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                            'Fine as usual' was a very common answer that Kaoru received to his inquiry of another person's status. Of course, when so many people used the same answer, it became a commonly used phrase when a person did not want to put too much thought into what they were saying. Kaoru thought of each person's life to be a swirling mass of chaotic events that happened one after another. There were always the good events, and then there were the bad. Sometimes they would happen one after another without pause, and sometimes they would be sparse and far in between. Sometimes the person in question would be bursting to tell another person of some great news, and other times they would want to drive the conversation away from whatever they were feeling. So Kaoru smiled and said, "I see. That is a fine thing to hear, Ms. Kanami."

                            Hearing Kanami talk about her memories, Kaoru chuckled, "Being able to enjoy the sight of falling snow is something that children should be able to appreciate. It is a fine mirror and symbol of what should be." His usual smile came to his face, but Kaoru was no longer looking outside at the ash-like snow. "In both positive and negative ways." He personally did not remember many memories of playing in the snow. If anything, they were like the memories of a far and distance past. One that did not belong to him. At that thought, a chuckle escaped Kaoru. "Only three times?" repeated Kaoru. However, he simply smiled wistfully after that. "Ah, I suppose there are places that do not receive much snowfall. You are from a warmer climate then? At times, I do not know whether less snow should be something to be celebrated or not." Kaoru paused for a moment before continuing, "After all, as much pleasure some people may find in it, sometimes more often becomes a hindrance to others. What is your opinion, Ms. Kanami? I am interested in what you think." Giving the question to Kanami to think about, Kaoru himself did not have a good answer. There were indeed many people who enjoyed playing in the snow. However, when it snowed heavily, it became dangerous to be outside. It would also put a halt to many businesses, and put a hold on many ongoing operations that could not be stopped. But some times there were people who had to continue working despite the heavy snow, putting much stress and upon their mind and body. Kaoru chuckled.

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                  - Kaoru and Kanami remain in the greenhouse
                  - Kaoru comments on how children should be able to enjoy the sight of falling snow without worries, and simply be amazed at the strange weather
                  - Kaoru asks Kanami where she is from
                  - He also for her opinion on whether she thinks snow is a good thing or not
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                                          Five hundred twenty-five t h o u s a n d: 。 ▁ six hundred minutes !
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                                          xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx( In daylights, in sunsets, in midnights, in cups of coffee )

                                          "Being able to enjoy the sight of falling snow is something that children should be able to appreciate. It is a fine mirror and symbol of what should be."

                                          Kanami pondered thoughtfully at that response. She agreed with it, but at the same time, she didn't agree with it. While there are children who get excited over seeing the first snowfall of the year, there are also children who didn't like it. "Hmm, I'm not so sure about that...There are children out there who aren't particularly fond of the sight of falling snow," she said with a slight frown as she repeated her thoughts. Now the second part of that sentence, she didn't quite understand, but chose not to ask what it meant. Perhaps it'll come to her later on.

                                          "In both positive and negative ways."


                                          "Only three times? Ah, I suppose there are places that do not receive much snowfall. You are from a warmer climate then?"

                                          Kanami nodded. "I grew up in the state of California in the United States of America. It doesn't snow there except in or near the mountains. My first experience with snow was when we went up to a place called Big Bear mountain to play in the snow. Second time I saw snow was last year when I first came here as a freshman. And of course, this is my third time seeing snow, haha."

                                          She listened as Kaoru began pondering about whether there being less snow was something worth celebrating over. When he asked for her opinion on the matter, she hesitated for a moment before replying, "I guess it depends on who you ask. Like you mentioned, some people enjoy it while others find it bothersome. It is a hassle to shovel the snow off the street and your vehicle every morning just so you can get to work." Although she hadn't witnessed a person shoveling snow off the street before yet, she had watched movies and TV shows where that particular scene was included. Usually it was winter-themed movies and TV shows that showcased people shoveling snow off the street. "But despite that, people still enjoy living in places that's susceptible to snow, which is a bit of a wonder."

                                          "Well, I think I'm going to go hunt for pesky weeds," she smiled after she finished giving Kaoru her thought and opinion on his question.

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                                                    Noticing Akane's confused expression, Seung-Hyo frowned. Was there something wrong with the way he worded his question regarding Yukina? When she told him that she'd been out of the room since 5am in the morning, Seung-Hyo understood. "I'm pretty sure she was asleep then, but she's probably left the room by now." Seung-Hyo nodded. That made sense. Plus, there was a chance that she might have woken up and gone out before him.

                                                    He let out a laugh as his crimson-haired roommate expressed her desire to throw a snowball at Yukina. That would be an interesting sight to see. He could just envision it to now--Yukina randomly passing by them and Akane chucking a ball of frozen ice towards the Head Guardian. How would Yukina react to that? "Well, perhaps if we run into her later, we can engage her in a snowball fight." His eyes were full of mischievousness as he spoke those words. They could even hide behind trees to conceal themselves while they threw snowballs!

                                                    When Akane suddenly fell onto her hands and knees in an 'orz' position after Deborah said she wouldn't shake hands with her and began whispering to herself something Seung-Hyo couldn't quite hear, he shot a glance at the brunette. His glance read, 'Don't worry. She tends to be overdramatic sometimes.' "I WANNA MAKE AN ABOMINABLE SNOWMAN!" Well, that was a fast recovery. Seung-Hyo felt his arm being linked with Akane's. He didn't know why she was linking arms with him, but whatever floats her boat.

                                                    Just then, Momoko and Haruma whizzed past them. If Seung-Hyo was correct, they were probably playing tag or something. He grinned upon seeing the shy junior's laughing face as she ran in front of her brother while he chased her from behind. Well, there was a face he didn't see often. She also seemed a lot more lively around her brother than anybody else in the school.


                                                    Seung-Hyo turned his head away from watching Momoko and Haruma chase each other to look at Deborah. Upon seeing her arms stuck in the snow, he couldn't help but burst out laughing. "What were you doing that you got your arms stuck in the snow?" he asked as he helped pull her arms out.

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                                  This..this is just too much. Far too much for Dimitri to handle. Akane is just too much. He felt like his brain was slowly being scrunched up into a little ball as his eye twitched. Her craziness. That. That's why he stays away from females. They're either all intimidating and terrifying - Yukina - or inhumanly strong - like Deborah, though he's one to talk - or just plain insane, like Akane. Seung? Seung-Hyo is sane, which is what most guys are in Dimitri's eyes. Sane, average humans who make sense. They don't over-complicate things. They don't have mood swings. They don't...don't...Dimitri was stunned all over again when he saw Deborah throw a bunch of snow to the side. Without touching it. Alright, so it may be a power, but imagine all the horrible things she could do with that. Like...rearranging houses and cars. Ain't he an adorable little hypocrite.

                                  What freaked him out even more was when she disappeared and reappeared to where he and Seung were being dragged off to, though she did end up stuck. He got some amusement out of that but was still too freaked out to actually find it in his mind to go and help her out. This is just witchcraft. WITCH! Dimitri accused internally before going back to pulling away from Akane. Another things guys didn't do; cling to you and drag you around. Yeah. The short senior was nearly foaming at the mouth due to his arm being linked with the hyperactive female. "Y...Y'know, I think I should probably go...study. Yeah...study. You three can...make the snowman." He laughed meekly, shapeshifted into a snake to get away from the red haired junior, and stepped away. "It's been a blast meeting you guys! Yeah. really! Man...I really wanted to make the abominable snowman." He added under his breath before grinning again, feigning any joy he may be showing.

