switch had been moved, the world, it came back to life.
The Cayotes howled the birds sang, yet in all, one single voice stood out from the rest.

Voices in the desert sky, hear them luagh and sing and sigh.
Sitting neath the desert moon, I watched as the world dances and swoons.
The desert sand tween my toes, tells me something what, nobody knows.

The land is a gift, to be treated like so. We do not own it, we only sow.
Hate and misery in our wake lie, if we continue to be so cruel, the land will surely die.

permitted we are, to stand on it proud, as the land weeps so loud.
We murder, kill and fight each day, yet still we are, allowed to stay.

Tears now run, down my face, as I watch, with so much grace, the land try to live on, yet now, now, there is nothing to left to stand on.

As I try to think of what it was like, as a child, to smile and hike. Among the hills, nothing has changed, yet man has a way of tearing all down.

Voices in the Desert Sky, hear them no longer singe or luagh, only cry.
Sitting neath the desert moon, no more plant are left to Dance and swoon.
For some sad reason, still I sit, wishing all, would just return, to the ways,
before man burned, all that was preius and lovely, to me.

Please, I beg you, save the trees.
Thanks for entering!
The Night the Sky Wept.

The clash of thunder rolls o'er the empty streets. The wind howled, a sound of misery. It was the night. The night the sky wept.
A sound met the ears of those few still awake.

It sounded like, the patter of little feet. As they ran on the bare cobble stones.
Yet the magic that was in the air, made the sound, so much more soothing. Soon, all slept.

Lightning flashed, Ilumminating the land for a breif seccond. The thunder played it's drums shortly after.
The wind howled, as if it could sing, and the thunder played, so loveingly.
The rain, for thats what it was, danced upon the land that night.

A wild dance of beauty and streangth insued.
The steps were a blur, as the thousand feet of rain leapt and frolliked.
Then, all was silent. The silance was a sacred sound, meant to be broken by but one thing. The weeping sky.

As the dance, yet again began, the land seemed to become alive, as if it knew somehow that the sky was dancing.
The adobe buildings, seemed to move, yet all it was was the lightnings hand. As another flash insued, the peaple came awake.

The Sky!, they all yelled in happiness. The Sky has wept for us!
Yet they were wrong. The Sky had wept for the land, and as the tears ran down her face, a single sound let forth from her.

The ground seemed to be saying, thank you. Thank you for the dance.

As the last flash let forth, the thunder let forth it's last beet, and the Sky dried his eyes, the peaple luaghed.
first day, early for this, oh well

I'll join but for right now I'm just posting so I can find the baord later when I have more time to participate.
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i would like to enter

ill get you the entry later

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