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As a kid, I watched Sailor Moon after school on Toonami. Last year, I decided to watch it in japanese, because one of my friends said it was even better that way. He was right. I now own the entire series and the three movies on dvd. Best purchase ever.
What do you like about Sailor Moon?
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I liked the first season, but that's it. I don't care for the whole idea of preordination, and I also felt so bad for Sailor Pluto.
Why do you feel sad for Sailor Pluto?
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I love Sailor Moon! I found out I have a second chance to get the manga. Mind you I do have some of the manga.
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I love it....I just can't remember any of the shows
Seeing how I'm still hoping for a day where Sailor moon gets a good, uncut and uncensored dub yes I still like it.
It was my first anime. 4laugh
i love sailor moon because it was my first anime and it always made me feel magical
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like it i love it!!!
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it was my second favorite anime after DN Angel.
It was the first anime I ever saw as a kid! I used to tihnk when I was 3 that every anime was Sailor Moon.... hehehe now I watch tons more though smile
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I hope they bring it back to tv when the manga gets republished!!!
Do you ever wonder how awesome it would be if they made a live action tv show in america? Then you wouldn't have to give the girl playing Usagi (Serena) a super fake looking blonde wig like they did in the japanese live action. Also, I really want to see the musicals they made in japan. It sounds fantastic!
Fun Fact!

Sailor Moon was originally a anime porn idea but that didn't fly to well, so it was decided to change minor details to make it a normal anime!

So I heard anyways!

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