                                  As he began to back away, he stumble and ended up tripping over his foot. He landed face-first into the snow and whatever left-over morning daze remained was completely gone. "COLD!" He cried, immediately jumped rolling over onto his butt and wiping his face off. He would then frown and glare at the snow, as if it were the snow's fault for causing him to fall. "Pluegh!" He grumbled while spitting out some snow. Dimitri shot a glare when Akane noticed his fall and laughed, then offered to help him up. He cringed and shook his head like a madman, announcing that he was perfectly fine. The Guardian proceeded to fall to her knees once more with the whole spot-light background. "I see...so a Guardian's life is still...a lonely life..." She murmured to herself, her hands slowly being clenched into shaky fists. "...What is wrong with these girls?"

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          ˟ ˟ Location; Courtyard ˟ ˟ Chillin' with;Seung-Hyo, Deborah, Dimitri ˟ ˟

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          Shortly after calling for Deborah to come along, the brunette was already there. Mouth agape, Akane dropped her arms - and failed to noticed Dimitri escape - in shock before dramatically pointing at the junior. "How did you get there so quickly?!" She shouted, looking back to where Deborah was and where she is now furiously. Of course, it didn't take long for her emotion to switch in an instant. "Whatever you did...IT'S SO AWESOME." She shouted again before realizing that Dimitri was no longer by her side. Her face fell when he explained that he was probably going to study or something lame like that. Akane huffed and crossed her arms. "But I thought the abominable snowman was your idea! IT WAS GOING TO BE AN ADVENTUUURE!" She nearly sang and spun around several times, almost like a pirouette. Making a giant monstrous over-sized snowman counts as an adventure in her mind, anyway. "Studying's boring, anyway." She muttered and puffed up her cheeks grumpily.

          Before her attempt to having Dimitri stay continued, however, she took notice to a still figure in a distance, hiding. Well, trying to hide, anyway. No lone figure goes by unnoticed by Akane! She immediately faced whoever was hiding and called out to them immediately, a wide grin plastered on. "O~i! What're you doing, all the way over there? Come build an abominable snowman with us!" She shouted and ran over. It was only three steps in when she realized that the person was Momoko. Akane immediately broke into a sprint and shouted the quiet brunette's name, probably scaring the daylights out of her. "Momo-chan! I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN SO LONG HOW ARE YOU?!" Akane asked maybe a bit too excitedly and held the brunette's hands in her own. "You know, if you wanna have fun, you gotta be all I'MA GONNA HAVE FUN and then go towards the fun and then FUN WILL HAPPEN!" The junior announced, pulling Momoko back to the others with new-found energy. "Look; I found Momo-chan!"

          New or old; meeting people always put Akane in a good mood. It's not like she's a friend-whore, though. Maybe it's just the fact that each person is so unique - especially at Raishon - that she can't help but get to know anybody she may come across. "Aww, I guess we have to start all over again," she sighed, finally setting her attention on the mound of snow that Deborah was once stuck in. "Oh well. Everybody start gathering snow!" She would announce and fall into the snow, literally, to begin scooping up the snow with her arms and bring them into a messy pile before her.

✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖ ✖

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                                        After finishing her breakfast, Suzy headed towards the library. She was thinking about doing a few hours of studying for Calculus since that was the class she was most weak in. Their teacher had also mentioned that there would be a chapter test next week, so now was a good time for her to start studying for it instead of procrastinating and waiting till the night before to start studying like she usually did in the past, which was probably one of the reasons why she rarely did well on the exams.

                                        When she arrived at the library, she pulled on the door handles and entered inside. She passed by the librarian as she walked over to one of the study desks, then tossed her bag containing her calculus textbook in it onto the table. After she sat down, she took the book as well as her pencil case, math notebook, and calculator out of the bag. Then flipping her notebook open to a blank page and her textbook to the pages assigned by their teacher, she began to work the assigned problems. For the problems she didn't understand how to do, she'd look back to her notes for help. However, the notes weren't always helpful. Sometimes she came across problems that the teacher never explained how to do. And one of those problems was what she was stuck on right now.

                                        "Ugh..." she groaned as she combed her fingers through her hair as she stared at that one problem. She stared and stared at the problem until finally, she gave up and decided to move on. After some time had passed, she grew bored of math and decided to take a break. Standing up, she stretched her arms. "Mm!" Lowering her arms, she looked around the library. Since she hardly ventured into the library, this place was nearly unfamiliar to her.

                                        So many books... she thought. She wondered if there were any books worth reading in this place. Moving away from her study desk area, she walked towards one of the aisle of book shelves. As she walked through the aisle, she gazed through the book titles. Whenever she saw a book title that seemed interesting, she'd pull it out of the shelf and read through the summary. If she liked it, she'd hold on to it and move on to pick out more books. If not, she'd place it back on the shelf.

                                        Soon, she practically had a tall tower of books in her arms since she didn't pay attention to how many books she had pulled off the shelves. It wasn't until she turned her head forward that she finally realized that she can't see a damn thing. "...dammit." She cautiously took a step forward. Fortunately, the books didn't fall on her. She took another step. Then another. Hey, I'm doing a pretty good job walking despite my view being obstructed! she thought triumphantly.

                                        Suddenly, she tripped over her shoelaces. The tower of books she was carrying flew through the air for a few seconds before they tumbled on top of the blonde Guardian as she fell to the floor on her face. "Ow ow ow ow.....OW!" she cried as the books fell on her one by one.

                                        00000the energy in here is fire000and the speakers too000see the dj hittin' that replay000do what he say and turn me on
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                    ►►A month? Zyera was aware that she was very, very fond of sleeping, but she's never been asleep for more than two days. Well, unless you count the time she was in a coma for a week because she was asleep while on the highway this one time. Yeah...she got her license revoked but hey, safer for those all across the city. And herself. She doesn't go out much, anyway, so there isn't really a reason for the lazyass to actually have a car. The only reason she was out driving that one time because she was sleep-driving. Crazy s**t happens when you're that much of a heavy sleeper. Nevertheless, Zyera responded dully to Eli's question. "I...feel fine." She yawned before readjusting her legs to make sitting more comfortable. "I really need to go to the bathroom, though." Let's not get into detail about that.

                    She was just about ready to fall asleep again until the Guardian addressed her. For a moment, the brunette had no idea what he was talking about when he brought up the whole twin thing. Then it hit her. Halloween...the worst day of my life. She thought, shuddering from the mere thought of the trouble she was caused that day. Whoever pulled that stunt may suffer from an angry Zyera and all who witnessed her destroying the wall of the music room know that it's no pretty thing.

                    "Her hair...is pink." The lazyass stated nonchalantly, failing to comprehend why he claimed she was his twin. Well, that was explained soon enough. Same power? Come to think of it, she didn't even know what his power was. Zyera put off the question, seeing as she found no reason to ask what it was, and nodded once. "How...interesting. I suppose I'm happy for you. That you found...your twin. I suppose. But...who's Shinjiro?" You'd think she'd remember the guy who brought reason back into her head or something. Are you serious?! I've stayed quiet for long enough but this is just unreasonable! Zyera's eye twitched once, but she and Beta made an agreement. Beta let her sleep in peace and Zyera wouldn't destroy any more walls.

