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I feel like an idiot for asking because its supposed to be my story. But I am having a hard time thinking of a reason for this.

What would be a good reason for light elves and dark elves to go into war?

I really want to have something like this but right now the concept is so unclear to me and its driving me crazy. So I thought "why not" ask for help.

1. Culture clash.
2. Taking back a Holy Land
3. Because of allies
4. Awesome resource found
5. Trade rights

Culture clash fits the story extremely well. Thank you.
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Kinda complicated situation I need help fixing holes in:

There are several city-state kingdoms in a fantasy world. Jacinth and Ametrine don't like each other due to their stance on a neighboring kingdom and they are both engineering a cold war and trying to keep what they're doing secret.

Jacinth advocates slavery/indentured servitude and has hired a woman, Nyira, and and her slave, Kel, to go find a magic relic called the Macariastone, which can create and control undead. In finding the stone, the are attacked by an undead and Kel created a portal to our world and was severely wounded.

Some doctor treats Kel and learns about the other world, Nyira tries to get Kel back because he belongs to her, and the undead monster later abducts Kel and some people have to rescue him.

I'm not sure what Nyira does when or before he gets abducted, how the doctor survives, what powers the undead monster can do that some specialists need to be involved, or why the monster doesn't end up killing everyone once it gets to our world with the other two.
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i've been having some trouble figuring out something for one of my characters, who's life/backstory i've been working on for a while now.

he's a mexican-american living in louisiana, the youngest of seven brothers, who married and had a daughter with an american woman who later divorced him. i've got a lot of the details for this character figured out, except for one.

as he was originally, before i made changes to his life (before the whole thing with the ex-wife and daughter he was a character i used in a role play), he was a werewolf. i've got his story set up in such a way that i'd only need to change a few things about his childhood and whatnot for this to be true, but i'm having a really hard time figuring out how to make it work. i'd like for him to be a werewolf 'cause i love them and i have no other werewolf characters, i'm just stuck on how to get it to work.

i feel like if i'm going to make him a werewolf then i'd want there to be something more to his story, something to give the fantasy element context i guess. the issue here being that i don't know what kind of setting i want to use for that. his story is contemporary (set no earlier than the 60's i'd say, though i haven't yet figured out an exact time frame for it), and i'd want it to be low-fantasy. as in, nothing too out there like elaborate magic or dragons or whatever. something much more grounded, even "gritty."

i've been trying to figure this out for a while with no luck. i just don't know how to explain away something as obviously magical/fantasy-esque as werewolves in a more realistic setting... but i can't write out anything more for this character (as i'm working on writing down descriptions for him, his family, and the characters around them) until i figure out whether or not he actually is a werewolf.

here's a link to my weebly site where i've started writing about these characters--the one i've mentioned here is Russell: http://muncharacters.weebly.com/
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I have a character who of COURSE needs superpowers, because why not?

Anyway, he's very much the stubborn punk brat at the beginning of the story who is on a bit of a vengeance spree due to not only his parents being killed, but later his adoptive parent (kid just can't get a break, can he?). Overall he's fairly intelligent, even if he is a bit ignorant and brash. He does mellow out as the novel goes on, especially after he meets his comrade in spandex (because superheroes, ya know). For all his faults, he's extremely loyal once he learns to put down his walls. His hobbies include archery, drawing, dyeing his hair every other day, and strangely, organizing things.

What does he look like you ask? This: He is flicking off the viewer, so just a warning, yeah?

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