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Well, trying to work on an esper deck, heres what i got so far.

Mana: 21

Arcane Sanctum-1

Creatures: 20

Metallurgeon x2 U
Sanctum Gargoyle x2 C
Windwright Mage x2 C
Etherium Sculptor x2 C
Esper Battlemage x2 U
Tidehallow Strix x2 C
Ethersworn Canonist x1 R
Filigree Sages x1 U
Sharding Sphinx x1 R
Master of Etherium x1 R
Tidehollow Sculler x1 U
Tower Gargoyle x1 U
Skill Borrower x1 R
Glaze Fiend x1 C

Spells: 19

Marble Chalice x2 C
Onyx Goblet x2 C
Curse of Chains x2 C
Protomatter Powder x2 U
Oblivion Ring x2 C
Resounding Wave x2 C
Steel of the Godhead x2 C
Obelisk of Esper x1 C
Scourglass x1 R
Idle Thoughts x1 U
Etherium Astrolabe x1 U
Courier's Capsule x1 C
is this standard of block constructed question
I'd like to play toast, but i'm too poor, so I'm running ubw control (which is what esper wants to be) so heres my take on it.

4x Plains
1x Swamp
1x Island
4x Reflecting pool
3x Adarkar wastes
2x Faerie conclave
4x Sunken ruins
2x Secluded glen
1x Arcane sanctum
1x Wanderwine hub
1x Quicksand

4x Ethersworn Canonist
3x Windborn muse
1x Oona, queen of the fae
3x mulldrifter
1x sower of temptation
1x battlegrace angel
1x archon of justice
1x stillmoon cavalier

3x Broken ambitions
1x Tidings
1x Beseech the queen
2x Profane command
1x Cryptic command
1x Esper charm
3x Unmake

4x Oblivion ring
1x bitterblossom
4x mindstone
2x scourglass

I'd like to replace the hub and glens with sanctums due to the low/nonexistant faerie/merfolk count. I kinda want to get some fetid heaths/mystic gates, but im not sure what i'd switch them with.

And I've recently removed 2 excommunicates for the scourglasses, and a 2nd archon for the angel, so those are untested.

Also, idle thoughts is eventide, so it can't be block.
Hmm, No this isn't standard deck, I got all cards from booster packs. though it might as well be. I need one more scourglass and ethersworn cannonist. But yea, Hero-of-legend I like your ideas, it looks like that would work well. Ok, now i just need next weeks paycheck.....
This is what I run.... Its a 61 card artifact deck, mainly esper, but its not ALL esper cards.

Im trying to get summoners sphinx for it, and I want to get Duplicant, and Arcbound Crusher.

// Lands
2*Darksteel Citadel
2*Reliquary Tower
2*Vivid Marsh
1*Vivid Meadow
4*Vivid Creek
4*Vault of Whispers
4*Ancient Den
4*Seat of the Synod
1*Arcane Sanctum

// Creatures
4*Etherium Sculptor
1*Salvage Slasher
2*Vedalken Outlander
1*Ethercaste Knight
1*Skill Borrower
2*Faerie Mechanist
1*Walking Archive
2*Master Transmuter
1*Architects of Will
1*Tower Gargoyle
2*Glassdust Hulk
1*Mirror Golem
1*Magister Sphinx
1*Sphinx of the Steel Wind
1*Inkwell Leviathan
1*Sen Triplets

// Spells
1*Whispersilk Cloak
1*Welding Jar
1*Mana Cylix
1*Scythe of the Wretched
1*Darksteel Forge
1*Esper Charm
1*Cumber Stone
1*Deny Reality
2*Brilliant Ultimatum
1*Executioner's Capsule

1*Tezzeret the Seeker

I also want to run Nevinyrral's Disk, which would be awesome. It could be a free drop with 4 Etherium Sculptors, and not only that, if I have Darksteel Forge in play, an unlikely combo, but still. Darksteel Forge makes all my artifacts indestructible, so they wouldnt be destroyed, only my opponents creatures. Not only that, but the Disk itself is an artifact, and in turn, wouldn't be destroyed. So an awesome, but unlikely combo of this deck would turn into tapping a card and one mana, whenever you want to destroy all my opponents stuff, while leaving my indestructible artifacts unharmed.

ANYWAYS.... I think yours seems pretty good, for Esper-Ness. I like to have my decks balance to 24/12/24 24 creatures, 12 other spells, 24 lands. then I just threw the planeswalker in to make it 61, instead of 60, lol. Tidehallow Sculler seems to be really good, I think I want to run that in my deck. Lol, yea.

Sorry for being annoying.

In this life and the next,

Blessed Be.
What you're running looks like standard.

I can give you advice on one condition:

What kind of deck do you want yours to be? Aggro, control, or combo?
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Vicious Muse

Spencer-Kun, check the date on the post before his. whee
Spencer-Kun, check the date on the post before his. whee
Oh, Jesus Christ.


i made an esper deck called "look at all my ******** rares"

// Lands
3 [ALA] Arcane Sanctum
6 [10E] Island (2)
6 [US] Plains (4)
5 [CST] Swamp (1)

// Creatures
4 [ALA] Etherium Sculptor
4 [ALA] Master of Etherium
4 [CFX] Sphinx Summoner
4 [ALA] Ethersworn Canonist
4 [ARB] Ethersworn Shieldmage
4 [ARB] Filigree Angel
4 [CFX] Master Transmuter

// Spells
2 [ARB] Fieldmist Borderpost
4 [CFX] Kaleidostone
2 [ARB] Mistvein Borderpost
2 [CFX] Countersquall
4 [LRW] Faerie Trickery

// Sideboard
SB: 4 [M10] Negate
SB: 3 [LRW] Broken Ambitions
SB: 4 [CFX] Path to Exile
SB: 4 [ALA] Tidehollow Sculler

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