                    Despite how excited Eli seemed to be about his pink-haired female twin, said pink-haired girl looked like she was going to destroy him if he continued. The brunette's eyebrow rose when the pink-head concluded that the Guardian is the school whore. She immediately began to shook her head in slight disapproval. "Being a whore is...nothing to be proud of." She agreed flatly. "Neither is being a teen father." Zyera may be a slightly above-average student but catching onto hints was something she was never good at. It just took too much effort to understand that people are actually joking around and such, which often led to her being very confused. Believing that Eli is a whore and a soon-to-be-father is one of those times.

                    xxxxx ◄◄ xxxxxxxx


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                                                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxi fxxo n l yxxo n exxv o i c exxw o u l dxxs t a r txxi txxo nxxi t ' sxxo w n

                                              xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀

                                                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx« w exxn e e dxxj u s txxo n exxv o i c e
                                                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxf a c i n gxxt h exxu n k n o w n
                                                  DON'T FORGET TO PUT THE SPACES IN FOR LOCATION/CRUSH/MOOD + all lower case
                                                  xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxcourtyardxxxxxxMomoko's outfit xxxxxx shy xxxxxxw i t h: Akane, Seung, Dimitri, Deborah

                                                                    Momoko's eyes twitched slightly as Akane out of all people looked her way and yelled at her to come over to where they (Akane, seung, Deborah, and that red-head kid) were and help them build an abominable snowman. Why oh why did it have to be her? Not that she had anything against her crimson-haired acquaintance, but sometimes she was just too much in terms of personality for Momoko to handle. She tried to retreat further behind the tree, but it was too late. The burning-eyed, flaming-haired girl was suddenly in front of her and grasping her hands.

                                                                    "Momo-chan! I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN SO LONG HOW ARE YOU?!"

                                                                    "U-Uh...fine?" answered the junior meekly. Actually I was doing just fine watching you guys from afar on my own, but then you just had to come over here, was what she really wanted to say, but didn't, so she kept it in her thoughts. She sighed as Akane pull her towards the others and announced that she'd "found her." The way she said that made it sound like Momoko had been playing hide and seek. She bowed her head shyly in greeting at her roommate, Seung, and the red-haired boy (who she wondered if he was Akane's younger brother).

                                                                    "Aww, I guess we have to start all over again. Oh well. Everybody start gathering snow!"

                                                                    Momoko stood there in hesitation as she watched Akane scoop up snow in her hands and add them to the pile of snow before her. Then bending down, she did the same thing as well. The snow felt cold and wet in her hands as she gathered up some snow and added them to the pile.

                                                                    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXX

- - - - - - - - - -

~▐ Takeshi Sakamoto ▌~

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                        - I -

                        It was a dark and shadowed room with only a single source of light. The blinds were closed and the members sitting on chairs in a circle facing one another. In the center of the circle was a single green lava lamp that cast a sickly green glow across the face of each member. One of these students was the first to speak. "How goes the operation?"

                        "It is moving along well, Dr. M," answered one of the other students in the circle.

                        With white gloves on, Takeshi was wearing a pair of dark shades, leaned forward with his elbows on his knees and clasped his hands in front of his face. The green lava lamp which reflected off his shades gave him an ominous look as he looked at the rest of the members seated in the circle. "Eeeexcellent. Tell me about The Spitfires. Have we discovered their numbers?" By the tone of voice, whatever The Spitfires stood for meant a great deal to Takeshi. The number he sought was a very important part of this operation. By the silent acceptance of everyone present, each person clearly knew what Takeshi spoke of. They all knew of Takeshi's plans, and were helping him carry it out.

                        Another student spoke up from Takeshi's right. "Yes, we have successfully obtained that information from the usual people."

                        "What of The Fallen Fairies?"

                        "We are meeting some unexpected resistance. It seems possible that they may have plans of their own."

                        Without moving from his current pose, Takeshi moved to the next question. "How of Jumpers? Did we find the usual haunts? We don't want to get the wrong place and be ambushed from behind." It was clear that Takeshi and the other members were making reference to something with all these Names. It was as if they were getting ready for a large operation. One that threatened to affect the overall perspective of the school. It was as if this meeting was set up specifically for these members to update Takeshi on their movement, and their battle preparations. Though it was still a chaotic organization, there was a clear structure to what they were doing.

                        Another student then spoke up across from where Takeshi sat. "Well~, we were able to totally follow our mark. A lot of them were like, places were already marked out last time, you know? Um, but some of the people we sent out were incapacitated during the job, so, well, I dunno if we got everything, you know? But we think, you know, know which one's the most likely place to strike."

                        Takeshi nodded. As well as a good number of the other members in the circle. It was pretty obvious that many of them had expected this outcome. In fact, if it didn't happen, they would be more suspicious that the group had completely failed their job, and everyone incapacitated. Takeshi let out a deep chuckle. Everything was proceeding as he had planned. "And what of The Mad Hatters? Have we come to a successful truce? "

                        "Hell yea. It took some time to convince them, but after some negotiations, our alliance is down pat!"

                        "Okay... Did the search go well for Those In His Domain?"

                        Another student to his left answered with a negative. "No, we have been searching for days and we still have yet to locate the adequate equipment. Until we find the right man, we won't be able to proceed any further."

                        Takeshi nodded. He had not expected everything to go well for everyone. However, the reason he had begun so early in his preparations was to account for these delayed projects. Each of them would soon reach their fruition with plenty of time to spare. The more time to spare they had, the more time they could prepare for the operation.

                        "The Beast and Beauty have also been located?"

                        A nod came from more than one person to Takeshi's right "We have located them." One of them stood up with a note in hand. "Here is the appointed meeting place and time. I am sure you'll find more than you asked for there."

                        Accepting the slip of paper, Takeshi read it over slowly and carefully. After a moment of silence, Takeshi said, "You have done well, my friend. But next time write it down with pen. And ask someone else to write it, because I could barely read that your handwriting."

                        Somebody put up their hand and said, "Uh, maybe it's because of the dim lighting in here? I mean, all we have to see is just this dim green lava lamp in front of us, and it is pretty small..."

                        Takeshi hissed at the student, saying, "No! We must speak in a circle around a dim light!"

                        "How about we use a red light? I like the colour red. It's like the colour of flames."

                        "Pfsh, we should totally get a pink light instead. I mean, the only reason you want it to be re-"

                        "I suggest we use the colour yellow instead. I think that suits u-"

                        "Wait a minute, isn't there something else you guys have been wondering about since the very beginning?" There was a murmur of agreement. Seeing that they were at a consensus, the student turned to Takeshi and then asked, "Dr. M, why are you even wearing sunglasses? You probably can't see anything through them, can you?"

                        With his mouth hidden behind his crossed, gloved fingers, Takeshi gaped at the student. This guy... This guy had the nerve to ask such a question? "You guys don't know?" A good number of the members shook their heads. Takeshi dropped his head into his hands and took a deep breath before continuing. "Okay, I'm wearing dark shades, white gloves, and crossing my fingers in front of my face while leaning forward. I'm speaking in a 'know-it-all', deep adult voice, and still none of you get it!?"


                        "Oh COME ON! Haven't any of you guys ever watched Neon Genesis Evangelion!? You know? Giant robots piloted by children? Fighting Angels? Preventing the Third Impact?"

                        A student then spoke up in surprise, "Oh!! You're pretending to be Ikari Gendo!"

                        "THANK YOU!"

                        "But then who's Fuyutsuki?"

                        "Can I be Misato?"

                        "I'll be Ritsuko then. I always wanted to be as smart as her."

