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Aria Marie Peterson
I've got my dancing shoes on. How about you?

                      Aria made sure to keep her neutral expression in place when Alex flashed her a charming grin. The first part was easy, she'd been taking, singing,dancing and acting lessons long enough to know that she could hold a certain pose, facial expression or note as long as she focused. What she had no control over was the way her heart gave a joyous lurch and started fluttering. It was silly, just because he was cute and a relatively (ok make that very) good kisser her heart went into righteous palpitations just being near him. She didn't want that, right now she wanted to be mad at him for a while. Why shouldn't she? He'd kissed her speechless and then he'd regretted it right afterwards and taken off to get drunk as skunk and left her hanging. With no explanation or reason. It stood to stand that if a guy liked a girl then he kissed her and hugged her and made her feel special. And Alex did those things, maybe not the hugging or the kissing (until tonight..) but all those other things? He'd always done that for her. She had no clue if it was because he was just being a nice guy or if he liked her. Tonight though she'd thought, she'd believed for just a moment that he'd liked her. And as daunting and as terrifying as it had been she could have sworn she'd heard the hallelujah chorus in background while he'd kissed her senseless. And then he'd just ran away. Did those kisses mean anything to him? Or was she just being a girl and making all of this up?

                      The cheerful ding of the elevator pierced through her haze of confusing thoughts and she turned to see Callie stepping into Alex's apartment. Aria's neutral expression morphed into something warmer and more kindred as the other girl set her proffered drinks on the table along with Aria's small stash of beer and the treasured bottle of peach schnapps which was silently calling her name. That would put a stop to the noisy babble of thoughts and it'd put her in the partying mood. or if not a partying mood then a dancing mood at least. She let out a surprised yelp as she was suddenly dragged outside onto the balcony along with Alex and Callie. Her first reaction was to pull herself away from Alex and out his range-her heart was doing that weird jumping with excitement thing again- and move onto the other size of Callie. After that was said and done her attention was drawn to dazzling upper view of the city. She let out a soft chuckle hearing Alex's teasing words in Callie's direction. "Awww..if I didn't know any better I'd say our friend Alex sounds just a little jealous. Of a nice view and some inanimate objects. Now that makes sense." she quipped with a low chuckle before stiffening slightly. Crap, she was supposed to be mad, she wasn't supposed to be teasing him or making silly jokes. I had to stop doing that-an ugly feeling slithered it way through me as he placed a kiss on Callie's cheek. Sure it was friendly..but honestly! How the heck could he kiss one girl on the cheek but flip out over kissing her?! Needless to say her mood dropped back down again after that little incident. She stayed relatively quiet making noncommittal sounds as she vaguely listened to the talk.

                      Alex and Callie had just went inside to great the other incoming guests when Aria's phone emitted a faint chirp. She started in surprise before pulling it out of her pocket and flipping it open. After reading the text she felt somewhat guilty. She'd just assumed that Holly knew where was Alex's place was heck she'd assumed everyone knew. Maybe that's why the rest of their little group had yet to show up. Or maybe they were having a grand old time at that pretentious Snowflake Ball. Whatever the case she didn't hesitate to send a quick text back to Holly.

                      To: Holly
                      From: Aria
                      Message: Hey! I was wondering where you were, I thought you'd changed you mind about this awesome party of yours. So far its in low swing but I bet it'll pick up once you're here.
                      Here's his address See ya soon!

                      Aria was wincing long after she'd sent that text. Dear lord, she'd sounded overly excited in that text. Which in a way she was but that had nothing to do with the ongoing party so much as her ever increasing urge to drink one straight shot after the other from her peach schnapps bottle. Anything that would make tonight's events disappear and quit replaying in her head was good thing right now. She tucked her phone back into her pocket looking up as Alex leaned against the door way asking her to come in. "The party might be fine. I'm not so sure I could say the same about the host." she answered coolly as she slipped past him.

                      That was mean, she was more than aware of that but she didn't really care. She had a right to be mean didn't she? She didn't bother looking back at him as she made her way through the group of dancing (read: grinding) party goers to the table where all the proffered booze had been laid out for who ever wanted it. Her blue eyes slid over the assortment of beer and other booze in search of her liquor. When she spotted the familiar label and grabbed it and forcefully made her way to the kitchen. Any other time she would have been up for an invitation to dance. However her idea of an invitation didn't count as some guy attempting to grab her butt or touching her in other places. Finally she made it into the kitchen where it was somewhat less crowded and a little quieter. She opened cabinet door sin search of a glass. When she finally found what she was looking for, she stood on her tip toes and pulled it down setting it firmly on the counter. Well, this night couldn't possibly get any better now could it? Actually it could, the hands of time could turn back and she could stop Alex from kissing her thus preventing all of this other crap from happening. Or things could start looking up. Although she wasn't sure either of those ideas would work. Why? Well the first one was highly impossible not to mention implausible. And the second..well she'd been waiting for that to happen for the better part of the evening. It hadn't happened yet. Call it pessimistic of her, but she very much doubted this evening was going to get any better. Well it would if she got completely smashed but she was trying to avoid that idea. She shook her in soft annoyance and turned her attention to pouring herself a shot. She didn't hesitate to scoop up the shot glass and knock it back. Aria's face morphed into a slight wince as the fiery liquor slid it ways down her throat. Granted she did better than the first time she'd ever had a shot there was still no ignoring her slight revulsion. it tasted horrible, but she hadn't gotten it for its taste she'd gotten it for the fact that she pretty sure it'd wipe her memory clean of any recent events and the oncoming ones. Which was exactly what she wanted and needed right now.

                      With that thought in mind, Aria put the lid back on her liquor-there was no way she was sharing this with any of the other party goers!- before tucking it away in the back of Alex's refrigerator and making her way back to the main place the partiers seemed to be congregated. Her gaze danced around the room searching for someone vaguely familiar. When she didn't see anyone she circled back to the kitchen pleased to find Callie and Zaylor there. her first instinct was to go up and start talking with them and hanging out but she stopped remembering the most recent turn of events. They were a kind of sorta couple now. What if they wanted alone? Not that they'd really get any with the people thrashing and attempting to dance at this so called party but for the most part the party goers seemed to be steering clear of them. Maybe she should follow their example. Alright so she she'd just go find Nicole but in her earlier search she hadn't spotted the tall slender model anywhere. She doubted she'd missed the model, one couldn't over look a model so that meant Nicole had left or something. She let out an exasperated sigh and grabbed herself a random beer off the nearby table opening it before she started to walk around just watching..for now.

