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I know it seems stupid but i cried when Rue died in Hunger games...I mean...SHE WAS SOO YOUNG!.....& then katniss coverd her in flowers crying IT WAS JUST SOO SAD.....I'm all sitting in the theater hiding my face lol
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I cried when I read it. It was so sad. She was such a brave and smart little thing.
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crying i cried when i read the book & in the movie! She was the cutest little rogue eva gonk i feel like a pansy ....omg flower pun!
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XD I feel like a baby now...but SHE WAS TOO ADORABLE TOO DIE Q~Q kiyaaaa!!!
i cried but then katniss killed that dude so i was happy rofl
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i cried its just like it was so quickly ru died quickly and to all hunger game fans -three finger up-
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Surprisingly I didn't. Usually I get emotional during books/movies when a character I like dies but maybe because I was expecting it to happen? I dunno!
I DID cry when another character dies, though I won't spoil who it is for those who haven't read the books!!
I almost cried while reading it in the book from the detailed description and the, again, detailed description of the wreath of flowers Katniss had made.
However, in the movie, I did not cry. The movie seemed too rushed to have time for a deep, emotional scene.
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I have not seen the movie yet, but I just finished reading the books (because I -never- go to the theater first without having read the books) and I cried epicly when she got speared. I mean, it just broke me. Poor little Rue. I was actually glad that Katniss took district 1 down with that arrow. >_< I was so mad at him. I know it was a game for survival, but man, that little b*****d. ;;~;;
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I had one tear. The chick next to me was bawling. confused
I literally sat there crying my eyes out. crying
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My friends and I were crying but, then my friend Joey threw candy down my shirt so yeah......he ruined the sad moment.
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I was so sad both times even more in the movie cause it was like it was happening right in front of me
I got really shocked when she died in the book, for some reason I found that really surprising. And yes, I cried when I read it. I even walked over to my brother and was all teary, he thought I was stupid..
But I didnt cry when she died during the movie. It was too rushed to really get that emotional for me
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I did at the movies trying to hide it cause a stranger was next to me...

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