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    Colt looked at Xae'tan in disbelief barely holding in his snort. "Oh poor you. It sounds like you have it bad. Poor you." he tsked with an impish grin. It couldn't be that bad could it? Well maybe after a while it lost the appeal but it could be as bad as Xae'tan had just made it sound. "So why not just tell them that you're going on a month long hunt or something to get rid of them for a little while? It's not like they'd check up on you then is it?" he asked his expression turning defensive at Xae'tan's reasoning. "Or maybe it had something to do with us being in my sister's bed before this dream started." he argued. When the scenery changed Colt made a point to look anywhere but at Xae'tan for a brief moment as their clothing changed along with the scenery. Once the scenery settled Colt's attention wasn't focused on Xae'tan but the lovely sight in front of him. "This can't be a dream.." he muttered his gaze riveted on the waterfall before it flitted to the fish flitting past in the stream, up to the bird that flew by back down to dragon with gem like scales before he forced himself to focus on the larger man as he spoke.

    "It's no wonder you want to come back here. I mean you've got servants waiting on you hand and foot. But that..that can't compare to being able to come here when ever you decided. I don't want to leave." he admitted still distracted by the beautiful scenery in front of him. When Xae'tan grabbed his hand entwining their fingers he blinked in startled surprise. "Wait..when I said I didn't want to leave I didn't mean I wanted to be your..umm....chamber mate?" he finished with a frown not entirely sure what to label this thing between them as. He shifted awkwardly from foot to foot before he removed his hand from Xae'tans and stepped towards the stream.
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            Melissa laughed happily as she ran about ducking and dodging to avoid Bassu before she finally tackled him to the ground joyfully covering his face with enthusiastic licks. When he called her cute she tried to look insulted but failed miserably. "Well..you're cuter!" she retorted as she rolled off him and landed neatly on her feet bouncing around him with unconstrained energy. All that energy disappeared to be replaced by surprise, her tail drooping slightly before she shook off that surprise. Wait, how could he say something lie that and then start talking about fish?! "Well...maybe I could do without seeing the fish. I can think of more interesting things to do." she mused with a soft flirty smile as she brushed past him her tail swishing playfully in his face. When he shot past her she let out a joyful bark and flew after playfully nipping at his feet until they reached the wall. She settled in next to him, draping her tail over his and burrowing close to him with a hum of approval as she watched the fish swim past with lazy flicks of their tail. She chuckled softly at his question lifting her head enough to give his cheek a lick. "I don't like being with you. I love it." Which was bad because it was too soon. She was treating this, them, as if they were a sure thing and they weren't. She had no way of knowing that...But Bassu wouldn't lie to her. He would however go out of his way to keep her safe. Maybe even leaving her again. When it finally became clear to her where he was heading with this conversation she pulled away her ears l
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    Colt swallowed thickly as Xae'tan gave him a smirk that seemed to make the temperature in the room shoot up right along with his suddenly racing pulse. He let out a low groan as Xae'tan's hand slid into his pocket and hauled him closer showing the slighter male what else he had besides Xae'tan's fine backside. "L-lucky me."[/color[ he rased his eyes drooping slightly a noticeable flash of desire zinging through them as Xae'tan voiced his idea. An idea that had Colt closing the remaining di
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                Missy stiffened as Jr. brought up the whopper of a subject she'd been dancing circles around for a while now. Heck she hadn't simply danced around it. She'd pretended it hadn't happened..."I wouldn't say he did that exactly..He told me." she admitted glancing down at her lap and nervously tugging at the hem of her dress in search of a distraction. It wasn't odd for her brother and sister to want to tel her something. they'd always done such when they were kids because it'd always been understood that Missy wouldn't tell their secrets. It was understood that they weren't hers to tell. But for some odd reason when Colt had revealed his preference she'd broken that rule. Usually the secrets she were told required that she simply keep them to herself and prevent Colt and Scarlett from getting in trouble. But this case had been different. She'd simply been asked to keep quiet and that had felt wrong..it had felt like something her parents had needed to know something they'd be better equipped to handling. Apparently she'd been wrong though. "He told me and I told daddy. Daddy wasn't happy so he and Colt ended up in this huge blow out fight and Daddy threw him out. We don't know where Colt..but we're assumin' he went to stay with Scarlett. Least that's what Momma's hopin'. I tried askin' but Daddy refused to say anything more than he'd left." she explained.
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                Missy chuckled as Jr. assured her t hat since the last time they'd hung out together he'd become a rudimentary dancer. "Right....I'll believe that when I see it." she retorted with a easing grin. When Jr's hand shot out to grasp hers once more a slight blush coated Missy's cheeks her gaze locked on their clasped hands. Did he even notice that he was holding her hand? He probably did so maybe the question she should be asking was did it affect him the way it affected her? Did he fee like he had a huge swarm of butterflies in his stomach just itching to take flight? Considering he was a guy she very much doubted it. That and she wasn't Scarlett. She didn't appeal to him like that. She was just...the little sister. And it was time she remembered that..Which was easier said than done. Especially when he pulled her out onto the dance floor! Dancing was a hands on activity, it wasn't the reason she'd picked it though. She'd picked it because she loved dancing, and it was fun and it was a safe way for them to avoid the two giant purple elephants in every conversation they had: Colt and Scarlett. What she hadn't counted on was how that swarm of butterflies in her stomach would mutate into huge man eating butterflies every time his hands brushed against hers or his arms enclosed around, or god forbid if he gave her that bright goofy smile that had always charmed Scarlett into doing whatever he wanted-apparently the Field's women were unable to resist that smile!- because that smile made her feel like she had two left feet. Which she was fairly sure she didn't well not usually but Jr made her feel...Heck he made her feel like she was back in highschool. Like she was that tall gawky thing with the wild hair and stupid snorting laughter. All things she thought she'd grown out of until now it seemed. When the fast fast, foot stomping song receded into a slow dance Missy visibly balked her gaze dancing about the room in search for an exit. An exit the people on gathered on the dance floor clearly didn't want to give them as Missy and Jr. were herded towards the middle of the floor. She nervously gnawed on her lower lip as she allowed herself to be pulled in close to him their bodies only separated by a small sliver of distance as they danced Missy's eyes wide as she peered up at Jr. through out most of the dance. it wasn't until the second half that she seemed to give in and relax enough to allow her cheek to rest sweetly on Jr's shoulder. She was thinking too much. It was a dance, a simple slow dance. it didn't have to mean anything, hell it wasn't supposed to mean anything. They were just friends. Jr. didn't want her the girl he really wanted was Scarlett and by doing this she was getting in the way...But really Scarlett was stupid to have left Jr., he was good decent, sweet guy who didn't deserve to have his heart jerked out and stomped on by her sister. Sure Scarlett hadn't done it intentionally but she'd hurt Jr. and now Missy was hurting because she liked Jr in a way that she had no business liking him as! She was tricking herself into thinking that maybe, just maybe there was something here in his arms for her and there wasn't, anything he felt was meant for Scarlett, not her!

