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Survey of the Day (All of them)

I attempt to complete the surveys, and they all fail on me after one to two pages. I've been trying this constantly, and I have never been able to do them. What should take 15 minutes to half an hour only takes me one minute of wasted time.

Just give us a bunch of free cash offers that just require an email, nothing more. All of these stupid ones are wastes of time that give spyware, viruses, or just don't even seem worth the time to sign up for.
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I've done a few of the offers, and I have yet to get Gaia Cash from them. Both of them were Arcamax offers like the one listed earlier. They both have been "completed" for a few days now.

One was:
Get FREE recipe newsletters by email!
Do you like to cook? Enjoy easy and delicious recipes sent to your inbox daily.
Offerpal ID: 213891639

And the other was:
FREE Politics Newsletter!
The 2008 Presidential Elections are right around the corner. Get up to date with all the latest political news from social commentary to cartoons. Also, opinions from Pulitzer Prize winners.
Offerpal ID: 213891659

They both give a TON of spam and they end up subscribing you for stuff you didn't even want, but luckily, I have a spam email account meant just for this type of thing...

I'd really like the Gaia cash, as I'm saving up to get a ton of dolphins heart

Heh, and you signed up for the Latest political news from the 2008 elections... Nice.

Heh, and you signed up for the Latest political news from the 2008 elections... Nice.

omg LOL I hope I'm not too late to vote! rofl
is this okay? i'm scared because it might be a virus. I've seen alot of signature on Q&A that the offer is a scam please reply ^^
Offer Name - Date Initiated Status Get Help
Complete Surveys, Win Big, Earn Gaia Cash!
Offerpal ID: 214837254
04/04/2010 Normally within minutes
Completed Contact Offerpal
Survey of the Day
Offerpal ID: 214813480
04/04/2010 Normally within a few hours
Completed Contact Offerpal
Take FREE Surveys and earn Gaia Cash!
Offerpal ID: 213296721
03/30/2010 Normally within an hour
Completed Contact Offerpal
Free Grocery Coupons
Offerpal ID: 213295119
03/30/2010 Normally within 1-2 days
Completed Contact Offerpal
Register to Share Your Opinion and earn Gaia Cash!
Offerpal ID: 214838678
04/04/2010 Normally within minutes
initiated Contact Offerpal
Join Toluna And Get Paid For Your Opinion
Offerpal ID: 214838550
04/04/2010 Normally within minutes
initiated Contact Offerpal
Survey of the Day
Offerpal ID: 214811986
04/04/2010 Normally within a few hours
initiated Contact Offerpal
Take a survey! Earn a Buck and Gaia Cash NOW!
Offerpal ID: 213297642
03/30/2010 Normally within minutes
initiated Contact Offerpal
FREE Hilarious Jokes Daily
Offerpal ID: 213295028
03/30/2010 Normally within minutes
initiated Contact Offerpal

All of those did not give me cash and i'm not going to bother sending a email to each witch would take too much of my time.
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I'm still waiting for some sort of apology now that I have hundreds of spam e-mails every day since I went to... what was it called? Elitemate? Anyway, I was tired and used my real e-mail address, and since then the onslaught has been unrelenting.

But you wanna know what the really fun thing is? I didn't actually get the Gaia Cash for it. Awesome.

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Uh, why should I have to pay other people $8.95 or whatever when I can just buy a $10 Cash Card at my local Target or Wal-Mart? It would save time, although it wouldn't save money and they're not taxed. Plus, I'd get more Cash anyway.

And my problem with the credit card offer has already been complained about. I know most of us here are thirteen+ but I also know that a lot of the younger members don't have jobs? In CA, you have to be at least sixteen to get a paying job. Having a credit card requires having a job to pay off the credit that you use. Your credit score is important, and that's an easy way to get it completely fried. Then, to make things worse, you have to be approved? Yeah, right! Those offers shouldn't be there to begin with.
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I think all of these things should be removed aside from the ones from WELL KNOWN companies like Netflix or Gamefly or such things because otherwise you are facilitating the spread of computer viruses and helping scammers hack people.

If this means no free offers, so be it, but I personally would NEVER EVER EVER click on those anyway.
I think the offers page should be removed. None of them are legit.
Ok this is getting ridiculous, I've so far signed up for the jokes and the home recipes, didn't the link said we'll receive the money in a "matter of minutes"? It's been hours and I haven't received a thing apart from a lot of spam. scream
This is ridiculous. : Gaia Really. You're going to end up screwing a lot of people over.
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wew...my cash takes too long to process...well..is this natural.???
ive just finish the survey! but the free gaia cash didnt come! crying whats the problem???? talk2hand
Some of the links I get up doesn't work at all. I get the texts mainly in swedish as I'm located in Sweden. Of course the ones I'm interested in...


I only get up blank pages... Don't know how to do then...
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Still absolutely no free offers for my country.


Same, except for one where you had to be like 35+ -_-;

And yes, sticky this, thank you.

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