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              Ash laughed humorlessly as Elwood finally put a label on her. Well an emotional wreck was marginally better than cold hearted wasn't it? "Thank you, I've looked in a dictionary and I know the meaning of the word handle, but each person has their own definition of the word and in my case it means to ignore it and just hope that whatever it is solves itself." she mused wryly. She sighed tiredly as he continued to talk seeming determined to make her stay. "Do you expect me to argue with any of this? I know I'm not brave, or strong, or any of the things I act but there's this saying that goes 'fake it until you make it' and I keep hoping if I fake it enough and snarl loudly enough people will take me at face value and just leave me alone. Because right now that's really all I need is to be left alone."

              She shook her head as he claimed her to be angry at everything. "Not exactly, I'm angry at myself because I never seem to be enough. In one person case I"m not loving enough, in another I'm not strong enough. Whatever the case is I seem to be lacking. And rather than have someone point out the crap that I already know I keep them away because really who wants all their faults laid out for anyone and everyone to see?" she asked her breath hitching slightly her eyes sparkling with unshed tears. She didn't cry, she wouldn't go so far as to say she never cried, but she rarely cried. It was less fuss, less mess and just easier. For a short while anyway. Eventually it all started to build up and once that happened, well it usually had to go somewhere. The tears had just started to flow when he declared her an awful lawyer. She inhaled slowly blinking to try and keep those damnable tears at bay. "That's good then. I don't want to be a great one, I just want to be able to lie well enough that I can convince people I'm alright, or at least on my way to it." she explained with a thin smile but his next comment made the dam break the tears no longer easily held back as they coated her cheeks a few stray tears landing on the stupid tree. Well at least he could see that she'd watered it. " It would be nice to meet that person be it god or some other power but I've never met them, I've never heard of them and I've certainly never met someone of that description who makes me feel comfortable enough..It sounds like a pipedream to me. Kinda like the happily ever after crap."

              She shook her head harder as he claimed that she needed him. No, she did not need one more person whose expectations she had to stand up to, she was having a hard enough time as it was!"No, I don't need you. Not for a shoulder to cry on, or a person to scream at." she explained wiping quickly at her tears as she struggled valiantly to get them under control. She didn't know what she needed but if she needed a friend that badly, then she was pretty sure she wouldn't want to treat them that way. Then again didn't she already treat Ashia that way? That woman was the closest thing she had to a friend and so far she couldn't recall doing a single nice thing..She listened as he explained about his lost child and wife a slight wince coursing through her. And she thought she had it bad. All she had were some really bad family issues...She sniffled softly juggling the plant and wiping roughly at the tears still coursing down her cheeks. Stupid tears, she didn't have a reason to be crying. She was alone because of her own choosing and the pain would fade, she'd get through it, she had to get through it because if she didn't then she'd prove just how weak she was in her family's eyes... She shook her head as he called himself her friend. it was nice..but it was a little too much for her to wrap her brain around. "You do know that no matter how many times you say that it doesn't mean I see you as that. I'd rather us start off as acquaintances and work our way up. Same goes with all the touchy feely talk ok?" she asked her exhaustion prompting her to give him just this little bit to work with.

              A[/color[sh regarded him warily as he explained to her how to tend to the tree before he pulled a book off the shelf that would further explain how to handle this little tree. She wanted to leave, she wanted to go crawl into her bed and sleep for a while..but at the same time she didn't....What harm would she do by answering a question as simple one pertaining to her favorite flower? "I don't have a favorite flower, I've got a few. I'm not sure about the first one, i think it's called a moon flower. it only blooms when the moon comes out and it kind of looks like a star. The other one is called four o'clock. It starts blooming at four hence it's name." she explained as she settled into a chair the tree tucked protectively near by. He'd given it to her to take care of and it was her responsibility, she wasn't going to leave it. "What do you want me to say? You know my name, I know yours. I don't have any hobbies that I feel like talking about because they don't fit into this conversation. How about you tell me about your self?" she asked firing his question back at him. Not unkindly(well just a little but), but more out curiosity. She'd heard people mention him but they'd never really said anything about him that described who he was and her opinion of him right now was still on the rocks.
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              Ash watched as Miss Flutter hurried off to do whatever it was that suddenly seemed so important. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed the nervous woman helping Peter and shook her head before turning her attention back to Ashia. She snorted softly at Ashia's comment about attempting to petting a hedgehog. " I'm nothing like a hedgehog. I don't like being petted. I'll warn you once, the next time I bite. And trust me my bite is way worse than my bite." she drawled lazily. She watched Ashia's attempt at cockiness and shook her head softly. "You pull off cocky almost as well as I pull of nice. In other words, you fail at it." she commented honestly.