                        "Screw you guys! I'M HEERO YUY! GUNDAMS ARE WAY BETTER THAN EVAS"

                        "Hell no, Macross, ALL the way! LISTEN TO MY SONG!!"

                        Scratching his head, Takeshi glanced at some of the more silent students within the chaos of anime fans. "Okay, so this got a bit out of hand." They simply gave him a deadpanned look. Good job, captain obvious.

                        Yes, very well done, Captain Obvious.

                        Rather than trying to hush them all up, Takeshi stood up and strode over to the windows and pulled the thick curtains back allowing the sunlight to flash into the darkened room. Immediately, everyone inside cringed at the sudden exposure to the light and had to close their eyes in pain. Voices rose up in protest as they questioned Takeshi on what he was doing. In response, Takeshi crossed his arms and declared, "I now declare this meeting officially over! Return to yer daily lives, men!"

                        "And women!" cried a female student.

                        "And women," Takeshi conceded.

                        - II -

                        "Geh........" Waking up from his sudden slumber, Takeshi rubbed his eyes and sat up from the table. Blinking, he muttered underneath his breath about various types of bust sizes and checked to make sure he hadn't drooled all over his books. Looking down and confirming that he had not done so, Takeshi then wiped his mouth in case there was anything there, and looked over what he had written moments before he had gone to sleep. Hmmm, he was trying to write a sentence here... and suddenly jumped down to the next line in mid sentence... two words were written on top of each other there... his pencil suddenly flew up the page while he was nodding off... scribbles were found here and there, and many words were completely unreadable.

                        ... Yea, that's what happens when you write while half asleep.

                        Holding up the notebook in front of him, Takeshi stared at the page with full attention. He was making sure there wasn't a hidden code that found its way into writing while he was asleep. What if he received a message from another student in his sleep, and they were trying to get the message through him while he was asleep? What if some damsel in distress needed his help? What if somebody was calling for help, and they could not reach him in any other way?

                        Suddenly, Takeshi's eyes bugged out as he checked the bottom of the page. There, innocently scrawled in his own writing, he read, "Wake up Takeshi. From the Future".

                        ... Holy crap, was this a message from himself in the future!? H-how!?! He discovered TIME TRAVEL sometime in the future!?!?! WHAT!? Takeshi began to breath very quickly as he tried to understand the implications of this. Time Travel was possible for him!? And, using Time Travel, he went back just to wake himself up!?! What. The. ********. Takeshi. You get your hands on a method of time travel, and you go back in time to wake yourself up!? WHY!? ARE YOU AN IDIOT!? DON'T USE SUCH A FRIGHTENING AND SCARY SCI-FI THING JUST TO WAKE YOURSELF UP. Takeshi slowed his breath down in an attempt to calm down. Time Travel. No. Just no.

                        The chances of this happening to you, Takeshi, is very, very slim.

                        But Takeshi had to consider this anyways. You could never be too careful at a school with superpowered teenagers. Already, within the month, Takeshi had already created a personal mental check system so he would know within a few minutes if somebody had wiped his memory recently. There wasn't much he could do about mind readers, but Takeshi was sure he would have to deal with somebody that could read his mind sooner or later. When that time came, Takeshi would just have to throw out as many mental thought defenses as possible. Like coming up with things that could not be unseen. Once you see it, you could not un-see it. Paranoid? Of course. But that could save your life in a school full of super powered teenagers. Hell, from now on, Takeshi was going to leave messages in a safe place for himself just in case he ever had to go back in time. Not that he could, but it didn't hurt to be prepared. Just in case. What would happen if he ran into himself in the past? Would it be the same as dividing by zero? Would the entire universe just collapse into itself? Would a parallel universe be created on the spot?

                        One of the things that Takeshi had the largest problem dealing with was Time Travel. Why? Because once you threw Time Travel into a plot, everything goes out the window. Somebody acting out of normal? A moment of history that nobody remembered? Changing things in the past, and going back to the future to find out that your actions in the past were already accounted for before you even went back? ******** time travel. That's right. [******** you time travel. You make heads hurt at the endless possibilities.

                        Like Steins;Gate. Hououin Kyouma got screwed over by the D-Mail. All those people messing around with timelines, wiping out entire lives, destroying future possibilities.

                        ... Looking at the note to himself in the corner of his page, he suddenly frowned and thought back. Wait. Didn't he write something like this somewhere as a joke a few weeks ago? ... Now that he thought about it, it actually did seem possible. His past messing around with his future self. That sounded a lot more safer than the reverse. For now, he would settle on that. But really, he should think of a place to put his messages to himself sometime soon. Didn't hurt to be prepared. Especially in a crazy school like this.

                        Look who's talking.

                        But that was neither here nor there.

                        That's right Takeshi, get your butt back to studying. You need this studying time. By the way, you know how you need to finish up your preparations for the operation right?

                        "... Scumbag brain... Telling you to do your studies, but not letting you concentrate on it..." muttered Takeshi darkly under his breath.

                        And then a sudden commotion came from behind Takeshi as the sound of falling books reached his ears. "Ow ow ow ow.....OW!" Not wanting to ignore the sound of a girl in trouble, Takeshi naturally turned around to see what was going on. Looking over his shoulder, Takeshi glanced around to see... a pile of books on the ground... and a blonde.

                        ... Dumb blonde moment?

                        Standing up, Takeshi looked at the pile of books, and back to the person who had fallen. He didn't recall a pile of books there at all. Glancing at his watch, Takeshi noted that not much time had fallen after he had fallen asleep either, so they couldn't have piled up while he was asleep. Standing up, Takeshi walked over to the girl and began picking up a couple of books that were on top of her. Reaching out to grab the girl's hand, he said, "Here, lemme help you out." Pulling her up, Takeshi raised an eye as he realized who it was.

                        Oh hey, imagine that! Suzy, from the School Guardians! ... Suddenly that dumb blonde moment didn't seem so impossible anymore.

                        Scratching his head, Takeshi looked at her and came to a conclusion about what happened. Usually if a girl fell over in the library covered in books, one of the following had happened: she bumped into someone holding a bunch of books, tried to get a book off a high shelf and somehow caused the entire thing to tumble down on her, was using somebody else as a stepladder who failed to keep her up after trying to peek up her skirt, or she herself was carrying many books and fell. Seeing how there was nobody around her, Takeshi decided the answer was the last answer.

                        Kneeling to pick up some of the books, Takeshi casually said, "Ya know, it's usually not a good idea to carry a whole bunch of books all at once. You could, I 'unno... Carry them bit by bit?" After thinking about what he just said, Takeshi rubbed his chin and then continued saying, "Actually, scratch that. Carrying a whole bunch of books at once is a perfect way to activate a flag. Good job, there, Shuuberuto-san," complimented Takeshi as he nonchantly romanized her last name. He gave her a thumbs up.

                        Of course, Takeshi, the world you see is one that everyone would totally understand.

                        "So, what're ya doin' in the library today? I didn' exactly take you for the readin' type of girl." Picking up a random book, Takeshi took a look at the title and frowned. "The Mating Rituals of the Animal Kingdom." Grabbing another one off the floor, Takeshi raised an eye and said in a voice louder than he should in a library, "How to Woo the Man of Your Dreams: From First Meeting to Wedding Night. Wow, I didn' know you had someone in mind!" Flipping the last book open, Takeshi began to scan the page and put a hand to his mouth as he stared at Suzy in shock, "My GOD! This is as bad as pornography! Shuuberuto-san! I didn' know you had this type of interest! What would your parents think!?"