                      (Bleeeeehhhhh! I don't like this pot. I haven't been on able to get on much this week-the reason i didn't post- so I missed out on a lot and I kind of skimmed through the posts. I've got a vague idea where people are and what they're doing but I don't know who's free to interact with. So yea if someones open please lemme know!)
Ranch Girl

»Lauren Alexandra Mason«
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My birth certificate says: Lauren Alexandra Mason
But you can call me: Laurie, Ren, or Lauren.
I am: Seventeen
Well the mirror tells me that I'm: female

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -BIOGRAPHY- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Well lets see...I was born seventeen years ago on a beautiful winters day in December. No I wasn't a Christmas baby but Christmas has always been my favorite holiday. Anyway I'm getting sidetracked. My name is Lauren Alexandra Mason. But I don't go by that name. Usually you can say Lauren and I'll look up. If you call me by my middle name then it makes me kind of nervous. My momma's got this habit where if me or my siblings do anything wrong she calls us b y our first and middle name. If you hear her yelling 'Lauren Alexandra' do me a favor would you? Tel her I wasn't there and tell her I didn't do what ever is she think I did. That's probably the only way I'm going to live to see my eighteenth or my nineteenth birthday.

Ahem now where was I? Oh yea. Me! Wow, that sounds self centered, well I'm not self centered. but the best way to get to know a person is if they talk about themselves. So that what I'm going to do. if I don't keep getting distracted that is. I come from a large family of ranchers. I know my way around the inside a barn even during a power outage, I know more about horses and foaling and giving birth than any teenager has the right to know. I'm also very good at keeping things clean. these are just some of the god given abilities that come with being raised with four younger siblings and two hardworking parents.

For my short (or not so short) seventeen years I've done nothing but live and breath the musty air of a barn and the not so fresh air of a horses stall. By this point I can honestly tell you that I'm going to do something with animals. I don't care if I end up being a rancher's wife, or just a simple farm tenant. I love living out in the country and I love the fact that there's no incessant traffic out here or an overload on technology. Yes I've got a phone and a computer in my house but I don't think I'll die if I go a die without checking my email or texts. Heck, sometime I think I'd be happier without a cellphone. It means my mom wouldn't be able to get me in the middle of a prank and then I wouldn't get in trouble. Hehe, nah I'm kidding. Like every teenager I enjoy a good laugh and I do sometimes get into trouble but I'm not a bad kid. To be honest I'm pretty level headed. I know when there's a time for play and a time for work.

Like now for instance. I'm pretty sure I should be cleaning the stalls or polishing the tack. Something like that. so I'm going to say goodbye to y'all and get back to work. See ya!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -PERSONALITY- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
~Protective of friends and family.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -A few things you should know- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
I couldn't live without these:
~Animals (but I absolutely adore horses!)
~Pretty colors
~Wide open spaces
~My friends

Get those away from me:
~ People who dislike animals
~Rap music
~The color pink

Please don't tell them but I like: A guy. That's all you need to know.

Lauren Angela Mason

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Don't judge a book by its cover.

                Everyone calls me Lauren, so stick to it! I was brought into the world on December 1, 2141, which means I'm seventeen. I'm originally from Seattle, WA, but now I live in Forks, WA. I attend Forks High School as a Junior, and I get there by 2010 Toyota Prius.

                I decided that you needed some background information, so I ask that you only read THIS page of my journal:
                Um..Hi there! I'm not really used to talking about myself or my life because well I tend to babble. A lot. Like this one time in 7th grade I had to give an oral presentation on a family member that I admired. I decided to talk about my great-great-great-great-(we'll just super great) grandma and my namesake: Angela Weber, aside from the fact that we share a name I feel close to my aunt because like me she was super tall. Well actually I'm only 6' tall but the average girl height is about 5'5" (I think I could be wrong) and she was like me in a lot of ways...Oh did I start prattling? I'm sorry, I wasn't kidding when I said I got nervous. Even though we're not talking face to face I'm kind of flipping out..

                Um anyway...I am the great (really great) grand-daughter of Angela Weber. Ah, that sounds familiar doesn't it? Well if you've lived in Forks your whole life or even a part of your life there's a chance you heard that name. it's a small town where people know each other. The fact that people can still remember her after so many years is truly surprising then again people tend to remember models. That's right, my grandma put her height to good use and became a model. And she did some photography..she did a lot of things in the modeling world I guess you could say. Darn, got sidetracked again! Sorry but I just couldn't leave you hanging about who I was going on about.

                Alright..now onto me. I haven't been in Forks my whole life. I actually moved her during my freshman year of high school. It was a little awkward at first but eventually things got better. I relaxed some and quit feeling weird every time someone called me Angela (I guess I kind of look like my grandma too. Talk about scary!). Since then I've worked my hardest to quit being so timid and tried to become more outspoken so I could really enjoy my senior year (I'm not a party animal which is fine for now..but I want to enjoy my senior year. I want it to be special..I can't do that staying home and reading all the time!). Umm I live with both my parents and my twin sisters near the outside border of Forks, I'm a junior in high school..I can't really think of what else to say. I'm sorry hopefully this is enough for you to get a feel for me though. See ya around!

                Flip on the back to read just a bit more:
                What type of person am I? Um..well i guess one word to describe me would be reserved. Most girls my age run around with their hearts on their sleeves ranting and raving about the injustice of the world. At least I think that's what they prattle on about. usually i see a hysterical girl running towards me and I step into the nearest classroom out of their way. it's not that I don't want to help them. I would if I could..but I can't. I mean I could if I could get over my awkwardness. I don't know how to explain it. If I know a personal well enough I have no problem talking to them but if you place me in front of a new person I freeze up and I trip all over myself. So maybe reserved isn't the word for me. Social awkward is. I've tried changing it, I've tried being more outspoken and it just feels wrong. I don't mind being quiet, it suits me just fine.