              She looked about Ashia's room as she followed the other woman inside noting the slight disarray of the place. "You lost your temper? Really? I can't see you doing that. Wait, right as rain? Rain's not right. it's wet and..it's not something I enjoy." she muttered with a wrinkle of her nose as she continued to take in Ashia's room her gaze landing on a velvet box located on a shelf near Ashia's dressing table. Hey that looked like a ring box..Her curiosity piqued Ash strode forward gently lifting the box off the shelf and flipping it open to take a glimpse inside. Yup definitely a ring! "Well would you look at that. So Kane popped the question?" she asked with evident curiosity. A discreet sniff though revealed that the scent coating the box wasn't Kane's at all but rather someone elses. "Or not. Perhaps a secret admirer." she offered. She was talking, hey she'd been told she needed to talk. Only instead of talking about the nitty gritty she was chattering on about silly pointless things. But who cared talking was talking. Right?
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          Kira's lip curled as Baasu went form offering her sweet sexual release to releasing his anger on her. Sheesh, did she look like a shrink or something? She'd thought she'd been relatively clear. She only wanted one thing and all the other crap that came with it..well he could take it to someone who cared. She didn't care plain and simple. "I may not be hurting your feelings but apparently I'm irking you in some way otherwise you wouldn't be getting so riled up." she commented calmly. She rolled her eyes visibly as he ranted about what he didn't care about. Wow, he really didn't care about sex or getting off? She'd for sure that the male brain was designed with both of those things in mind..Then again it was a flawed hypothesis. Good thing she'd never shown an interest in being a scientist. "I'm not like the others. They want to change you for the better, they claim to care and all that wonderful j**z. I'll tell you straight up. I don't care, and it nothing personal. I think most members of the opposite gender are stupid. But if it makes your fragile ego feel better I guess I could not say anything all. Because trust me, I rarely say anything nice to others. Really I don't want to talk or get to know you. I just want your body. Got it?" she asked with a slight tilt of her head. There was that clear enough for him? She wasn't a nice person, never had been and she wasn't going to start now. She snorted at the word payment. Now just a hot minute, he expected her to pay him for sex? Wrong it was the other way around. She didn't have to pay, beg, plead, or even so much as lift her pinky for sex.