                        Of course, Takeshi was just making up random titles off the top of his head. But that didn't matter to the other students in the library. They were definitely staring at Suzy now.

                        Good job attracting attention, Takeshi. As always.

- - - - - - - - - -

                  xxxPart I
                  - Takeshi dreams of a meeting he had with fellow members of his underground organization

                  xxxPart II
                  - Takeshi wakes up, and freaks himself out after seeing, written in his own hand on the bottom of his page, "Wake up Takeshi, from the Future You"
                  - Screw you, Time Travel. And screw you too, Scumbag Brain. Stop dicking around with yourself. Note: Stop addressing notes to self and signing them as "Future Takeshi"
                  - Takeshi helps Suzy out and, naturally, draws attention to them both.
                  - You're such a kinky girl, Suzy, reading these type of books in the library.

    - - - - - - - - - -
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S U Z Y S A B R I N A S C H U B E R Txxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
lthe floor is callin'l { me and i don't } lknow what else to dol xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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                                        As Suzy laid there sprawled on the floor with the books on top of her, she envisioned her eyes as being all swirl-like like in those Japanese cartoons called anime. Dammit, she should have paid attention to see how many books she had in her arms. That would've saved her the embarrassment of having to deal with a tall tower of books that would collapse onto her when she tripped on her shoelaces. Oh yeah, speaking of shoelaces, her shoelaces were at fault as well. She was doing so well walking with a tower of book obstructing her view, but then the shoelaces. Oh god, the shoelaces. Either she didn't tie them tight enough or she failed to notice that her shoes were untied, but it was due to the shoelaces that she ended up tripping over herself and crashing onto the ground. Ugh.

                                        She'd also drawn unwanted attention towards her. The moment the pile of books toppled to the ground, nearly all eyes looked her way to see what was the source of the sudden commotion. Even the head librarian stood abruptly up in her desk in horror upon seeing the female blonde Guardian on the floor with a stack of books on her. Note to self. Pay more attention next time, Suzy thought as she struggled to push herself up. She reached a hand towards her head and gently rubbed the back of it. Well, it was a good thing she wasn't suffering from a concussion after what just happened.

                                        Suddenly, she felt some of the books being lifted off of her. She blinked. Wow, that was some fast assistance. The person who helped lift the books off of her then pulled her up. To Suzy's surprise, it was none other than Takeshi Sakamoto. She grinned at him. "Thanks for that! I'm such a klutz sometimes. Heehee." She then frowned and gave him a look that said "what?" when the brunette male stared at her as he scratched his head. When he stated the obvious about how she could have carried the books bit by bit, she pouted. Way to state the obvious, Sakamoto, she thought. "I wasn't paying attention to how many books I was carrying. I was pretty much just pulling books off the shelves and adding them to my stack. It wasn't until I looked forward that I noticed my view being obstructed."

                                        Huh? First he was telling her that carrying a whole bunch of books at once was not a good idea, and now he was saying it was a "perfect way to activate a flag"? What on earth was he talking about. Feeling a blonde moment come on, she stared at him with a look that pretty much emphasized her thoughts. "...Come again?" Great. Now she probably came across as being another dumb blonde in the brunette male's eyes. ******** her life.

                                        "I came in here to do my Calculus homework and study for the chapter test next week," she replied when he asked her what she was doing in the library. She pointed in the direction of the study desk area she was previously at 5 minutes earlier. "My brain started hurting after a while of looking at confusing math problems, so I decided to take a break and see if there was anything worth reading in this library, since, well, I don't come into the library often."

                                        She watched as Takeshi then picked up a random book and began "reading" off the titles. "The Mating Rituals of the Animal Kingdom." What the--? She never picked out such book. "How to Woo the Man of Your Dreams: From First Meeting to Wedding Night. Wow, I didn' know you had someone in mind!" Suzy felt her cheeks turn red. The hell was Takeshi going on about? She didn't pick out a book with such a title, either. Plus, even though she was interested in getting a boyfriend, she wasn't someone who would rely on a book to help her woo the man of her dreams. And to make it even worse, Takeshi was saying it in a loud voice that attracted more attention towards them! Or more particularly, her.

                                        "My GOD! This is as bad as pornography! Shuuberuto-san! I didn' know you had this type of interest! What would your parents think!?"

                                        Her face now a dark shade of beet red, Suzy seized her hands on the collar of Takeshi's shirt as she began to shake him violently. "ARE YOU PURPOSELY TRYING TO EMBARRASS ME?!" she demanded before realizing that she was screeching and attracting even more attention towards herself. She looked over at the head librarian who now had a "be ******** quiet or I'll have you two kicked out of this library" expression on her face. Suzy let out a weak laugh in return. Turning her attention back towards Takeshi, she continued to glare irritably at him, but released her hold on his shirt collar.

                                        (ooc: damn, this is the longest post I've ever written. 824 words. I've never written anything close to 1000 words in RPs before xD)

                                        00000the energy in here is fire000and the speakers too000see the dj hittin' that replay000do what he say and turn me on
                                        00000i'mma do a lotta talkin'with my feet000and the beat and i promise don't need no phone000report to the dance floor
- - - - - - - - - -

~▐ Takeshi Sakamoto ▌~

User Image

                        "I'm such a klutz sometimes. Heehee."

                        Takeshi gave Suzy a happy smile and put a hand on her shoulder. "Classic dojikko. Now, when you say that 'heehee' next time, you gotta tilt your head to the side and give yourself a little knock on the side of your head and stick out your tongue a little playfully." As he said this, Takeshi gave Suzy an example by doing such an act himself. Removing his hand, Takeshi then raised a finger as if he were telling Suzy something of utmost importance. "If you remember and follow my teachings, I guarantee that you will find someone who you will fall head over heels with." Takeshi then creased his brows and looked away. Wait a minute, wasn't that only from the male player's perspective? What about a female gamer's perspective? No female protagonist ever actually did that in an Otome Game. By doing such a pointless act, wouldn't that only serve to bring people towards her, and not Suzy towards another person? Takeshi glanced at Suzy, who was looking back at him.

                        ... Teehee, teaching a Guardian the ways of anime tropes.

                        Not helping.

                        As Suzy explained how she got into her situation in the first place, Takeshi raised an eye at her. "Okay, let me get this straight. You were carrying these books, and did not notice how many you stacked up in your hand. You were carrying all these books in a single hand, and didn' notice how many you were carrying." She was strong enough to hold all those books in one hand? If she had been using the other to pull out more and stack them on top, then one of her arms must possess some good strength. It wasn't easy to hold so many books in a stack tall enough to block your vision in one hand after all.

                        BUT WAIT!

                        What if... what if she had been using her feet!? Takeshi glanced down. Nope. Her shoes were still on. Thank god. But that wasn't the end! What if... what if she had been using her mouth to stack the books!? ... Okay no, that was just stupid, since she could have been using both hands to hold the stack of books, and immediately noticed that she couldn't stack the books high enough to cover her vision. Besides, none of the books had bite marks on them.

                        Of course, it did not occur to Takeshi that perhaps she may have simply put the stack on the floor and picked it up to realize there were too many books.

                        Then again, this was Raishon Academy that contained teenagers with superpowers. There was a reason why Takeshi was considering the most ridiculous possibilities.

