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Hello. I have a problem, was hoping to get a little feedback. Lately I've been rethinking my story (again), and I have an idea, but I'm not sure how it would sit with readers.

One of the characters in my story is a king in a fantasy country, who discovers that someone close to him has essentially been kidnapped. All signs point to a culprit who should be in a prison on an island off the coast of the country, where escape is (assumed) to be virtually impossible. My idea is to have the king go to the prison himself to confront the man, only to find something else in his place.

The main problem is getting the king there. The missing person is extremely close to the king (one of the major plot points of the story revolves around revealing their relationship), and it's suggested that he may be afraid this person will do something rash because of a recent argument between them. Would it be plausible for him to go to the prison, and beyond? What about with a relatively small guard, in disguise for most of the way?

I ask because I'm not sure if this is something royalty would do, or even be allowed to do. It would put him in a very vulnerable position, which could play into the story later, and I don't want him to spend the rest of the story in the same city, watching events from a distance. Any suggestions, please?

Hello, hoping I may be of some help here. :] My first thoughts initially were that if he's a king, wouldn't kings usually just have said prisoner they wanted to talk with brought to them at their own convenience? BUT, I totally understand you wanting to find reasons for getting the king out of the palace. So, maybe the prison is so high-security for serious criminals that it's dangerous to try to transport them out of the prison, so the king must go there. Maybe he just assumes that the high-security fancy prison has enough guards and so he doesn't bring his own, which could lead to trouble for him? Maybe the king is injured at some point during his visit to the prison? Or maybe he does bring his own small guard just in case? Regardless of what you want to happen while he's there, he could take his already-recruited guard or recruit a new local guard to escort him on his journey. Either way could take the plot into two different directions. I hope that helps! x
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Hey. I'm writing a story where a girl gets raped and I'm wondering how to be descriptive about it in the same old-fashioned manner as everything else without being too descriptive, if you know what I mean. Also, the same story happens to be about the Black Death and I was wondering if it would be good or bad for me to describe things the way Albert Camus did in The Plague. Thank you.

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