          She watched him cuddle the bag of potato chips her brow quirked up slightly. A trade? Well that was better than paying for it. She'd done that a time or two. She gave him a seductive smile as she moved past him her hips swaying alluringly form side to side as a plan formed. Food? he wanted good alright she'd give him food. And more."Alright, I can work with that. Just don't expect me to shower you with false flattery. it's not my thing." she said opening her pantry to reveal all the food he could want and more before she moved to her refrigerator to pull out a bottle of whip cream that was sadly unused. Dang usually she went through whip cream like it was going out of style. This was a sign that she losing her touch. But that was going to change very soon...She sprayed a small amount of the sweet fluffy treat on her finger and licked it off with a pure of approval. "Mmm, this tastes much better than those chips. Want a taste?" she inquired in low husky voice.
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            Scarlett flushed and looked downright humiliated as Bobby laughed, pure out laughed out at her. And while she'd given him leeway to do whatever he wanted to because of this situation she hadn't expected him to laugh because really it made her feel like the world's biggest pile of manure and it made her more than a little steamed. Sure she'd laughed at him but not because of his situation, she'd been teasing him over the relations with himself, not his allowing Stormy to kiss him or running to help someone in need. She sat there for a few minutes letting him laugh not really finding the situation humorous in the least. Slowly, she ticked off the time as he laughed debating some possible ways-completely innocent!- ways to get him to shut up. She cast a glance back at her pillow considering smacking him with it before he finally quit laughing. Thank goodness. She was considering bludgeoning him with her pillow. She frowned slightly at his question and shrugged gently biting her lower lip before she spoke. "Because you seem like an honorable guy, and what I did was far from honorable. Also it was completely out of bounds for me. " she reminded still regarding him warily as if she were expecting him to yell. Hey there was always the calm before the storm, and she couldn't help but think that this was the calm before Bobby's storm. Or maybe she was wrong..."But that's not all. There's something between us, I don't know what it is exactly but I'd like to see where it goes." she muttered shifting awkwardly before looking up at the mention of Penny a not so happy look gracing her features as he told her more about his friend.

            By the time he finished his story about Penny, Scarlett really didn't like her. Sure she'd felt an inkling of dislike before but that was before she'd heard about the doozie of stunt she'd pulled. "I can't believe she'd do that..that's just wrong." she firmly. Because it was, if a person was going to agree to marry or elope in this case then that meant she had to feelings of some sort, but if she turned around pulled a stunt like Bobby just said then maybe she didn't feel much of anything. Because Bobby was a nice guy, a decent guy and that just...it irked the living daylights out of her. But Bobby seemed ok with it, he was Penny's friend even after that..Which just went to show what a nice guy he was. When he leaned forward closing the distance between them she swallowed thickly her gaze helplessly drawn to his lips her brain only half understanding his question. Did she want more? Um yes she wanted more! Did he think she just randomly made out with guys in her kitchen? Ok maybe that wasn't the best question after today's incident but still..."More than friends. Friends don't kiss like that.." she murmured with a slight quirk of her lips as she lifted her gaze off his lips to meet his gaze. "I want more than a friendship with you." she said leaning in just a little more to put even less distance between them her gaze meeting his uncertainly. What if he didn't want the same things she did? What if she was completely misreading this? There were so many what ifs in this situation and all she really wanted was another kiss, heck with the way she was going today she wanted a lot more than kiss! But she wasn't going to get that because she had control dang it. Now if only she believed that.

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    Kailani was brought out of the warm, beautiful amazing place that constructed her dream world by the ring of her alarm clock. The sleepy teen reached out first palming the annoying object to see if gentleness would come in handy in such a situation. The ringing continued. Apparently force was called for. The red haired teen let out a guttural groan as she slammed her palm down on the object rejoicing silently as the hazy world of sleep started to close in once more...Only to be disrupted by that damnable object. Ok, ok she got it. She had to get up. Kailani shut off the alarm clock this time forgoing the snooze button-the reason the thing had went off so soon after being shut off the first time- and rolled out of ed. Well not literally, more like she bounced out of bed. it was the first five minutes of the day that were the worst for her. She had a hard time waking up at first but once she was up she was good to go. She hummed mindlessly turning on her radio and setting it to a random station before she got dressed] for school. After dressing and taking care of the usual hygienic stuff she looked at herself in the mirror..and cheered. She'd failed at matching again, that's right she purposely tried to not to match. Matching was boring and well it just wasn't fun. She was fifteen and life was all about fun and wearing your right shoe on your left foot. Or something to that extent. Oh and it was also all about listening to awesome music and hanging gout with even better friends. The only downside she could see to being fifteen was that dreaded place called school...Oh well, life went on!