                        And so, Takeshi took a hold of Suzy's arm and began examining it carefully. "... Wow... such magnificent and beautifully sculpted muscles you possess! I would never have imagined you possessed such a fine specimen of an arm!" Since this was Takeshi, it was one of those moments where it was nearly impossible to tell whether he was truly complimenting her, or just being sarcastic. From the way he was delicately handling her arm, it looked very much like the former. But this was Takeshi.

                        As Suzy looked at him in confusion when he mentioned the 'Flags', Takeshi seemed to snap awake. Looking back at Suzy, he dropped her arm. Actually, it was more like he gently returned Suzy's arm to her side where it belonged. "Don' worry 'bout it. You're better off not knowin'." With that said, Takeshi continued to pick up the scattered books on the floor, and stack them on the table next to them.

                        "I came in here to do my Calculus homework and study for the chapter test next week." Takeshi looked in the direction she pointed in and nodded in understanding. "My brain started hurting after a while of looking at confusing math problems, so I decided to take a break and see if there was anything worth reading in this library, since, well, I don't come into the library often." Takeshi nodded in understanding. He totally understood why Suzy wouldn't come to the library very often. Yep, he totally understood.

                        That's great, Takeshi. Now why can't you use your wonderful ability of understanding people to understand homework?

                        "Alrigh', same as me then."

                        No it's not. You fell asleep.

                        As he began to play around with Suzy by reading out fake titles, Takeshi grinned mischievously when her face began to turn red. To push her over the edge, Takeshi then glanced at the stack of books beside them and said, "But really, no need to get all these books ta camouflage your interests. One or two'll be perfectly fine." With that, the trap was ready.

                        Beet red, Suzy hands reached out to grab Takeshi by his collar to shake him violently. Smiling the whole while, Takeshi simply let an amused, "Ahahaha~" out as she did so. However, Suzy did not share his happy sentiments. "ARE YOU PURPOSELY TRYING TO EMBARRASS ME?!" she screeched in his face.


                        As Suzy let go of his collar, Takeshi gave her a smile and said in a pleasant manner in front of all the other students, "Of course not. Look, let's talk over there. You don' want more people watchin' do you?" Seeing that they were still the center of attention, Takeshi nonchalantly ignored Suzy's glare and guided her to where they wouldn't have to be stared at by everyone else. Of course, Takeshi took the two books he had 'read' the title of with them. Surrounded by book cases, Takeshi then turned to look at Suzy with a sigh and a disappointed look. "Okay, I admit I was teasing you. I was hoping to just take yer mind offa the studies. But really, you just made it worse for yourself, ya know?" Takeshi then held up the two books in his hand so Suzy could see the books which he had actually taken from her pile. "You could have said that you had no idea what I was talkin' 'bout. But what did you say? You asked me if I were 'purposely trying to embarrass' you." Glancing in the direction they had come from, Takeshi let out another sigh and continued his explanation. "And to a bunch of students, that sounded like you just admitted that you really did have those two books in your pile and all, and didn' wan' anyone to point it out."

                        And then the trap began to show itself.

                        "And now, no matter how much you deny it, some people are going to think that you're a kinky girl who likes to read this type of stuff in the school library." Takeshi waved the two books around with a hand, "Sure, some people are gonna doubt when they hear it's me you're with. But some won't." Takeshi then handed the books back to Suzy, "Here, I'll give your books back, alrigh'?"

                        Then, trap slammed shut.

                        Because now, they were surrounded by books on all sides. If Suzy went back out to the other students and claimed how Takeshi had been lying, they would not be able to completely believe her. Why? Because there would be some people who thought that Suzy simply hid the books she did have, and switched them out with two others from the bookcases. Besides, seeing her angry at Takeshi only increased the likelihood that the entire thing was true. From their perspective at least. However, Takeshi did not say this. After all, this hadn't really been his intention in the first place. He just wanted to explain that he was trying to lighten up Suzy's mood.

                        ... Of course, Takeshi, of course.

                        Looking around them in an awkward manner, Takeshi glanced at Suzy and spoke using a different tone than he usually did. A more serious tone, for he wasn't horribly butchering his natural tongue anymore. "Look, I'm sorry, okay? I'll even go with you and tell them how I was just playing around, alright?"

                        But who in the school would actually believe Takeshi if he publically said such a thing? The most common assumption would be, "... He's planning something. He's totally planning something" or, "He's lying. He's trying to cover up for Suzy" or "What the hell is this guy doing now".

                        Congratulations, Suzy, there is now a rumour going around school that you secretly like to read pornographic-esque material in the school library, and most likely in your spare time. The fact that you were seen talking with 'Dr. M', someone that many certain people know sells such books and media, does not help your case at all.

- - - - - - - - - -

                  - Takeshi tries to enlighten Suzy on how to purposely become a real dojikko. That means he also told her how not to become one. It also means he indirectly said she was cute too.
                  - Takeshi admires Suzy's arm for a moment, impressed that she could hold up a stack of books with one arm. He didn't consider any other way she could have made the stack.
                  - After being shaken roughly by Suzy, Takeshi guides Suzy over to the bookshelves and explains that he was only trying to get her to loosen up and take her mind off her studies
                  - However, because this is Takeshi, people are going to be suspecting everything around him.
                  - A new rumour has sprung up in Raishon: Suzy Schubert is a girl who likes to read pornographic-esque books in the school library, and most likely in her spare time as well.
                  - It is also implied that she gets her books from Dr. M. Isn't it sad, Suzy?

    - - - - - - - - - -
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elieliCONTA. GIOUS like the rhythm
━━ with.OUT ela voice toeliCALL. ( my own )
helios is a pretty cool musel e f t t o w a l k t h e s e s t r e e t s a l o n e

                                            His twin, much like other twins on campus, seemed to be his exact opposite. He knew Yukina was a twin, and though he had never actually had a detailed conversation with...Leaf? Life...something...L-something, Eli could tell by the way Yukina spoke of her that they seemed to be opposites. Then again, it did seem like Yukina spoke about everyone in that manner. But, to further prove his point, one could look at the Student Council Presidents. Not only did they act differently, but they were pretty much just color swaps of one another! Is it just Eli, or did he find himself getting confused even with knowing which one is the blue one and which one is the red one? Eli, it's definitely just you.

                                            So, the fact that his pink-haired twin seemed opposite of him -- not very friendly or outgoing, and had a high propensity for violence -- wasn't exactly something that surprised him. His attention was brought away from his proclaimed sister, to the sloth-like girl, who inquired who Shinjiro was. The blonde's face fell. She didn't know who Shinjiro was?! He slapped his forehead. "Maybe it's not true love if you can't remember his name..." He groaned, shaking his head. Zyera was helpless! There was only so much Eli the matchmaker could do for her and Shinji! "But...I'm determined that if your love is truly destined," He held up a triumphant fist as his eyes sparkled, looking longingly into a far-off place, "Then you'll get past your amnesiac slip!" Oh no...she wasn't like Yukina, was she?

                                            He pinched the bridge of his nose as Zyera caught onto the rumor that the girl had single-handedly spread. "I agree, being a whore is bad! Which is why I'm not one of them!" He cried, another exasperated sigh leaving his lips. 'Dammit Shinji, why do you cause me such trouble?!' Eli thought, handing Zyera a roll of toilet paper that was lying around. "Zy, do me a favor and throw that at Shinji for me when you see him? Make sure to lob it square in his face." The vitakinetic cringed at her calling him a teenage father. He wasn't even sure if he wanted kids -- much less if he could actually have them. And, anyway, technically he was an adult, since he was 18!

