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I like it a lot! : smile : Also in the English version they took out a LOT of stuff, like relationship that is girl x girl that they cut out, because they wanted it to be a kids show when it's really a teen show. xp
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ilove sailormoon heart
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I like the manga allot more than the show... maybe because i didn't relay get to watch it as a child. It was easier for me to borrow the manga from the library and read it. I try to watch the anime when i can with subs because i cant stand the English voices. Over all im a huge fan have some of the dolls, a few of the english translation manga, 5 VHS, wallscrolls, keychains, Luna P ball, notebooks, pencil holder bag, music cd and soon will have the new English translations!! smile
I like the japanese version better. 3nodding 4laugh
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i love sailormoon heart its awesome
it was my first anime soo cool its my favorite anime
I love sailor moon. It was my first anime...at the time I didn't know it was anime it was just a cartoon show that would come on very early in the morning.

Oh for the fun facts of Sailor Moon it was actually written by a guy who is gay and that is why even in the later seasons there are guys who turn into girls when they "transform"

I still love Sailor Moon.
i love Sailor Moon. it's one of the best in my opinion. though could do with watching the japanese version. sounds as though im missing quite a bit
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I like Sailor Moon!! biggrin
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I like how all the different characters come together.
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I used to watched the subbed episodes with my brother, which if whom is also a big fan and not ashamed to say it. I just wish someone with actual dubbing talent will redub it into something amazing. Ah the horrible dubbing of the past....
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I love sailor moon. tuxedo mask was my first anime crush smile
As a kid, I watched Sailor Moon after school on Toonami. Last year, I decided to watch it in japanese, because one of my friends said it was even better that way. He was right. I now own the entire series and the three movies on dvd. Best purchase ever.
What do you like about Sailor Moon?

yes totally! The subbed are a WHOLE lot better than the dubbed versions! Although when you start out you have to keep pausing it to see what they say but you eventually get quicker. My favorite season was the season with Diamond in it. Couldn't help but feel sorry for the guy, he really did love Serena he just went about it the wrong way trying to force her to love him. My favorite character would have to be Pluto. Pluto was like a mother to Rini and thats why I loved her so much. If you have seen the 5th season my favorite was Chibi-Chibi. Sooo adorable!!! heart
i saw sailor moon when i was really young, so i probably didn't understand everything at the time. i really liked the character designs though 3nodding
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Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Man where my favorite part of the show

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