    She scooped up her backpack and bounded downstairs humming the tune to Black Paper Moon. Once she reached the bottom stair, Kailani jumped on it for extra emphasis a sign to show that she was heading out and her parents universal cue to start there day. Oh and just because she could. She paused in her humming in the kitchen long enough to grab what passed for acceptable breakfast in her opinion: pop tarts. And then she was on the move again, bouncing, humming and just being her usual self. Whatever that might be. In a short manner of her time she'd reached her next destination: Eric's house. Also known as her best friend. She'd lived next door to him since...well ever since she was a baby. And fifteen year was a long time to know guy and his family. hence the reason he was her first stop on her map. or was he the second..Well what ever the case. She shrugged slightly before knocking on the door and waiting patiently.
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My Race is: Hybrid-mixture of vampire and fire elf.
I am a 115 year old Female
I have the power to:Well I've got all the abilities a vampire has only my vampiric abilities aren't as great as a full blood vampire. Meaning yes i have super speed and strength but by no means can I lift something that weighs over a ton although I can lift close tot hat. Speed wise, I can beat you in a race without breaking a sweat. Now onto the gifts my fire elf blood has bestowed me with. I can speak to supernatural animals as long as they're with in the nearby vicinity. I can walk on fire for a while without getting hurt. Oh and I can control fire as long as it's already present. In other words I can't conjure it out of thin air.
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    Hayden was out like a light. He'd busted his butt to finish his homework after work last night and to his knowledge he'd finished it. Well most of it, then again who cared. He'd earned his chance to sleep and by god he was going to. He grumbled softly snuggling deeper under his covers only to fall out of his bed as his radio alarm clock blared. Loudly right in his ear! A wordless sound of surprise escaped the blonde tens lips as he hit the floor with a muffled thud. So much for sleep. He sighed tiredly rubbing his eyes and raking a hand through his hair in an attempt to smooth down his blonde tresses. "Alright,alright. I'm up." he muttered forcing his exhausted body up from its place on the floor to turn the blaring music down to a more tolerable level before he went through his usual process of getting dressed and doing all the other hygienic stuff which took him all of 5 minutes. Not that it mattered considering he was still running late. As usual.

    Hayden glanced about his messy room in search of his backpack and his keys. He was almost positive he'd thrown them down somewhere relatively neat looking so he'd be able to find them. Or so he'd thought. He grumbled softly raking a hand through his recently brushed hair and making it stand on end before he dove into the chaos that was his room. Finally he found his backpack, his keys and miraculously his wallet. He could have sworn he'd lost that thing and usually when he lost things they didn't tend to reappear again. Unless those things were his keys or his backpack. Those things were the constants that kept reappearing thankfully. not that he really had time to be pondering over the mystery of that he was late. He still had to pick up Amelie and get them to school. He wasn't so sure they'd be right on time but a few minutes late wouldn't hurt.

    He cast of his wandering thoughts and headed out making sure to keep quiet as he crept past his parents room. Like him they spent a good portion of their time working. Unlike him though they didn't really get that many breaks or days off. His foot hit that one blasted squeaky floorboard and froze listening out for the ceasing of his parents steady breathing. not hearing any interruption in that he hurried on out pausing in the kitchen long enough to grab a ziploc baggy of lucky charms-the breakfast of champions- and hurried out the door to his secondhand vespa. he struggled for a few minutes to get the stinking thing running-hey it was second hand it looks alright but the motor wasn't up to par. Or so he'd been told. He only knew how to drive the damn thing! he cursed and fiddled with the choke for a moment before delivering 4 hard kicks to the starter. Which thankfully worked because the motor sputtered to life. "I didn't think that'd actually work. You're only supposed to do that in cold weather..then again. It started so I can't really complain." he mused slapping on his helmet and stowing his belongings before he took off.

