Right now I'm a freshman in college! Woo-hoo!!! Just kidding. But at least it isn't high school. I'm a very strange person. Honestly, I wish that the stuff I dress my avi in was real so I could wear it in real life xd I have loved anime since I was little (I've been with Toonami since the beginning; can't believe how old that makes me feel....). I also love to sing, write, play video games, and read. I like art and I guess I have decent drawing ability, but I'm also very lazy so it takes a lot of prodding from others for me to actually do something artsy. One of the weird things about me in that respect is that even if I can't do something well myself, I can help other people do it. For example, I'm not very good at acting myself, but I am a fabulous acting coach xp Which brings me to another thing I enjoy: movies. I like to direct skits, screen write, and all of that. It's one of the reasons my friends don't like going to the movies with me anymore. I can get very critical about things and start commenting outloud to myself about it sweatdrop

In college, I'm majoring in psychology. I want to be a family/youth counselor mainly, but really I want to help everyone that I can. I'm a very giving person and it gets me into trouble a lot of the time (giving people who don't deserve it the benefit of the doubt and such). It's really not in me to hate anyone or anything...even spiders...and spiders are my #1 enemy. Birds are #2. Then there is the space bar and the shift key...grrr. Uh, anyway...that's a little about me smile But really, I'd like to know more about all of you! blaugh


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