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Can the servers kick inactive people out a game room like they used to?
Can we also have larger game rooms for the older games. You know, like how the new games (pinball, tiles, electric love faktori a.k.a ELF) can hold ten people?
One or the other will do. Thank you! biggrin

Since I have to pretend I'm Webster here...
Zombies or Inactive people = People who enter your room, never start actually playing and never say anything for an hour or more. They're not going to play. They're not interested in the game. They forgot they were there, or went AFK and forgot to close the window, as every person except that troll I had to to deal with has told me when I sent them a PM reminding them that they were in the room.

No one should be able to sit in any game room completely inactive, from the get go, for 6 to 12 hours or more because they "forgot they were there" or "don't want to be logged out of the site." That's just silly.

I am NOT asking for the ability to kick anyone out the room myself under any circumstance despite how much I would love to be able to.

Allow Bleeding to explain:
Bleeding Apocalypse
After reading through this thread, I think some people might be confused as to what the OP is asking for. Let me try to clarify:

1. OP is NOT suggesting the ability to boot anyone just because they don't like them.

2. OP is NOT suggesting the ability to boot people just because they are quiet.

3. OP is NOT complaining about just any user being able to come into the room. OP WANTS random users to come in and possibly chat while fishing.

4. OP IS suggesting the ability to boot users who sit in rooms and DO ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. They do not chat. They do not fish. They just take up space.

I hope that clears some things up. When I go fishing, I sometimes leave the room public because someone else might come in to fish and chit-chat while doing so. If I didn't want to be social, I would make the room private. OP already knows about a private option. OP already knows that you can password protect a room to make it friends only. The OP is leaving rooms open for strangers to come in and fish. What some users seem to be either glossing over or completely ignoring is that there are some people who sit in the fishing rooms and do absolutely nothing. They don't chat. They don't fish. They just sit there for hours, sometimes DAYS on end. The OP is suggesting the ability to kick those completely 100% inactive users from the room to make space for others who may want to join.

That's it. I don't see why that would be a problem.

Still don't get it? Miss-dark8607 will explain.
Damn how much clarify do you people need!? INACTIVE PEOPLE MEANS PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT PLAYING EVER! You know the ZOMBIES LURKERS they just log in and NEVER ATTEMPT TO PLAY. IE they never select bait, never spin the slot, never play a hand of cards. NOTHING! NADA! Therefore if they are booted NOTHING IS LOST!

And this is me being extremely nice about it. Because I really would like anyone who doesn't play or say anything because they went AFK for an hour or more, even if they were previously active, to count as Inactive as well. Why? Because they are. That's the definition of inactive. And the game servers used to do it too, especially in fishing. Loved when it did it in fishing, even when it was towards myself AND I lost a bait. Loved it when they did it in cards, even though I lost any tokens I had in a push.

Clicky the spoiler for the previous version of this post!
Seriously. I'm sitting in Gaia fishing, and at the time of writing this, 4 out of 6 people in the room aren't there. Like they signed in, forgot they were signed in and went about their lives. One of them never even chose a bait. Since. Last. Night. Is there any possible way to give the creator of a room this option? Or maybe set up a feature where you guys automatically kick someone (probably all but the game room creator) off the server if they're inactive, in just the game, for like an hour or something?

If it's not possible or doesn't make sense to do, is there any way to upgrade the rooms for the older games to hold 10 people like the newer games do? Are there any plans in the future to do this? I really don't want to cut people who are actually there to play, out, and constantly have to make a room with a password, because a few users don't know how to sign off when they're falling asleep or something. @_@

Edit: You'd only be able to log off people who are completely inactive. If you're gone for an hour, the last thing you're worried about is what you were doing in the game room. You know how like if you're inactive on Gaia for like an hour, it logs you off? You wouldn't be able to kick off someone who's actively playing because they're "annoying you". That's just stupid.

Edit: There's also a second idea in here, for those who don't like reading past the first paragraph for some reason...I made it bold. *shrug*

(Thread title name change go!)

For anyone telling me this shouldn't happen for whatever reason: Here's a quote QUOTE detailing my experiences with completely inactive game-players since the night of Wednesday, February 13, 2013.

Clicky the spoiler!
Oh, there was one person who was just sitting in there in my room since WEDNESDAY NIGHT. Didn't leave until THURSDAY NIGHT when I got so annoyed I said I was leaving and the friends there with me all went to do their own thing. WTF user? gonk And sometime while that person was there someone else who had been chatting and fishing went AFK, that's probably who you ran into Annoyed me so much I said "Forget it. Lemme just make a passworded" room. Since there's only one server, I had to make a room using my mule.

Edit (7:39AM EST): Make that WEDNESDAY NIGHT to FRIDAY MORNING. The first person who went AFK is still in there. I talked to them last night. They're doing it on purpose 'cause Gaia doesn't log you out of the site when you're in Gaia Fishing AND they refuse to leave.

Someone tell me why I have to put up with THAT s**t 'cause a few people are afraid of losing bait? scream

Edit (7:43AM EST): We'll update that to say that both people who originally went AFK in my room, are STILL there. WTF, man? WTF? I can't believe people are saying you should be allowed to do this. gonk

Edit: (8:00AM EST) Everyone but me and another person are AFK. That's 4 people. All doing nothing. I can't even server jump, make my own passworded room and go there. *Is waiting for a good reason why this shouldn't happen*

Edit: (3:44PM EST) Looks like this situation is resolved (for now), but seriously, people shouldn't be able to do this in the first place, on purpose, or otherwise.