                All social awkwardness and shyness aside, I'm a good person. If someone asks me to do a favor for them then they can rely on me to follow through with my promise and get it done. I'm also trustworthy so if you've got a secret or something you want to talk about and you don't want your words getting spread around school? Well just talk to me. I'm a good listener, I won't interrupt and I have some advice (as meaningless as it may be) I'll try and help. Just remember the key word there is try.

                Well, sour candy, the color red, animals,coffee, music,books,and art are awesome, but I really don't like rap,my height,rude people,reptiles, much at all. Of course, I'd rather not even be faced with Lightning,fire,doctors,needles,or heartache at all!

                I play Angela Weber,
                and I'm played by Angry_Lil_miss_Thang.
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The latest stye

                              K.C was still humming the catchy tone of 'Santa Baby' as she walked home. Well not home home as if in her warm comfy rent free apartment one floor above her parents home. She'd lost that home a while ago. Now home was entirely differently place with a different definition. No longer was it the place where she ran to escape her mothers nagging or her father's dirty looks. It wasn't a place she brought guys that got her attention (there hadn't been a lot of them lately). And it wasn't a place full of loneliness. Ok that last part was a bit over dramatic but it was true. People generally went home because they wanted peace and comfort and that wonderful feeling being home gave them. Well that apartment had never given her any of those things. It'd given her a place to live, it'd given her a few good memories but never had it come close to earning the proclaimed title of 'home/ So no she wasn't heading there on this particular evening. Heck if she were honest, she was never going back there or to her parents home. She'd say she was a free woman but she was 17, so technically she was still a kid and because she wasn't with her parents that meant she belonged to the state..So yea definitely not a free woman yet. But in a few shorts months she would be.

                              She had just finished the chorus of Santa Baby was and still humming softly to herself as she walked to familiar maze of streets and alley ways she took to get home. For a seventeen year old girl in this type of neighborhood that might not have been the best way to go but what was life without a few risks here and there? She'd walked this way enough times that she'd gotten over whatever small fear she'd had of some creep jumping out form behind a garbage can and taking her innocence. Heck after 17 years of carrying her innocence around she was ready to toss it! What good was it doing her? it hadn't kept her safe and warm under her parents domineering grasp, if anything it had just led them to question her sexuality which in turn had lead to her questioning it herself. So really it'd done nothing but give her grief and make her lose her mind amongst other things. All those pep talks about keeping it for someone special. All those comments like 'we love you no matter who you or what gender you like'-so the last comment was stretching a bit but hey she'd heard it enough to know the hidden meaning in her mother's words. There had been no other options. No bi-curious, no confusion, it was either straight or gay. She'd put off giving and answer and look where it had gotten her, cast out of her family and the terrible joke of a home she'd had. Now she was out in the cold and yada yada. All that other sob story crap. She was on the streets and she was working her butt off but she'd be lying if she didn't say she felt somewhat happier away from her parents and that damn apartment. At least now she was able to think a little bit, explore a little, and pursue whatever damn career choices she wanted. So she'd lost a little. As far as she was concerned the tings she'd lost were things she could have done without from the start.

                              She shivered softly in the gray t-shirt she had on. In her haste to get to one of her two jobs she'd forgotten to grab a jacket and now she was paying for it. Although her customers at work hadn't seemed to mind the fact that she was a little chilly-then a gain they were a bunch of dirty leering old men who were there to watch girl dance in scanty undergarments. It was to be expected. Ok so maybe she wasn't that innocent but hey she'd needed a job and it had been the one place that had been lenient with the age restrictions and it b eat working at McDonald's and coming home smelling like fried food. She'd just as soon come home smelling booze and smoke rather than the latter. Ok so she was lying again but really would she have gotten paid more at McDonald's than she did now while dancing? At least this way she was doing one of the few that things that made her happy. She was a simple girl" give her a song to sing and new dance number to learn and she was relatively content. She didn't get to sing as much as she liked to at her 1st job but that was ok because her second job consisted of nothing but singing and playing the damn piano (a trivial task her parents had forced her to learn in her younger years) but on the bright side she got paid for it! Although she'd always hoped that her audiences would be most sober and cheering her name in adulation. Not in the mists of a drunken stupor as a patron demanded another drink (singer.waitress: its got a nice ring to it don't ya think?). Oh well she couldn't have everything she wanted out of life.

                              On the bright side..she had gotten what she'd wanted tonight. Her Christmas Bonuses! A faint smile graced her full glossed lips as her measured stride brought her closer to home still. She wasn't rich by any means but hey she had more money than she had at the beginning of her day and considering dear old St.Nick was supposed to be coming down their chimney-ha! she knew there'd been a reason she was singing that song- it mean there'd be gifts under the tree for a few rag tag family members. Nothing that great but it was the thought that counted and really her thoughts counted a lot because she owed these people a lot. Heck the person she really owed was Vivian. She ( or was it he at the moment?) had pulled K.C. off the streets and given her somewhere safe and warm (much warmer than a cardboard box on the streets), and not only that but the the other had provided food and the clothes off her back. All so that she could have a home. So yea, needless to say she respected her surrogate mother. If she were the touchy feely kind K.C would even go so far as to say she loved Vivian but she wasn't the type of girl that did that so there went that idea.

                              K.C.had just rounded the corner and spotted the familiar somewhat battered form of her home up ahead but more importantly she noticed the car in front of it. And as she got closer she noticed the girl inside of it. Blonde, petite, pretty, overly polished. Those minute details paired up with the type of car led her to a simple assumption: spoiled rich teen throwing a fit and running away from mommy and daddy because they refused to give their little angel the gift they wanted. She scoffed softly and wrapped her arms around herself debating whether to knock on the window and scare the girl furthermore but shook the urge off. She was cold,dirty and hungry. She wanted to go in kick off her shoes, attempt to get rid of the clinging smells of both booze and smoke and cuddle with one of the younger kids. Little kids new just what to do to make a girls day better. Unfortunately they were also loud and messy and kind of high maintenance. Then again the whole human race was that way so what did it matter? She didn't cast another glance at the car as she headed inside. She shut the door firmly behind her before noticing that some type of stand off was going on between her 'dad' (not her real one) and some other strange blonde kid-probably the girls boyfriend or something. Like Vivian, Fred had helped her out in ways that her own parents had never seemed concerned about. He'd offered the physical things and the more emotional things(not that she took him up on those). She was jarred out of her thoughts by blondie (Andrej) moving away from Fred and backing towards the door only to bump into her. The smaller (read: shorter) girl let out a soft grunt as she stumbled back a few steps in surprise before she lifted light hazel eye sup in a fearsome glare. "Hey! Watch it! We know you're eager to leave but the least you could do is watch where you're walking and who you're bumping into."
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This is who I am..

