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It looks interesting. I'll keep watching it.
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While I like Deadman Wonderland more, I do like Cassern Sins and will give it a chance.
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I couldn't watch. It reminded me too much of Kikiader. I couldn't watch that either.
I have to dis-agree all who liked it the plot wasn't dead on, and I barely understood anything that was happening except the 'ruin' which is really sketchy to me; fan of solid plots. My opinion might change once it get into the series and tells me what the hell is going on. XD
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It might be a big hit. Its kind of post apocalyptic in my eyes and it might attract fans of other shows that are the same way(such as Gundam,Big O or S-Cry-Ed though I doubt it could top those)
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Funny how when I went on Netflix today, Casshern Sins was in my recommended top 10. Anyways I feel mixed on it.
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I didn't hate it. More or less mixed feelings about it. I will keep watching it to get a better feel for it. The animation was interesting and I liked it well enough.
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Very, very strange, compared to the original series, Casshan. A total reboot, from android super hero to an amnesiac destroyer of the world, I'm not sure how I feel about it. I'll keep watching it, though.

"What's the original series like?"

Casshan was basically about a super hero cyborg fighting evil robots. Luna was the main girl; Lyuze and Ringo are new characters. Casshern Sins takes the series in a very different direction.
"Why is a Heero Yuy dressed as a Gatchaman beating up a bunch of rusty robots who are trying to eat him to gain immortality?"

That was basically my first though about the show.


". . . So, is this Megaman X: The Anime?"
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This is the first that I've ever seen the series, but the first episode didn't really seem to interest me all that much. I mostly listened to the first episode so my main impressions were that most of the people either want to kill Casshern or stick to the man like glue, and they have a lot of old school anime looks so everybody has wild hair and sparkly eyes. Oh, and they like repeating his name throughout the show multiple times (seriously, I counted like 12 mentions of his name for the first episode!)

I'll hope for some more interesting turnabouts in future episodes before I completely write this off. neutral
I like the world it's set in, at least what we've seen of it so far. I don't know how I feel abut the main character yet. So far he seems like the typical brooding hero who can't forgive himself for past mistakes. I hope he grows out of that trope.
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It's not going to be for everyone, but I personally love it.
Granted, it gets incredibly...
I mean it's dark already, and the animation style should hint to that fact (Which is one of my favorite aspects of the series, an older, rebooted animation style. I really like the art, despite what some may say)

To be honest, it's the kind of series that doesn't make too much sense until you've watched a bit of it. I's slow, not like the typical shounen series that would air on Toonami (Uhm, DBZ and the 30 long battle scenes don't count, okay?)

Casshern IS kinda brooding, but considering the world is what it is, and people wanna eat him, it'd be hard to not be...

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