    A short while later Hayden puttered to a stop in front of Amelie's house his vespa suddenly shutting off. He looked down at it uncertainly before removing his helmet. It'd start again right? it might be old but it was relatively faithful..Or so he hoped. he set his helmet down glancing at the front of Amelie's house and not seeing her waiting. huh that was weird she was usually there waiting for him because he was running late. Which meant..he was early! Success! He grinned as he crept around the side of the house to where he knew Amelie's window was. not because he was a creeper or anything like that but more because he was her friend and he'd had to creep in a few times- for homework reasons only! She was his best friend and the thought of there being anything more..well it was silly. He shook his head as he reached the oak that conveniently grew near Amelie's window and started climbing. As long as he'd been friends with Amelie he ought to know how to climb the tree and he did but even a decent tree climber didn't achieve his goal with a few cuts and scrapes. or a few unwanted leaves in their hair. He inched his way out on a branch praying the thing was strong enough to hold him until he reached Amelie's window ledge. For once the window was shut. She usually left it open if she was expecting him. he chuckled in amusement an idea taking place as he spotted a small potted plant nestle on her window ledge. he snagged a blossoming bloom and knocked on her window before leaning back to wait a charming smile on his features as he grinned at his friend when she finally opened the window to let him in. "Good morning- he trailed off his expression going slack as he took in her appearance. She always looked nice but today she looked really nice. Especially in that dress. He flushed slightly and cleared his throat holding out the flower to her. "You look really nice today. not that I mean you don't look nice any other day you just look really nice today." he babbled nervously for a moment before going silent once more.
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                          xx Morgana xx Vivianxx Sinclair

                    You mean the G-rated one right? Hmm..in that case none.
                    Age18 years old.
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                                                              Those poor unfortunate souls!

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    Morgana was not a fan of this world technology. OK scratch that she loved technology and all the wonder it had. but she was not crazy about this blasted thing that was interrupting her slumber! The raven haired teen flipped off her thick purple duvet enough that she could see her intended target. If she recalled correctly it was called an alarm clock. And its purpose..well so far it annoyed her. And things that annoyed her had a tendency to disappear. Or in this case they ended up getting hurled across the room and slamming into the wall of her tastefully decorated and gloriously dark apartment.Which was now thankfully silent. Or so she thought, as she snuggled deep under her blankets and cuddled her pillow close only to be disturbed once more by the most obscene chirping.: Her cellphone. The dark haired female bit out a curse tossing back her covers and preparing to get up just so she could dispose of yet another pain in her a** as she stomped across her room to scoop up the offensive object all of her previous ire disappearing as she caught a glimpse at the time. s**t, as much as she wanted to catch up on her sleep she had to go. To that wonderful place called school. At first she'd loved it. However the longer she'd been here the more she'd started to loathe it. Instead of having free time to cook up deals with poor unfortunate souls she was studying her butt off, trying to keep Eric wrapped around her finger. Keep that stupid mute far away from him. And spend some time with Hook on the side. Oh and in between that she had cheer-leading practice, and more studying. It was lot to put up with. Then again she wasn't one to give up easily. Never had been and never would be.

    Casting a longing glance back in the direction of her sleep rumpled bed Morgana set her phone down and disappeared into the bathroom to begin the long process of making herself look good. Shocking as it might be to some it took quite a bit of effort for her to keep Eric interested and Hook well for lack of abetter word hooked. But the pay off was well worth it. So she did it everyday. Not that the repetition of this act made her any faster or more punctual. She still ran on her own time schedule and those who didn't like it..Well they could just take that dislike and shove it where the sun didn't friggin shine. She hummed mindlessly as she turned the shower on setting the water to an acceptable temperature before she discarded the baggy t-shirt that made up her pajamas and climbed into the shower to begin her usual beauty regimen.

