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So I'm seriously thinking about starting to lift weights, but I'm not sure how to go about starting it.

It really doesn't help that I don't like my body right now, I've wanted to start lifting for awhile but I'm afraid to go to the gym because I'm a weakling and embarrassed about my body.

I'm not overweight, I'm just weak. And I'm sick of it.
The best way would be to book time with a gym instructor. They can help you make a beginner's program and tune it to your goals.

Don't pay any mind to other people when you're at the gym. There will always be someone who is stronger/better built /whatever. Just focus on yourself and your own goals.
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It would be best for you to have a personal trainer. Yes its true don't mind other people, what would be important is the result of your hard work to be become better. Set your goal, motivate yourself, take the necessary steps towards it, then you'll never know that you have actually reached your goal.
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No one at the gym is judging you.
Just go there.
Don't use a personal trainer. Personal trainers will intentionally give you poor advice so that you don't progress very fast and thus continue coming to them.
Just go to the weight floor and start picking up heavy s**t. Nobody is looking at you. Especially because most people that lift weights as a hobby are super aspergerish and just want to focus on their routines and their own bodies.
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No one really cares if you're weak or a beginner in a gym. Everyone at the gym was a weakling at some point so no one bothers to judge someone. I've had a few kind people come up to me and help me when I start on new equipment and give me tips on form. The gym is all about motivation so it's a positive place to be in. smile
You don't go to the gym to look good and show how strong you are. You go there to get strong.
JUST GO. No one cares. It's just all in your head. Want to get toned? Eat the healthy proteins and carbs, pick up the moderate-heavy weights (since you're starting out), then when you feel that you can move on to the heavy weights, move on to the heavy weights. Work out the whole body. Google weightlifting workouts and Youtube workouts with proper forms.

There are people who were once weak but can now do crazy amounts of pushups/pullups/bench presses when they could barely do a couple at first.
Nobody is going to be looking at you and caring about your size. I can't remember ever seeing a guy or girl in the weight section with me and thinking about their weight. Just jump in and once you start lifting heavier, your confidence will definitely increase. biggrin Everybody has to start somewhere.

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