Edit: (2/17/2013, 2:33AM EST) Not resolved. In fact it's even worse. One of them has been in my room for 4 days straight now. On purpose. They still refuse to leave. Thank you Gaia. I greatly appreciate having to deal with such a ridiculous issue.

Edit: (2/17/2013, 4AM-ish EST) They finally left and my room closed. I'll be keeping a passworded room until something is done to prevent such situations.

User Suggestions (Edit 2/22/2013)
Edited a smidgen from HERE
User ImageUser Image

As a compromise, maybe as the game creator there could be an option to yes/no kick inactive players after x amount of time (which you would be able to set in 1-5 hour increments). ie: Your friend that you are playing with is going to the grocery store so you set it for (I don't know how long it takes people to shop typically but it takes 2-3 hours for me so I would set it as such.) 2 hours. If she wasn't back by that time then she would get kicked. You would be able to set this feature when you created the game but also in the middle of game play, like how you can lock and unlock in the middle of a game.

Filling buckets is sometimes challenging, as it can take almost an hour to fill one. But, I wouldn't mind being kicked if it would autosave my bucket to my inventory when it happened. Then I wouldn't feel like all the time that I spend on it was wasted. See, it isn't really the fish I would be upset about (Unless there was a rare then I would be, but not the point.) it's the time that I spent on it that would have been completely lost with nothing to show for it. I think it would be the same with a lot of people, because as Dark said, we get bait from the daily chance so it's not that I'm upset about losing a bait here or there. Just upset that I spent all of my time working for something and got nothing.

I feel that between the autosave and either the game creator not being kicked/or being able to set 5 hours or inactivity in (say in my own private room) you wouldn't get much disagreement against this argument, at least not from me.
100% Liquid Pride

maybe an hour timer in the corner
counts down til at zero they are kicked for inactivity
there, no way for user abuse

Bleeding Apocalypse
I feel like if there's going to be a timer, it should be an invisible timer. Someone who is actually active in the game room and isn't there to just sit and take up space for hours on end without actually fishing or talking isn't going to need to see that timer. Once the bucket is full, saving is going to reset the timer. Just being able to see the timer counting down is distracting.

If a timer exists, it should remain invisible. Its entire existence should be relegated to people who are not either fishing OR typing in the room chat. After X amount of time not doing anything of the sort (an hour? Two hours? Three hours max?) the inactive person should automatically be booted from the room.

i like how some people can cause problems and then just sit and stay and take up important room space. cause they are there to just piss people off due to the fact that they have no life. this happens more times then you think i also belive that you should have to ask to join a room. and that would stop all the problems if a thing was sent to the host asking if theycallmelogan could join then you could decide make it a pop up like yahoo uses in there game rooms

Other Game Update Related Things
Btw, Miss-dark8607 has an awesome thread asking for various updates to all Gaia's games across the board. Go check it out! biggrin 2013, The Year Some of Our Games Get Updated?
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in fishing this would be a problem because it uses bait and it would piss people off to get kicked out and lose their bait

not to mention people will abuse it because people abuse everything
Bad idea. Someone might be in progress of getting a full bucket. If someone kicks you out of their room while you're in the middle of fishing and you lose all your fish, you're going to be PO'd.
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I just don't see the point. Other than it being abused by some people, it just seems like a bit of a waste of a feature to me.

User Image

User Image
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I'm only talking about inactive people. You wouldn't be able to kick off someone who's actively playing. That's just stupid.

Edit: You know how if you're inactive on Gaia for like an hour, it logs you off?
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I understand it's very inorining cause if I'm trying to let a
Friend in my room and 4 of the 6 people have been afk for 2 hours it's bullshit
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I kinda agree with this.

See, it's one thing if you don't want people in there in the first place, or only want certain people. You can password protect it. If you're leaving it open, it means you want company and you probably want people to chit chat with you while you fish.

For some reason, there seems to be a strangely large number of people who like to go into the Fishing rooms and just sit there. Not actually fishing. Not even talking. Just sitting there. It's happened to me quite a few times. They take up spots that could be used by others who actually do want to talk, and you can't do much of anything about it.

All you can do right now is basically make a new room after you fill your bucket and hope for the best. Being able to boot certain people after x amount of time of inactivity would be convenient. I just have no idea how easy/difficult this would be to implement.
I actually agree with "If you aren't active at all on the game for ____ amount of time, you will auto-matically be logged off from the game."

Although I wouldn't know..I don't really play the games much anymore. but I remember when I did, some people would just sit there and sit there..and it would be almost an hour and I'd be like; "..Why is this person not doing anything?"..
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@Bleeding and Hayes: Yes! Exactly! That's the issue I want to solve. I'm not looking to kick people off who are just chatting and not fishing, or fishing and not chatting. I want the people who enter and don't do a thing out.

If a "kick off/automatic log out" isn't possible, larger game rooms (for the older games) would help, I think.
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I've seen it in blackjack, and it is just so bizarre. I wonder if they log in to eavesdrop?
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@Kez Mani: I hope not, 'cause that's kind of creepy. lol. I've heard everything from "I had to go do something", to "I fell asleep while playing" to even "I forgot I had opened this up." @_@
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I find it so weird when people come into my fishing room just to sit and...stare at the screen? I dunno. This would be a neat option since I like to have conversations with other fishers but there isn't any room o.o

It's a good thing you emphasized the fact that you want to boot just inactive people in the room, I hope more people get that. If its not too hard to do hopefully this could improve game rooms for everybody.
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I'm all for the game automatically kicking people who have been inactive for a certain period of time, or even having an option pop up after that period of time for the room-creator to do it. Or both! It's slightly discomforting and annoying when people just pop into the room and then sit there...For hours... And hours... And take up slots when I want some people to chat with while I play. D:
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