            Amy couldn't believe the way Lauren was acting. It was honest to goodness terrible! It was spoiled over pampered child meets teenage years. In other words it was very scary. Of course all younger siblings thought their older siblings siblings were terrifying but at least those other siblings had some resemblance to their twin or sibling. She didn't have that, she didn't look like Lauren in the slightest. She didn't have the same curvy figure or the finer assets guys seemed to enjoy talking about -in overly loud voices whenever she walked by (the disadvantage as being known as Lauren Dawson's twin). What wa even worse was the fact that they seemed to find her terrified squeak and bright blush hilarious. It wasn't, it was humiliating, because it was just another thing that set her apart from her twin. Some siblings craved to be separated from their siblings. Amy wasn't one of those. She missed the days when Lauren had been nice and protected her from embarrassing moments throwing in a hilarious story or some joke to keep the spotlight off her timid twin. She missed the days when they'd actually had something in common.

            She was jarred out of her thoughts by the loud brash sound of the horn blaring out. The unexpected sound was enough to have Amy jumping out of her seat and glancing about looking every bit like the proverbial deer caught in the headlights. "Did you really have to do that? You could have at least walked up and knocked on his door-eep!" the chastising ended in a terrified squeak as Lauren reached over the driver to palm that dreadfully noisy horn again. "No thank you! I'll pass. As a matter of fact I think I'll just be quiet from here on out.." she murmured sitting down in her seat and sliding down out of her sister line of sight. That smile was not promising. That was a dangerous 'I'll get yo back for challenging me' smile. She'd seen it aimed at other girls before, heck it'd been aimed at her enough while at home that she'd learned it was best to keep her opinions to herself. Not that she usually ran about voicing them willy nilly anyway. When Jayden boarded the bus, Amy visibly cringed at her sisters comment. Really? Now that was just rude. And so what if he had been telling his family goodbye? It wasn't like Lauren hadn't went through the same charade before boarding the bus. Only her twins part it had been in a more comical fashion. A rude one that is.

            She gave the first boarder an apologetic smile before looking down at the ring on her finger. Like Lauren she'd dressed up. However unlike Lauren she didn't one bit brilliant upcoming starlet her twin thought she was. Amy looked like a child playing dress up which she supposed she was. The only reason she'd bothered wearing a dress (not that her dress was a dress. It was more like a child's jumper) was so that she could avoid listening to Lauren go on and on about she hadn't even attempted to dress up for the party. Not that it seemed to matter now. She'd spoken up, she'd gotten Lauren's attention. Now she was in for a less that pleasant evening. Heck make that a less than pleasant vacation.Lauren wasn't going to forgive or forget that she'd stepped out of her line as the timid terrified twin. An infectious beat slipped through the thick haze of her thoughts prompting her to look up and out the window a faint smile gracing her lips as she noticed the husky romping through the snow after their departing bus before eventually giving up and sitting down in defeat. It was a beautiful dog with silky fur covering strong muscles that could easily pull a sled and those ices...Glacier blue. The eyes alone were enough to help a person classify its breed as a husky. A husky..now that would be an interesting dog to have. Actually she'd be perfectly content with an average run of the mill mutt but Lauren despised animals and whatever Lauren wanted (or didn't in this case) she got it. In other words no house full of cute cuddly critters for Amy.

            Amy looked up hearing someone besides Lauren speaking to her. She blinked in mild surprise a faint smile on lips. Lauren hadn't invited her to come, not once had she been asked. but Amy wasn't stupid. As Lauren's twin and other half (literally) it was expected of her to follow the louder more bossy twin where ever she decided to go. This vacation included."The same way she talked you into coming I believe.." she mused with a wry smile before turning serious biting her lower lip. She hadn't meant that sound as rude as she had. She'd just meant..well she wasn't sure what. But whatever the case she shouldn't have said it. "I was invited. I wouldn't turn and invitation down from my twin. Besides her powers of persuasion are at full power around this time of year. How else do you think she gets all of her amazing Christmas presents?" she explained jokingly.
User Image( Amy Felicity Dawson )
nicknames;; Amy;Ames
age;; 19
gender;; Female
role;; The non-photogenic photographer
sexuality;; Straight
personality;; Studious,Shy,Trusting
username;; Angry_Lil_miss_Thang

There's not much to be said about Amy Dawson's life. She was born and raise din New York City under parents ever watchful gaze. Some would say its nice to know that her parents were so concerned about their child. However..concerned isn't the word Amy would use to describe her parents. Both Rose and Jack Dawson (not related to titanic in anyway!) were well renowned models. They had the shampoo commercial hair, the perfect smiles, the things every model is made of. They expected the heir of their hard earned fortune to have all those qualities and more. Instead..they got Amy. Shy,sweet,incredibly naive un-photogenic Amy. The child was healthy and happy, and eager to learn.So they taught her or tried to anyway. Her parents hired the best fashion designers, the most expensive hair specialists, everything so they could have the show-stopping daughter they wanted. It didn't work.

So growing up, Amy was constantly critiqued on how she looked, walked and acted. Seeing as of she was their only child, the Dawson's expected her to carry on their name in the modeling business. But it never happened. One night, Amy's parents were on their way back from modeling party via cab
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I'm sexy and I know it!

            Lauren let Jayden's cool glare roll right off of her. Sheesh she'd been joking. Who would have pegged him to be such a momma's boy? And when did he get a gigantic stick up his butt? He was the partier he was supposed to be loose and relaxed. Just go with the flow, all that crap. So why did he suddenly seem so uptight? Well if he couldn't handle a little healthy teasing she'd just let him off the party bus now. She didn't need him to have a good party. She could do just fine, heck she was the life of any party. Duh! She rolled her eyes and childishly stuck her tongue out at him. "Do us all a favor and get that stick out of your butt would you? I was just joking." she pointed out. She didn't need to explain herself to him but for god's sake she didn't feel like spending the next two weeks tiptoeing around his delicate ego. Hell she wasn't going to. if he wanted to get all wound up over one joke then fine let him but he'd be the one missing out on a good party. She wasn't going to apologize and coddle him just because he didn't know how to laugh.

