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Male military EI?

Yes. 0.92424242424242 92.4% [ 61 ]
No. 0.075757575757576 7.6% [ 5 ]
Total Votes:[ 66 ]
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Timid Puppy

There's the SOF Taiga. Aimed towards women, clearly. 100% clearly.

But I'm pretty sure there's men out there who enjoy military items. I mean, I'm not positive, I wouldn't know--seeing as I'm totally not a guy who likes military items for my avatar.

And for pete's sake, even if it is MALE-ORIENTED, it's still technically unisex. So still, we're losing, but at least it would be a little more fair.

Edit: Other than the Journal. That was one-war themed and pretty outdated looking (edit again: it's also both male and female--it has skirts in it). I want a modern one or one that goes from the beginning of western warfare to current warfare.
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Dangerous Lunatic

I'd like an Item that is simply a red armband
So i don't have to wear the Malice when I want to look SS

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Ruthless Survivor

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For the love of ********, yes, please. No dresses. No corsets. No hooker boots. Hats regulation size and worn correctly. None of this insulting bullshit.
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Original Vampire

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User Image
I support this. One hundred ******** percent.
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Eloquent Dabbler

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First thread bitching about the latest update lol

I agree. Manly s**t is fun to wear and this EI is ridiculous.
I'd do it for free if I could. I'm decent at pixeling, and military/uniforms are my fetish. I hate the SOF. I loved the Journal. Why would we need a loli medic? Medics should be old German guys with giant needles.
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Shirtless Fairy

Oh my goodness, yes.
Just because I use a female base doesn't mean I want to dress like a pageant queen.
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Big Member

I was hoping the SOF Taiga wouldn't be so ******** feminine,
But this is just awful.
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Supportive Seeker

I'd like this. I really would. Chances of it happening and being good: ugh...
How hard is it to screw up boots, pants, jacket, bullet-proof vest, and optional beret? Maybe a weapon or something, y'know if you don't feel like messing your your nails and participating in military activity. (Nurses in the military still need protection, even if it's just body armor and not a gun.)
Easy, apparently

It doesn't even have to be specific like trench warfare or navy, just anything military that isn't fetish clothing. It's obviously possible, otherwise the goggles atop my head would be frilly or something.
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I supportt, SOF annoys me
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Eloquent Player

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A fugging dress!? I flipped my lid! I'm half a mind to make another thread, just to hammer it in NO SIR, WE DO NOT LIKE IT.
I'm glad I waited before purchasing. When I first saw it, I thought it would do the typical "man=SCARY AND GROSS" theme that is very popular with here. Unfortunately, even being female and having the item female oriented, I still won't buy it. I typically wear the "male" version of the items. It hasn't happened with this item which I find very disappointing. confused
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Hallowed Spirit

sweatdrop I like the evolutions, but I agree it's a bit female biased. n__n;;
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Questionable Bunny

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sweatdrop I like the evolutions, but I agree it's a bit female biased. n__n;;

Just like the Titanic had a 'bit' of a flotation problem.

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