    A good long while later, Morgana emerged from her bathroom in a perfume scented cloud her skin tight traditional dark clothing molded to her slender figure as she glanced about her room wondering if she'd forgotten anything. She probably had but she didn't really care. the really important items she needed would be stowed in her backpack and that item was stowed away in the floorboard of her car. Now that she was thinking of school she was almost positive that she'd left her homework somewhere that was neither here, nor there. In other words she'd neglected to it. Not that one could really blame her. She'd had something-more like someone!- more interesting to do and she'd went with that instinct. But now wasn't the time to think about that gut instinct had paid off in an awesome toe curling feeling of yesness. Who would have thought sleeping around on your boyfriend could feel so good? She'd had her thoughts and man those thoughts were nothing compared to the real thing. But she digressed. She had to get her a** in gear and go. Regretfully. Although there was an upside to school, she got to see Eric. Despite his goodness-something she was trying, and failing,to change- he was pretty cute. Not hot like Hook but he could still shiver her timbers on a lower level. She chuckled at the thought of sweet little Eric achieving half the level of awesomeness that Hook had in her book and finally set out for school her mind already wandering on to bigger and better things. Like how to make Zip suffer.

    By the time Morgana strolled into the hallowed hallways of her school she was more than ready to see Eric. And if she were lucky she'd find him somewhere with that loser Zip hanging near bye so she could grind any hopes that little no body had of getting her prince charming beneath the heel of her boot. Instead what she saw was just the opposite. Oh sure she found Zip and she found Eric. Only they were..together. And happy. Nope this wouldn't do. Zip needed to be reminded of her place. And Eric..how dare he lay his lips on her?! Call her the mother of hypocrites or hell don't call her that. She could do as she damned pleased and not worry about the consequences. but Eric? he had to worry about said consequences, he had her to deal with! but first things first, she had to deal with that little nobody. She placed a sickeningly sweet smile on her face as she walked toward the unsuspecting twerp. When she was just a few steps away she announced her presence with a soft clearing of throat before she spoke. "Hey Zip!" she called out with false sincerity as she slowly moved towards the smaller brunette. now for anyone who knew Morgana they'd understand that the words sweet or nice did not describe her. They were also two things she was incapable of being. However she was perfectly capable of scaring the bejeezus out of mute little nerds. Especially if said nerd were putting the moves on her boyfriend."You haven't seen Eric have you?" she asked with that same fake sweetness already knowing the answer. She was being entirely too talkative but it was hard not to be the girl was mute. Not just with fear but because she really couldn't talk. Which was why she needed to cut to the chase. but first..she'd let her new friend Zip squirm a little.
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            Scarlett jerked a shocked burst of laughter escaping as he kissed his way down her jaw before ending the simple movement with a playful grope. She pushed him away in some attempt at preventing more hanky panky from occurring in her kitchen but quickly changed her mind and closed the small distance between them by pulling him close once more. "Are there any other day dreams I should know about? Or is it my turn to share one of my dreams?" she asked a flirty smile making her lips quirk upwards as she languidly took him in leaning into the gentle feel of his hand on her cheek his thumb gently stroking. He was perfect, from that sweet southern drawl, to his old time manners, to his broad shoulders and those amazing eyes...And yet even while she was thinking this a warning was going off in her brain. A very loud one that she couldn't possibly ignore. 'This is too much. To fast. Teasing and flirting? Sure! Awesome, amazing, sing-the-halleujah-chorus perfect sex? Even better! But that's all there is here and with the way he's looking me....' she exhaled gustily her gaze meeting his. She hadn't been looked at in that way in the longest time. And while it definitely made her feel good she wasn't sure if the e motions displayed in his gaze were because he knew her well enough to feel that way or it had more to do with the fact that she'd become very close and personal with him in a very physical way in such a short time.