            Lucky for Jayden she was in a very good mood otherwise she would have given him even more hell. And alright he'd put on some relatively good music. That little detail alone was enough to lift her mood. Grinning, Lauren raised her hands over her head and started moving her body in time to the music. It...wasn't a pretty a sight but she didn't know that. Heck she'd been told all her life just how smart, pretty and funny she was. Being pretty meant having some sense of grace and dancing ability right? She'd taken ballet and dance lessons with Amy for pete's sake. She should know how to dance in her sleep! Which she did. Hell she knew how to do lots of things not necessarily while she was sleeping but she did know a lot of fun bedroom style tricks. As the bus lumbered along Lauren danced her way back towards her twin and Jayden.Near her destination the bus decided to swerve hard enough sending whatever sense of balance Lauren had right out the window. With a yelp the teen fell only to land sprawled out in Jayden's lap a look of faint surprise on her face ash placed her hands on his shoulders to keep herself from falling to the floor.

            She was vaguely aware of him asking her something. Somethign to do with the rents but she wasn't paying attention to the conversation. Instead she was looking deeply into his eyes. Those eyes were something. The color was unique and the lashes..Dang he had thick lashes for a guy. No guy should have lashes that thick, heck they almost looked girly. Actually it wasn't j us this lashes that looked girly..his face looked kind of girly too. Not to so much that one would mistake him for a girl he just looked kind feminine. Maybe it was the way he dressed, or maybe it was the fedora he ha don. Frowning in though she reached up plucking the fedora off his head and setting it jauntily on her own. I look better in this." she said by way of explanation before she continued to look him over. There now he looked a little more guyish. He'd look more like a guy if he hadn't dressed the way he had. it was almost like he was trying too hard, that or he'd put too much thought into. Whoa wait. A guy thinking about what he wore..."I know I've asked this before but are you sure you aren't gay?" Lauren asked as she sat up in his lap. Hey she had good reason for asking. She was sitting in his lap in a somewhat compromising position and he didn't seem to be hot. Or bothered. What was insulting to her because hello she was hot! All she had to do was beckon a guy towards her and he was a good as hers for the night.And Jayden didn't seem interested in her...Yup. He was definitely gay!

            The real irony of the situation was that everyone seemed to think that she and Jayden were meant for each other. How they'd come to that preposterous conclusion she'd never know!Aside from their love of partying, and their tolerance of Amy they really had nothing in common. She felt absolutely nothing towards Jayden. she wanted a guy who'd be able to light her fire. Not a guy who was too chicken to admit that he was gay and come out of the closet. Or maybe he wasn't guy. There was a small possibility that all those times he'd denied it he'd been telling the truth. Maybe she just wasn't his type-it was so hard to believe that!- but maybe he was more into girls like...like Amy. Now that was a disturbing thought but she supposed she could see the appeal. Her twin was actually kind of cute ( she meant this in a sisterly way!) when she put an effort into looking nice. And dressing decently. Which she obviously hadn't today because that dress was hideous! Grey was not Amy's color. It just made her look washed out (even more so than usual that is) and that green color Jayden had on..it was atrocious. "That color green is hideous on you by the way." she said her nose wrinkling softly as she got out of his lap and smoothed hr hands over her skirt before fixing the borrowed fedora on her head. "So are you gay? Or are you just into girls like my twin?" she asked point blank.
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                            Harumi was stunned speechless. This was not something that occurred often. Growing up she'd been told her biggest flaw was her mouth, she'd never been able to keep it closed. In this day it was respected, heck t was encouraged for woman to speak her mind. But back when Harumi had been alive it'd been frowned on it. Speaking so brashly and openly was viewed as a sign of disrespect, it was also reason for said woman to be ostracized. Or something like that. In short terms it meant no possible husband matches for her and that suited her fine. The idea of being tied down with someone several years her senior had never appealed to her. Of course most girls hadn't shared her view back things were different now. It seemed like every girl shared her opinion now. However she wasn't here to compare her views with the girls in today's time.

                            The angel was here for an entirely different reason' She'd been chosen to watch over someone. A boy named Hiro. She didn't know the why. She just knew the who and where. Although it would be nice to know why this boy needed her to watch over him. She stretched languidly allowing her brilliant white wings to spread out behind her. As always the sight of them was enough to shock her and why shouldn't they? Her wings were glorious. Soft as down, white as pure untouched snow. But their appearance was the best thing. The fact that they actually worked was a very big plus. Alas she wasn't going to get to use them much. As far as she knew her job was to watch the boy only. If the need arose for her to protect him or something more drastic then that would be her one chance to use them. Until then though they were to be hidden,tucked and folded out of sight. She gave her winds one last longing before tucking them securely against her back and grabbing the loose pull on shirt she'd been given. Once her wings were properly covered the woman looked towards her charges house in time to see someone stealthily sneaking in. Huh looks like this was going to be as basic as she'd originally thought.

                            Within a few short minutes the angel was inside the building her golden brown eyes slowly taking in the scenery in silent awe. She'd known time had passed, a lot of time. And she'd watch cities develop and technology be discovered. BUt watching it all be discovered and built was nothing compared to actually being in a place with running water and electricity. She definitely wasn't in Heaven anymore. Shaking off her awed curiosity she quietly crept forward searching for the intruder she'd spotted. At least she'd thought it was an intruder. When she entered the front room she didn't find any imminent threat. Instead she found her charge sound asleep with a girl located close by mumbling something about being tickled. OK, she wasn't going to even think about that. Thank heavens she didn't have the ability to see inside ones mind. Harumi's gaze landed on a girl absorbed in a video game. She didn't seem dangerous, then again maybe the person she'd seen sneaking in hadn't been an intruder. Maybe it was Hiro's roommate? No He would have mentioned that tiny detail. Not to mention there was something different about this girl (Miki). Maybe it was her aura maybe it was her general presence. Whatever the case she was important right now. There was someone else here.