                And yet..Missy was still entirely too reluctant to remove herself from jr's warm grasp as she looked up at him her cheeks flushed a pretty shade of red from both the dancing and other things. She nodded woodenly resembling a puppet on loose strings as they parted her brain a swirl of jumbled thoughts that she struggled to piece together. Had anything she'd just seen on his face been meant for her? Did he even see her or did he see a mini version of Scarlett? Sure they looked a like-they were sisters duh!- but personality wise they were world apart...It didn't take her long to find an empty table and it seemed hardly any time at all had passed before the seat was taken by someone who clearly wasn't Jr. "Sorry that seats taken-" she trailed off in surprised silence and revulsion as the man scooted his chair closer bringing an unwanted wave of sour stench with him. Missy visibly gulped trying not to take in more of the noxious air than she had to while still trying to be polite...A facade which promptly faded to be replaced by disbelief as the man in question reached out to touch her bare shoulder-she'd removed her jacket at some point- and rubbed leaving a series of goosebumps in his wake. At the mention of Jr. being a gimp, outrage flared in Missy's eyes as she opened her mouth to correct her new found acquaintance only to have her jaw drop at his offer. She blushed and shook her head trying to find the right words to politely shot him down but all attempts ceased when she felt his hand wandering up her skirt a disbelieving squeak slipping past her lips. "Hey! Cut it out, I...I'm sure you're a charming guy but um I'm here with someone right now and...I'd really hate for you to get in trouble. So if you'd just remove your hands and go sit somewhere else that'd be great?"

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