                                            He noticed, at this time, that his fellow vitakinetic had left. "W-WAIT! Twin!! I still have so much to ask you!" He cried, leaping over the bed in one fell swoop and then turned back to Zyera and quickly reminded her, "Remember that you're angry at Shinji too when you see him!" ...Would she forget? Maybe. Probably. But he couldn't dwindle any longer. He'd finally found a fellow vitakinetic, and who knows if he'd ever see her again? (Spoiler alert: He'd find a way) He ran outside and found her walking away. Clearly she wouldn't give him her name...so...

                                            "Twin~" He called, stepping up beside her and taking her arm. "Wrong way! The student council room is this way~" He said in a singsong tone, gripping her arm and dragging her towards the office. Eli knew that she seemed like the type to probably let go of him, so he made sure his grip on her arm was tight. Even if she gave him a powerful shove, which he was prepared for. Luckily, the Student Council office wasn't that far away, so he successfully dragged her there. Now came the tricky part...he released her, and almost sure she'd run away while he was gone, he said, "Stay put! I'll be right back!"

                                            He ran inside the Student Council room and saw the two Presidents there, along with their secretary. "Hey, Sec, you have files of all the students, right?" Eli asked the Secretary, who was an underclassmen he wasn't too familiar with. His name tripped him up the most. It was something...something that was not pronounced how it was spelled. "I need to look at a student's dean record," He lied surprisingly smoothly, though it was true that he wondered how his twin's detention looked. Or was this the first incident of violence she's had at Raishon? "Oh...if you wanna search it up by power, she has the same as mine -- vitakinesis." Once he got the file, he opened it and saw her picture clipped in. Misaya. He closed the file and put it back with a nod. "Oh, your name is Misaya, huh? Misa, that's such a cute name!" He smiled, before feeling something bump into his leg.

                                            He turned around, looking down. He moved his leg when he did so, to see that a doll had bumped into him...a doll...that kept moving. On its' own. Commence freak-out. "MISA!" Eli yelled, jumping on top of a nearby chair, "Get your bat! Get your bat! It's going to kill us and possess our bodies!" Eli could face chimeras of all sizes and other frightening monsters, but moving dolls were just creepy...besides, he'd watched Child's Play way too many times. Sure, someone could've been animating it, but he didn't think that anyone in the room had that power...what was it about dolls that made them so creepy anyway?!

                                            HELIOS elielielielieli
                                            here are some facts about helios, because i have lots of space to fill and I want to do it this way deal. he's greek. yup. first language. originally played him when he was a myth shifter, but i wanted his power to be life manipulation. so. it is. sound godmodding? no. he has so many limitations it'd make a baby cry. and that's helios.EMPHASIZE THE CONDITION OF A DEAD LINE SO LET THE RECORD PLAY ON AND ON AND ON
                                            here are some facts about helios, because i have lots of space to fill and I want to do it this way deal. he's greek. yup. first language. originally played him when he was a myth shifter, but i wanted his power to be life manipulation. so. it is. sound godmodding? no. he has so many limitations it'd make a baby cry. and that's helios.EMPHASIZE THE CONDITION OF A DEAD LINE SO LET THE RECORD PLAY ON AND ON AND ON
                                            here are some facts about helios, because i have lots of space to fill and I want to do it this way deal. he's greek. yup. first language. originally played him when he was a myth shifter, but i wanted his power to be life manipulation. so. it is. sound godmodding? no. he has so many limitations it'd make a baby cry. and that's helios.EMPHASIZE THE CONDITION OF A DEAD LINE SO LET THE RECORD PLAY ON AND ON AND ON
                                            here are some facts about helios, because i have lots of space to fill and I want to do it this way deal. he's greek. yup. first language. originally played him when he was a myth shifter, but i wanted his power to be life manipulation. so. it is. sound godmodding? no. he has so many limitations it'd make a baby cry. and that's helios.EMPHASIZE THE CONDITION OF A DEAD LINE SO LET THE RECORD PLAY ON AND ON AND ON
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                                                          xxxxx there's no one here to save

                                                          W H O C A R E S I F Y O U D I S A G R E E

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                                                  W H O D I E D A N D M A D E Y O U
                                                  ▀▀▀▀▀▀▀ KING OF ANYTHING

                                                  Misaya had never met someone as baffling as Eli. Throughout her life, she's met several people who had gone out of their way to get to know her, but that was when she was younger, and not with as much vigor as Eli. By now, people heard Misaya's rude remarks and would simply turn away and ignore her thereafter, yet this one chattered away, taking her insults into stride (other than that whore comment). Furthermore, he- he grabbed her, and dragged her to, what, the freaking Student Council Room?! If he's going to sign me up for some therapy B.S., then I'm going to kill him. Misaya remarked, being towed along to the room, which unfortunately, was close. Misaya struggled against his grip, but found her endeavors to fail each time. He probably anticipated her lack of enthusiasm; he had a strong grip, so she wouldn't escape when she would evidently attempt to.

                                                  Once Misaya was in the room, she found that Eli was trusting her to stand still while he pulled up her file. Ugh, don't tell me he's going to check my records and find some therapy thing for me after all… Instead of running, she stood there, leaning against a wall as Eli was pulling up her file. Whether or not Misaya ran, the end result would be the same: Eli would still chase after her, or at least, according to first impressions, it seemed that way. She might as well shoot down his attempts to befriend or whatever he was doing, and then leave. It seemed more affective than running, and it was much less of a pain for her. To her surprise, though, Eli did not talk to her about anger management or use other fancy, psychology terms; instead, he said her name was cute. Seriously? This is why you brought me here? … Who even does that? Dismissing the fact that she was mildly disturbed by his persistence to know who she was, Misaya wasn't expecting that.

                                                  He dragged her to the Student Council for the sole purpose of finding out her name. Then, Misaya knew, Eli was definitely the most persistent person she ever met. Misaya couldn't imagine why he would care so much to know who she is, but she figured it would be better off for her sanity if she didn't understand the way Eli thought. "Don't call me Misa." She replied, but before he could say anything in return, Eli was already freaking out over… was that a doll? Although Misaya found herself relatively uninterested in the doll, Eli was already on a chair, demanding Misaya destroy the doll with her bat, before it possessed them.

                                                  She rolled her eyes; other than it's somewhat unnerving stare, it wasn't a scary doll… At least, she didn't find it scary. Misaya found things normal people saw as normal, like parties and shopping and sunshine-filled beaches to be more unnerving than an animate doll. I'd destroy it if you didn't get rid of my bat. She remarked, and then, for a moment, a devilish smile crossed her lips, before it returned to its normal stoic straight line. Misaya picked up the doll by the back dollar of its dress, and held it close to Eli. "I don't have my bat. You threw it somewhere during the fight, remember?" She couldn't help it; Misaya had a small smirk as she spoke, clearly enjoying Eli's fright towards the doll, "Why do you run from me? I only want you to love me. I want to stab you because I love you." Her voice was a higher pitch as she spoke for the doll. The doll, itself, however, simply kept walking as if it were still on the ground.

                                                  ♬ king of anything (by sara bareilles)
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location: student council room xxxxx mood: neutral xxxxx music: xxxxx with: Telios, Alistair, Eli, Misaya

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                                          Not long after Yue entered the Student Council Room, the Raishon Guardian squad's Second in Command came bursting in followed by a pink haired girl and asked him for the files of all students so he could look up a student's dean record. Yue looked at him with confusion and wonder, but nodded and stood up to go retrieve the files anyway. "Yeah, sure." He walked over to a filing cabinet and used a key to open the drawer labelled "student files." The files were actually just a copy--the real ones were located in the school's main office. Why the Second-in-Command came here instead of there, Yue had no clue.