                            Harumi took the time to briefly scan any other possible hiding places in Hiro's place before she only had one place to look: the main bedroom. She paused outside the slightly opened door before she reached out placing one cool slender hand in the center and pushing it open. Her facial expression shifted from blank to outright disdain as she looked at the girl on the bed. She didn't personally know her, but she did know one of her own kind when s he saw them. So she'd been given a partner. A lazy one it would seem. "I believe our task was to monitor him, not the back of your eyelids or the fascinating pattern on his ceiling." she commented coolly. Without further ado she spun on her heel and marched back to the main room settling her slender form on the floor near Hiro's sleeping space her eyes focused on him unblinkingly. She'd been told to watch and watch she would. Funny she'd always thought the glorified babysitting jobs went to guardian angels. Last time she'd checked she hadn't been granted that particular title.
xxx A m yxxxxxxxx Felicity xxxxxxx D a w s o nxxx

User Image

xxxx The xx B a s i c s xxx

Name ` ` Amy Felicity Dawson

Nickname(s) ` ` Amy

Age ` ` Seventeen

Height ` ` Somewhere over the 5' range. Just barely though.

Weight ` ` Umm..110? Give or take a few pounds.

Appearance ` ` When describing Amy, the word child like comes to mind. Some would say its her eyes. Although whether its the soft violet hue or the soft sparkle in them no one can tell. Others would say its the way her lips are always curved up slightly in preparation to smile. And then there are some that would say its her lack of curves. Harsh but true. for a seventeen year old Amy is terribly slender not that its a bad thing mind you but still 17 years old and she's so small! Talk about odd. But alas it's not the height or the size of the girl that makes her special. Its the size of her heart. Right? Now moving on. Amy's got short hair-it wasn't always this way. At one point it swept down past her shoulders and trailed halfway down her back giving her an even more youthful appearance. Sadly, an unfortunate accident with gum occurred..Now she's got short hair (see above picture). Skinwise, Amy has a very nice complexion. The words peaches and cream comes to mind? Whatever that means! Her skins light enough that its classified as pale but its not so pale that one would worry about her health or her lack of time out in the sun.

xxxxx D i g xxx D x e x e x p x e x r xxxxx

Likes ` `

•Books (preferably fantasy)
•Making people smile

Dislikes ` `


Fears ` `

•Dying at a young age
•Never seeing her family again
•Harming others

Personality ` ` Amy is a sweet and gentle girl. I know what you're thinking. All girls are supposedly sweet and gentle. Well Amy isn't supposedly either of these things. She really is. She couldn't hurt a fly even if she wanted to. And she'd never bad mouth anyone. She doesn't have a mean bone in her. Other people would scoff and make jokes about a persons flaws. Amy would be the one to complete over the said flaws and find something nice about the person. Even if something as bogus as them having a nice smile. She sees the best in others. To her, people don't have a good side and a bad side. There are shades of gray in the world. What some people find bad others might see as a solution to a problem therefore making it good someone elses eyes. Get what I mean? No? Then don't worry about it. Amy's also very trusting, one could even say naive. She takes a person at face value. For Amy the first impression is the only impression. If a person comes across as good kind and decent then that's how the persons going to be in her eyes. Even if they don't come across as the typical knight in shining armor or the perfect lady Amy won't hold it against them...I'm rambling. Maybe the best way to say this is Amy isn't judgemental.

She's also very open, meaning she wear hers heart on her sleeve. She's one of those people that's got an expressive face. She's an open book in other words. So she can't hide her emotions that well. Its a two sided sword if you think about it. She's friendly enough that if she finds herself in a situation where she's sitting with two complete strangers she'll start making general conversation and by the time the conversation is over Amy can have two new friends or he can have two people who are just a little weirded out by this nice girl.

So in short the best way to describe Amy is nice. Kind and generous. She'll give you the clothes off her back if you ask her too. No matter what she'll do what she can to help and not once will she ask why a person does the things they do. She won't judge them based on the fact if its wrong or right. She'll just do her best to help in any way she can. That's Amy for you. A nice, friendly girl. Don't use that against her or else you'll have a lot of angry people on your hands.

xxx H i s t o r y xx Lessons xxxxxx

Bio ` ` Amy's life has been very normal .She grew up with two doting parents and a house full of siblings. Amy loved her parents and she loved her siblings with everything she had. Like everything else she does, the girl threw herself into the task of helping with her siblings, she scrubbed the house until it sparkled. She did anything and everything a parent could want of their child. So needless to say Amy's parents were proud of their daughter and her siblings adored her. The Dawson's were a very happy family.

But like most good things it had to come to an end. Why? No one knows. Maybe it was the sudden urge that Amy had to leave her family and everything she knew to explore the world. That wasn't such a bad thing to want right? Of course not but, Amy's parents felt differently. As the eldest, they had plans for her. Big bright future plans. A top notch college, a degree in any area she desired it was all there just waiting for her to take it and Amy didn't. She couldn't was more like it. Most teens her age were planning their college futures, they knew where they wanted to go and who they wanted to be and what they wanted out of life. Amy however didn't, she still doesn't. She considered college but it just fell flat. Don't get her wrong she loved school but there was always something inside of her saying she was meant for more. Some would say that t was the beginning of a superiority complex. but come on, does that really sound like Amy? No it doesn't.But I'm getting side tracked here.

Anyway, after hearing her parents, choice for her Amy refused. not rudely or unkindly. She very calmly explained her reasoning. And it didn't go over well. from her parents side it was 'She's seventeen (almost eighteen!), she's young she doesn't know what she wants out of life yet'. And while ti was true, the whole idea just didn't sit well with Amy so she kept pushing the issue. As you can imagine the mild disagreement ended up turning into a huge blow out between the parents and Amy.In the end after much crying and begging Amy got her parents permission to take time off from school to do what every wanderlust ridden teen wanted to do: explore the world and all its mysteries.

