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Omg thats really stupid........ Im glad were not in them :c btw i do think its better than twilight
it was so sad when rue died. I cried so much. and people online are so racist about it. they get mad because rue is black. its really sad. crying crying crying crying crying crying
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Yes....but I told myself to save all the crying for the movie
I was holding my tears LOL I think what made me cry was the fact that she was so young and so brave crying My friend already told me b4 I got up to that chapter that Rue died so I didn't rlly feel the need to cry sweatdrop
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I hated that part, I cried when Rue died. But I loved how later on her brother saved Katniss from that chick who killed her, such justice crying
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I saw the movie first and cried, i knew it would happen but i still cried.

Cried when I read the book too.
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I was about to reach the point of tears but some guy in the theatre farted hella loud and I couldn't help but laugh and feel all douchey because everyone in the theatre was crying and I was chuckling because of a silly ol' fart ! UGH I LOVE RUE THOUGH SHE WAS MY FAVORITE!
WTF ur telling the movie nuuuuuuuuuuu
[qu heart ote="TKDPantherChic"]I had one tear. The chick next to me was bawling. confused
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I cried but I'm kinda glad that it was someone else that killed her -- not from district 12.
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I cried when I read it. I cried again when I saw it in the movie.

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