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The one checkered item has decent non leg mod pants and the denim... something has jeans. Still, we need more pants. Badly.
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Thank you!

We don't have nearly enough pants to go with these multi-pose items. It's just really unfair. I'm wondering what their standards are or what passes on in those meetings that makes them decide to forgo making more pants to go with these pose sets. It's baffling!

Those denim pants look cool! I like that chain!
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        I like to have feminine AND masculine items.
        Some leg mods I actually really like.
        But that doesn't change the fact that pants that can be worn by both genders is a clothing category that is seriously neglected.

        Sometimes leg mods, even the nicer ones, make it harder to mix and match with simple bloody shirts - not to mention the lack of ability to mix and match shoes. It's like you have to buy two of an (extremely expensive) item just to get an outfit that looks good together, or you really have to stretch your brain.
        But still, like people have been saying:
        Dem denim pants. Do want.
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What we think about:

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What they think about:

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Just give us some ******** pants.
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What? They really didn't give us pants AGAIN!? what IS this?

Men need pants. I need PANTS
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They need some therapy for this pantsphobia.

I knew people could have all kinds of fears, but, well... s**t.
This is ridiculous.
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completely agreed!

take a page from Jacks book and give us more pants!
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I want to ******** scream right now, this is the closest I have ever been to making my dream avi of an integra hellsing cosplay.

seriously, your not making the items for us.

Your making them for yourselves.

This is why most of you can't make pants, Because you don't have the talent.

******** you and enjoy your shitty profits.
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This is getting to be a huge problem, because they create all these top items without any bottoms that go with it, so what am I supposed to do with it? All I ever wear are skirts anymore because there are just no pants I like with the top, or that match colour wise.
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I cannot believe some of those items you linked don't have pants.


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They could have made some cool camouflage pants or just in that shade of green for the Unconventional Warrior, nobody seems to wanna take advantage of a chance to make new pants that aren't those twiggy leg mods with those god awful crushed feet. The only one I like is the one in Dream Town that's about it. Arg more NORMAL PANTS!
A+ thread, i have nothing further to contribute, great points made by all so far
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The lack of pants really surprised me in some of those items too. I'm on a dress kick, but still. Wtf. Making knee pads to go "tee hee, we still didn't make pants" isn't funny, it's just frustrating.
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Serious Gaia, what the flying ******** monkeys.

I mean seriously, what's so hard about making a pair of pants?
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But, I dislike pants! crying

Though, Gaia needs to stop making tight looking pants that would make a guy talk in a high pitched voice. As long they aren't baggy/goth pants. Some nicer male cargo pants would be liked.

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