Now Amy is on her own for the first time and its different.Not a bad she wants to run home to mommy and daddy different. Just different. Despite her joy over talking her parents int this she can't help but feel a little guilty. Will things ever be the same between ehr and her parents? Only time will tell..

``` Angry_Lil_miss_Thang ```
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                        Amy couldn't decide what was harder to believe at the moment. The fact that she was away from home for the first time by herself or the fact that she was at the circus. She'd go with the second one. Every young adult knew they'd leave home at some point another. However most people usually attended the circus every time it came to town. Amy wasn't one of those people. For seventeen-almost eighteen- years now she'd heard of the magic of the circus. But words didn't do it justice, late night tv documentaries barely touched on the wonder and sheer awesomeness of the circus and her imagination as childike as it was barely scraped the idea of a circus. For one to truly understand the circus they had to go to it. So Amy had done it. She'd taken some of the money her parents had given her-supposedly for emergencies and put it into buying herself a ticket to the circus. She felt terrible about spending their money but the money was so she could go out and explore the world and experience things. She couldn't do that if she followed a specific itinerary the entire time. Besides this was it! She wouldn't even consider dipping into the funds for her trip after this. She'd never ask her parents for another thing..and she'd try not to think too much on the fact that she was using their money right now. She'd pay them back, she didn't know how long it would take but by George she would pay them back and she'd go to college and she'd do whatever they wanted her to do after this trip. But until she returned home with her curiosity sated and her wanderlust abated she was going to relax a little and enjoy herself. Now if she could only get her mind to quiet down for once.Other kids lied and took their parents money without permission. Here she was just doing it once for one tiny little thing and she couldn't ignore the guilt. How silly was that? it was very silly but she'd rather fret over something small and meaningless like this then think about the crestfallen look on her parents faces when she'd admitted that she really didn't want to go to college...

                        As always the sharp swift pang of guilt Amy felt was entirely noticeable and extremely uncomfortable. She hadn't meant to hurt them or upset them. She'd just wanted..well she wasn't sure what she'd wanted. Her whole she'd done as people asked her and she still intended to do that. She wasn't going through some rebellious phase where she wanted a tattoo or a sexy as sin boyfriend-the chances of her getting a boyfriend sexy or otherwise were slim, actually not slim. Make that nonexistent! All she wanted was to explore and see what the world was like. She wanted to see the art galleries in Paris, she wanted to go to Greece and see how many people there actually believed in the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Maybe the things she wanted weren't small or extremely important but they were things she wanted to know, things she wanted to do and see. Before she went to college and started studying her butt off and stressing about tests. She'd done enough of that in school, she wanted a break...Was that so bad? She'd asked herself this question over and over again. She still hadn't found an answer, at least not one that sounded right.Maybe she was being silly, maybe the best thing to do would be to cut this trip short and go home now before things got too bad. She could patch thing sup with her parents and she could go off to college and..and..and what? What would she do after college? Could she honestly say that getting a degree would cure this urge inside of her saying that she was meant for more? It could but at the same time there was a very large chance that this urge would never be squelched...Ok she was thinking entirely too much. The idea of coming to the circus was to relax, to act like a kid again. She couldn't do that if she kept thinking of guilt and remorse, and the look on her parents faces when she'd explained she wasn't going to college anytime soon.Oh she was a bad daughter, her parents had given her everything for seventeen almost eighteen year.s They'd fed her, loved her, and put up with her silly ideas about one day running away to do something as ludicrous as joining the circus (she'd proposed this at age six when the circus had been in town-a week before her birthday). They'd done everything for her. How could she just throw all of that away-

                        Her guilty thoughts were cut short by the boom of the ring masters voice and the oncoming hush of the crowd. She startled slightly glancing at the admittedly short line for the concession stand and hurried forward digging out some of her own money to pay for a big bag of cotton candy. There was no way she was going to eat all of this but alas the sight of the huge swabs of blue cotton candy beckoned to her as subtly as a sirens call. Which is to say it was subtle at all but it was every bit as undeniable. She gave the bored worker a friendly smile and shook her head when the worker tried to give her back the spare change left over her purchase. "It's fine. I don't need it. You can keep it for yourself or put it in the tip jar. " she murmured as she turned to leave. Some people would assume such a gesture as presumptuous but coming from Amy that wasn't it all. The girl was just just being nice and she really had no need for the money. She'd gotten her cotton candy now she just had to find a seat.

                        So which out further ado the short slender girl hurried off in the direction of the Big Top only to bump into someone a couple of feet and several inches taller than her. The man -whoever he was was obviously in a rush and when he slammed into her he didn't stop to help her. But that was the least of Amy's concerns. She was literally seeing stars, and her butt, well at least she could still feel it. The bad thing was she could feel the beginnings of a dull throb. "Owwie, I guess he didn't see me. Its a good thing we're both alright" she murmured slowly standing up and dusting off the seat of her shorts and making sure that her cotton candy hadn't been damaged or trampled. Thankfully it hadn't-the plastic wrap was still in place and everything. After checking to make sure everything was in functioning order, Amy struck out in the same direction again her legs carrying her inside. Only to find..that it was a full house. Well darn! Amy slouched down (although why she bothered she didn't know. She was short enough that people didn't seem to have any problem running into her so surely it wouldn't be hard for them to look over her) so that the captivate audience could watch the show and scanned the place for an empty seat and found none. Maybe it she checked the other side she'd find somewhere to sit. Thankfully Amy had much more luck and quietly slid into a seat between two somewhat harried spectators and their kids. "Sorry.." she mumbled doing her best to make sure her tiny figure didn't cause the other spectators any further discomfort before she settled into watch the show as the first act began....

                        (Sorry I wasn't really sure what do with her so I kind of prattled. As of now though Amy's watching the show. Oh and since its not on the front page I should probably let y'all know Amy's the pure one. Sorry for the lack of decorating. It's not my forte. Hopefully the writing makes up for it. So anyway..hi! XD)
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                            After a while of endless staring, Harumi blinked. She'd won her fair share of staring contests over the years but those had been fun. The other participant hadn't been asleep and they'd been more interesting to look at. Not that she was saying her charge was bad looking just...Well when on was asleep their face didn't do anything interesting. There weren't a lot of smiles, or random silly faces to distract her which was both a good and a bad thing. But you had to understand, she'd been in heaven for years looking down and watching. She was tired of it. She wanted to do more. She didn't care what so long ad it meant doing more than sitting on her keister and playing the role of a typical lazy spoiled girl...err angel. She wasn't lazy, and she wasn't typical at least she didn't think she was but then again what did that matter? It didn't matter , she was getting sidetracked. She had to focus on the mission. Something she managed to do for all of five minutes before the sleeping human woke up with a loud (and very random) exclamation.