                                          As he opened the drawer, he heard Eli request he search the student up by power, particularly vitakinesis. Well, that made things much easier. He sifted through the files until he came across a folder containing records of students who possessed the power of vitakinesis. Taking it out, he gave it to Eli to look at. "I'm not sure who exactly you want to look up, but here you go," he said as he handed the file over.

                                          "Oh, your name is Misaya, huh? Misa, that's such a cute name!" he heard Eli say not long after he gave him the file. Yue raised his eyebrows. Did Eli develop some sort of infatuation to that girl or something? The way he suddenly came into the council room and demanded to look her up, it sure seemed like it. Besides, what other reason was there for him to look her up if he didn't have a crush on her? Grinning from ear to ear, he folded his arms across his chest. "Do you happen to have a crush on her?" he teased. He looked at the pink-haired girl and said to her with a shrug of his shoulders, "It's not often that a regular student barges in here and demands to look up another student's record."

                                          His eyes glanced downward at the moving doll. He didn't notice it before, but thanks to Eli, he now noticed it. The doll wasn't all that scary or creepy in Yue's opinion. And it didn't look like the pink-haired girl who Eli referred to as Misa was scared of it, either. "Okay, let's try to be rational here. Someone with the power of Animation could very well be making this doll move," he rationalized. "That, or someone has Doll Manipulation."
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I'd stumbled to the lowest of lows ---- And now, I'm standing here alone.
The rail that I could see that's opposite me ---- It's right there I long to be.
The things of tomorrow, I do not understand.---- Things of the past are hard to remember offhand
At least let me have this-
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Deborah Xantos

I won't shake hands with you, but at least we know who we are now.


Out of the three- no, now four- that showed up behind her, it was Sueng-Hyo that showed up and helped her pull out her hands. He was laughing at her dilemma- it wasn't very funny to her, honestly. Was this what they called sche-...sche...schadidentenfruitem? They felt so numb from the cold that Deborah had wondered if that this was they called 'frostbite'....Well, she could still move her figures, so perhaps not.

"What were you doing that you got your arms stuck in the snow?" He had asked. Deborah gave him a confused look, as though she hadn't 100% entirely understood it herself."...I guess when I stopped, the upper part of me sort of...was unbalanced? Traveling at the speed of sound does that, I guess. Its sort of like being in one of those really old vans and then suddenly the driver does a 'break check' that would have launched you from your seat if you hadn't been wearing a seat belt, you know? But it still hurts because the seatbelt isn't all that comfortable."

She watched Dimitri try to escape Akane's grasp and succeed when she did this over dramatic point-of-the-finger at her. He...transformed into a snake. In front of her no less. And no one seemed bothered by this. She thought back to the cheetah. So perhaps maybe the kid was...a shapeshifter? So then...he may not even be a child. He might be older, like 16...or 80. It would make a lot more sense if he were 80, since 80 years have this 'I wanna be young and cute again. Like when I was ten!' vibe going. At least he wasn't dating a hot 27 year old or something- that'd be wrong on two levels. Or maybe he was and she just didn't know. Probably not- no rightminded 27 year old would think to date an 80 going on 10 year old, because then they'd get arrested of...Wait, would that count if he's 80?

She should ask him later.

"How did you get there so quickly?" Akane had asked, looking back and forth furiously. Deborah blinked and wanted to explain but...If this kept up, would she break Akane? She wasn't sure anymore- Akane was as hard to follow as that one anime where there's just a person sleeping the whole time. "Whatever you did...IT'S SO AWESOME." ...So no explanation needed? Hum. She tried speaking up but-

"Y...Y'know, I think I should probably go...study. Yeah...study. You three can...make the snowman. He laughed meekly. "It's been a blast meeting you guys! Yeah. really! Man...I really wanted to make the abominable snowman.

...Okay That was probably something she should be doing right now. She lifted her hand to wave him good-bye, but Akane spoke up. "But I thought the abominable snowman was your idea! IT WAS GOING TO BE AN ADVENTUUURE!" She had sung...in way that kinda made Deborah want to sing with her. The way she spun looked kinda dangerous- because snow was technically like frozen water, wouldn't it be reasonable to think that she would slip or something. "Careful, Akane. You might slip and hit the..." She looked down at the beginnings of the snowman. What could it be called? "You might hit the feet of the abominable snowman, or something like that. And then you would have to apologize to the snowman. And because its an abominable snowman, there's a good chance it might even eat you."


Okay, she was kidding. It was her attempt of teasing someone. Sort of. If she hadn't said it in that same lazy tone that one would say, "Evening guuuuuuuyssss."

"Studying's boring, anyway." As the captain of 'That'd be too boring,' she'd agree.

In the end, Dimitri ended up tripping over his own foot and falling into the snow. He picked himself up, declining Akane's 'help', which lead to...that. OTL. Mumbling. A spark that would lead to any mafia man who'd back Akane up to teach Dimitri a lesson using a club.

But Deborah wasn't the Godfather, you know? Years of action flicks have taught her that the good guy never strikes first, and should only react with violence when the burning passion of a thousand souls possessed them and made them either a vengeful agent of Justice or a defender of all that was good and light. That's probably why she crouched down next to Akane and gave her a pat on the head.

"<...Fight...Fight on,> Akane-nee-chan," She had said the first part of that in english. Calling her nee-chan though was... on the spur of the moment. At that moment, her heat felt very....light? Like it was ready to pop out at any moment, like it was being pulled but at the same time squeezed. She felt as though she could cry even though she felt no pain. She felt that she could smile without having any reason too. Was this what it was like to become driven Socially insane? Or was it simply empathy? It was a really rather...strange feeling.

-And then, minutes later:

O~i! What're you doing, all the way over there? Come build an abominable snowman with us!"

Deborah looked up. Akane shouted and ran over to...Momoko?

"Momo-chan! I HAVEN'T SEEN YOU IN SO LONG HOW ARE YOU?!" The way they had held hands like that was...no fair?

"U-Uh...fine?" Yup. Totally unfair. She lived with Momoko for a month and all she got out of her was a name. The unfairness of this was at its maximum. It seemed the IF YOU SPEAK VERY LOUDLY LIKE THIS, Momoko would answer.

...She should try that.

"Aww, I guess we have to start all over again. Oh well. Everybody start gathering snow!"

She used her abilities to plow snow into the pile, as the whole bending down and scooping seemed slow. When she was near Momoko, she attempted to converse with her with the loud approach. She took a deep breath, and a moment to think before actually speaking. For your convenience the narrator has provided a rather good comparison as to how she said this to given you a visual as to how ridiculously loud she sounded:


...Her throat hurt.

I won't say "See you tomorrow" because that would be like predicting the future, and I'm pretty sure I can't do that.


I don't understand what it is I wanna do --- I don't understand what I am able to do
Lowered my head and gave myself a smile --- Moving alongside the railway awhile.
The things of tomorrow, I do not understand --- Things of the past are hard to remember offhand
I only have today --- All we have is this moment of this day

Mood: WEIRD.
Location: Blockaded school entrence.
Problem Deborah? With: Dimitri, Akane, Momoko, Sueng Hyo

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