            And yet she couldn't deny that she did like him and she liked being held like this and she liked the way he looked at her. Even if she wasn't sure she could share the feelings that Bobby was broadcasting."Thank you...but you haven't met a lot of people. I bet once you meet more people you;ll think I'm a lot less fascinating." She pulled away looking at him in obvious amusement as his stomach growled prompting her own to start in with its demands. Her gaze turned fascinated as he laughed his chest muscles rippling with the simple act. Holy cow..Cal's muscles hadn't done that. Then again Cal didn't have muscles..She shook her head giving him a smile as she stretched slowly waiting for him to move so she could get up and get dressed. Or maybe she'd just wrap her sheet around her and watch him work..."I'll help. You don't expect me to just sit here do you?" she asked not caring if that's what he did expect her to do, she wouldn't do it. She'd him cook breakfast and while they worked maybe she'd mention the reason her mom had called at such an important moment between them.
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                Missy relaxed some as her teammates seemed to accept her. Not so much that t hey became fast friends or anything but they were nice enough. And one of the guys was kind of cute. Not as cute as Peter but kind of. She relaxed some watching as Peter walked them through the moves. She wasn't even sure she could half of those..but she'd try. Because she really wanted that trip. And if she didn't get that then she'd get a good grade. She looked startled at the mention of there being a leader for each team but she didn't once think that she'd be picked as the leader for her team. She wasn't a leader she was follower and she was ok with that. Even if she did want to be a little bolder-Her line of thinking was slammed to a halt as Peter ca;;ed out her name labeling her as the leader. She stared at him in open mouthed shock. He wasn't serious was he? She was a good follower and a good team mate. but a leader. No, no, no! If they failed or didn't do a good enough job it'd be her fault and then they'd really dislike her! And yet...a part of her wanted to take the chance. It was group effort. Only one person had to be in charge but the effort itself was going to made as a group. She wasn't entirely alone.."Alright..so any suggestions for a name?" she asked uncertainly. Immediately her teammates started firing off the names. Fancy fish, the Blow fish. The second one earned a scandalized look from Missy and a burst of laughter from the other members. A few more minutes of tossing about names and teasing each other choices Missy offered one up. It didn't sound too bad. "How about Tail Kickers? I think we could kick some serious tail.." she offered. Her team mulled it over for a moment before agreeing that it was good. Huh..maybe being a leader wasn't so hard after all.

                Missy had turned to go and give peter their team name when she glanced in Jack Jack's direction and noticed what was happening. While things on her time were going fine the opposite seemed to be happening for Jack Jack.She stopped her swim over to the ladder and looked up at Peter silently asking to do something, anything. he did something alright and while it wasn't what she had in mind it seemed to work. But still..that wasn't fair to Jack jack. Those mean awful girls..She bit her lip and offered Jack Jack a sweet smile lifting a hand to wave and almost drowning herself in the process. She had no clue how she'd done that she didn't care. All she knew was she couldn't sit still in water, most people could float and clearly she wasn't one of them. Sputtering she swam to side of the pool and grasped the leader pulling herself up out of the water before brushing her soaked hair out of her face before reporting to Peter. "can't you do something about Jack jack's situation? Like put her on a different team? I'll switch with her." she offered inwardly recoiling at that idea. She didn't know either of the girls and after that display she didn't like either of them but she'd get by. She'd just keep quiet and out of the way. She was used to that but Jack wasn't, heck Jack deserved a better team than that!
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            "BEEP. BEEP. BEEP." The bane of Mackenna's existence chose that particular moment to make itself known. The sleepy teen groaned and burrowed deeper under her blankets even going to so far as to pull her warm fluffy pillow over her head in an attempt to muffle the sound. It failed, miserably. Finally, red headed teen's sleep deprived brain came up with a brilliant idea to silence the terrible piece of technology. And no it wasn't the traditional method of hitting the snooze button, or even unplugging the damnable thing. Instead the teen released another groan before suddenly sitting up and doing what her brain concluded as the most reasonable thing to do right now. She took a deep breath and opened her mouth.. "RAWR!!" That's right she roared at her annoying clock to shut it up. And surprisingly..it worked. Mackenna blinked at her alarm shocked by the sudden silence and then the real shock hit her. Holy flying cows she'd roared at her alarm clock. Which was unlike her, she didn't roar at her alarm clock. She didn't do silly things like that. Sure she'd done her share of silly things, how could she not have with an boyfriend-er excuse her ex- like Malcolm? But see that was just it. he was her ex, he shouldn't be affecting her. In anyway at all. Her parent's hadn't liked the affect her was having on her which was they'd strong suggested that she end it with him. At least that's how it had started then the suggesting had turned to full out demands...