                            Stifling a soft cry of surprise Harumi made her face look exceptionally..well bored. Which she was instead of surprised. What the heck did he mean with that type of comment anyway? 'The toaster has a gun'? Last time she'd checked didn't didn't have hands so how the heck did the toaster hold the gun anyway? Ugh this was pat her time, way past her time. As fascinating as technology was times had been much simpler when one had to rely on their own god-given abilities and the things around them. She waited patiently for the shock to hit him as he noisily made his way around his home. After all he had not one but two strange girls in his living room watching him sleep and another two in his room. He'd either freak out and yell or he'd do what any other boy did: think he'd died and gone to heaven where he was blessed with four girls to do what ever he pleased while his friend watched. Or something along those lines. Of course he could something else but..she was an angel. She was supposed to see the good in people and not consider the bad. Key words there: supposed to. That didn't necessarily mean she was going to do it. Although she would try..

                            Her attempt at trying to assume the best about her charge was cut short as he returned to his spot on the couch with a blanket in tow. Obviously he was going back to sleep. And she was going to be stuck watching him. Again. Talk about fun! Huh, was sarcasm a sin? She'd never really thought about it before. Maybe she could do that now while she immersed herself in the fascinating process of watching him sleep-oh wait. He'd finally woken up enough to notice her and the other girl. That was good. That meant things would get a little more exciting. Right? Sure lets go with that.. Harumi eyed him with one eyebrow arched softly at his mumblings. What was he going about? Hey!She was perfectly real, while a lot people disagreed with angels being real she disagreed. Hello, she living,breathing, proof. Err..at least she was living and breathing while she was on earth. She wasn't so sure what she did in heaven. Existed? Yea maybe that was the word. She opened her mouth to argue with his comment about them being in his head when he reached out and pinched her nose. "Hey! I can feel that you know? Sheesh how would you like if I just reached out and randomly pinched your nose-ouch Would you kindly cease and desist?" she demanded as he moved on from her nose to her cheeks. Alright! That was it! She let out a soft huff of aggravation and reached out calmly capturing his exploring hands in a firm grip and bringing them down to rest innocently in front of both him and herself so she could keep a watch on them. "Normally if a person thinks he's dreaming he pinches himself. Not the supposed apparition." she explained before reaching out to pinch one of his cheeks a soft smirk on her lips. "There, now that we've discovered you're not dreaming and all the girls in your apartment are real why don't we move on to something more important. Say..introductions?" she inquired with a birdlike tilt of her head.

                            At that point and time the other slumbering human in the room chose to make her presence known. Within moments, the girl reached Harumi's previous offer. "Ah, see your friend there has the right idea. I'm Harumi Itoh, and I'm not sure who the other girls are but I'm gathering their here for the same reason as me. Or some similar reason." she explained slowly. She wasn't going to mention the fact that none of the girls gathered here were far from human. She'd just keep it simple for now. When she noticed the blonde's distress she let out a brief somewhat amused chuckle before she put the girl at ease. "He's trying to figure out if I"m real or not. I hope I've managed to satisfy his curiosity by now otherwise there are going to be a lot of annoyed girls here. We don't' enjoy being pinched, poked or prodded. Or I don't. I'm not sure about the others." she said with a soft shrug of her slender shoulders. When the door opened and yet another visitor entered Hiro's home she looked at Hiro questioning. She didn't have the answer to who this mystery visitor was. Although she assumed it was safe relax considering the familiarity the boy..err girl?Ok what ever the visitor was knew Hiro and therefore posed no threat. Now back to business...

                            (Wow lots of talking...sorry its so long)
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This is who I am..

            Amy felt invisble. She wasn't complaining, she was used to blending in with the background when Lauren was around. Heck even when Lauren wasn't around she tended to be a bit of a wall flower. But right now she didn't feel like a wall flower. She felt like some perverted stalker. Why? Well maybe it had something to do with the fact that her sister was sitting in Jayden's lap and mentally undressing him with her eyes. Or maybe it was the fact that the only two people on this bus that she knew were having a deep dark discussion about sexuality. Whatever the case may be it all added up to one thing : an awkward discussion. One that she would inevitably be pulled into. Or even worse Lauren could work her usual magic over guys and then she and Jayden wouldn't be talking anymore they'd be making out-she didn't want to see that! It was bad enough having to listen to weird somewhat sleazy guys boast about their sexual interactions with her twin but it was even worse to have to sit here and possibly see it. Even with the bus driver present, Amy wouldn't put it past Lauren to give something a go.The girl literally had no boundaries!

            She was brought of her thoughts by the sound of her sister loud voice demanding once again to know if Jayden was gay..or simply into girls like Amy. Amy didn't have to ask let alone think what her twin meant by that barbed comment. By girls like Amy she meant meek, shy.overly innocent virgin types. Although in Amy's case she wasn't acting like a virgin, she was one. Unlike Lauren she felt that something as personal as that matter was meant to be kept quiet and not blabbed about...especially in front of strangers. Her cheeks were a bright rosy red and she looked away a look of absolute relief on her face as she noticed the bus drawing to a complete stop in front of an familiar house. Estella! She was saved! even though she didn't know the other girl that well she'd talked to her enough to know that she liked the snow and skiing and other winter outdoors things. And considering her family's cabin would have all of that and more so she'd invited the girl. And boy was she ever glad to see her now! "Excuse me, I should probably go see if I can help Estella with her things.." she mumbled doing her best to hide her bright blush as she grabbed her jacket and pulled it on before slipping past a still bickering Jayden and Lauren.

            Once the bus had come to a full and complete stop Amy got off the buss biting back a soft squeak as the col air seeped through her jacket and the dress underneath. Ok she hadn't exactly dressed smartly for the weather but she hadn't known she'd need to make a quick escape from Lauren either. When it came down to it she'd rather put up with a high risk of a terrible cold and and awkward conversation with Estella rather than dealing with mre of Lauren's rude comments. The other girl might have been her twin but even Amy had her limits. Shivering she strolled forward giving Estella a soft smile while looking at her assembled luggage. "Hi, looks like you're all ready to go. Do you need any help carrying that?" she offered politely doing her best to keep her teeth from chattering. 'Think warm. Think sunshine, and tropical islands, do not think of cold slushy stuff oozing into your shoes...' she reminded herself trying to keep the warm somewhat shy smile on her face as she waited for a reply.
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Lauren Angela Mason

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