            Point being she was now boyfriendless because her parents thought she had better things to do. Which she did. She had her job at the coffee shop to focus on. And school. Which was starting today. So really it wasn't like she had time to lounge about in bed mulling things over or roaring at her alarm clock or thinking of Malcolm or anything like that. She exhaled slowly brushing off her shock and amusement over having roared at her alarm clock before she got out of bed to get dressed for her first day back at school and then headed downstairs to get breakfast. Where she was met by her parents shocked looks of disbelief. "Morning sweetie..uhm did you just roar at your clock?" her dad asked a disapproving look replacing the one of disbelief on his face as his mind jumped to the conclusion that his daughter was still in cahoots with that..well that slacker. She'd been dating a kid with blue hair for Pete's sake! Mackenna shook her head giving her dad a reassuring smile and a quick peck on the cheek. "Now, Daddy why would I do that? I was just..greeting the day. it's the first day of school. I figured I'd started it off with a rawr." she explained chuckling weakly. Seriously..'stat it off with a 'rawr'?! She should have just said she had a moment of insanity or anything besides that! Heck she could have just blamed it on Malcolm and she would have been saved...but it wasn't Malcolm's fault. Not entirely. And on top of that her dad had enough of a chip on his shoulder when it came to her ex without her helpfully offering him more reasons...

            To prevent her morning from being anymore awkward, Mackenna tucked into her waffle without any further explanations and drank her orange juice like a good girl. And she would have made it out the door if her mother hadn't zeroed in on the wooden heart clasped around her daughter's neck. " I thought you said Malcolm gave that to you. As a present or something? Maybe you should give it back to him now. We wouldn't want to give him false hope. That's just cruel." her mother murmured that keen gaze focused on the seemingly innocent little charm. And it was innocent, or it would be if it weren't for the fact that both her initials and Malcolm's were carved into the heart. She squirmed slightly before giving her mother a forced smile. "Yes ma'am. I wore it so I wouldn't forget to return it. So I'll see you later when I get home! Love you and bye!" the petite red head blurted before she scurried out of her seat and out the front door her backpack in hand and into the safety of her car. Once she was safely away from the watchful gaze of her parents she crumpled, the cheerful facade gone. She didn't want to give her necklace back. Malcolm had given it to her shortly after they'd started dating. it'd been sweet and random..and it was hers! She wouldn't give it back, she'd just stick it in her backpack before she got home and they wouldn't know. She might have broken up with him because of her parents firm suggestions but she wasn't giving this back. It was..well it was her silly act of rebellion. She didn't have the nerve to keep seeing Malcolm so she'd just keep the present and keep kicking herself for not fighting harder for Malcolm. For being such a goodie two shoes. He'd begged her to take a walk on the walk side and dang it if she wasn't berating herself for not doing that now!

            She successfully claimed herself a parking spot before she exited her car and made her way up towards the front entrance of the school. She'd barely made it halfway up said sidewalk when she got the unusual feeling that someone was watching her. Her brow wrinkled in curiosity and she looked to the side her hazel eyes landing on someone noticeable, unique blue hair. Oh crap...Malcolm. Mackenna froze unsure which way to go. Should she keep looking forward and continue walking/. Or should she smile and go say hi? No wait, she wasn't supposed to do that. She'd broken up with him. She couldn't do that otherwise he'd think she was heartless but if that meant he'd stay away from her and she got to keep her parents happy...Then maybe that's what she should do. She squared her shoulders, lifted her head and put a polite but somewhat friendly face on her lips as she walked towards Malcolm. "Hi Malcolm. So, I take it you enjoyed your summer vacation right?" she inquired with a slight tilt of her head her hand unconsciously drifting upwards to fiddle with her necklace as she waited for a reply all the while trying to project that she was ok with this, that this wasn't the first meeting an awkward break-up. That she wasn't interested in him anymore.

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