Zoruro-sensei rolled 0 20-sided dice: Total: 0 (0-0)

Tenohira=4000 Rei=4000 Zeke=4000 Xeneria=6000 Sana 6th Moon form=4100 Blaze=6000 Driscoll=4000 Melody=10,000 Katsuro=2250 Ozhiro=10,000 Kaizoku=9000 Wolfie=7500 Boots=4000 Mikai=downed
no dmg these are play hits
Sai's anti-power zankpaktoh shimmered, being that it was an interesting kind of weapon being long like a lance but with the end of a pole axe. And then he was confused by Melody ,''use mana to cast spells....BAKAAAA LET ME SHOW YOU....an anti-power's side arm for making peace and putting down evil ....,''!! And he went into a flush of attack, hammering Melody, smacking her around saying ,''your body has a soul....we use mana physics to destroy spirits and souls here and recycle them to the borderlands till the next goddess shift.....like so anti-power souru cutter...,,''!! He did the craziest thing, and he cut Melody's body open, plunging his spear through her, breaking her guard with simple ease, and it would go through any spiritual defense of any sort , however, he managed to slice her soul orb inside and damage it ,''mana physics is a peaceful resolvent as it destroys all s pirit users and those with soul weapons or abilities...everything comes from the soul so in sense I have damaged all of you and the more strikes I hit if doesn't matter if your .....it doesn't cast magic baka sure in some circles but that is just kido applied with mana.........,''!! Then he swung his pole axe, ripping the area, striking at Melody's neck from the side, using a shunpo to thrust it perfectly, and he remarked ,''the more damaged your soul becomes the more frail your spirit and abilities do...,...I was more scared of Katsuro because I love her but I'm doing this to show her why she should embrace anti-power and come join us as a commander in it even if i must black mail her.....jeez I feel bad for doing this but hey I didn't like you because your the one that Katsuro hates ...why would katsuro need parents hmph it pisses me off you got no right or authority I like that your standing up to me here cuz I did something bad BUT IT WAS ALL AN ACT got you ...........''!! He dropped the goddess stone and it was switched with.
Katsuro used switch, appearing stand and sound ,''guess this is the real Melody......I had to see what you would do......thanks for playing along Sai.....but he also wanted to get that off his chest but hate is it...,'!! They looked to Melody, who was probably stumped by now ,''Cat-2 is fine she simply deployed in a different bio-doll.....and he also gave you a quick briefing on what an anti-power zankpaktoh does....it is basically a weapon made to konso any spirit body or thing that would commit violence or chaos....it is true protection of peace....while a zankpaktoh merely is a soul slayer it doesn't pacify your soul though....you guys in your world have hell for that we have no hell here.....does it make sense.....to you...,''!! They were sound and fine, looking at Melody ,''I'm not gonna let you go into death with Ozhiro we all go to together though ........it is up to anti-power to settle this...we have to go to New Fynn and struggle in desperation till they arrive on the scene.....those are my orders take it or leave it....,''!!


Zeke used sonido, stomping down behind Rei, saying ,''I was hoping you would show up.....where were we before you were striking fear into me.....,''!! Then he slowly reached for his weapon ,''I won't back off your soul will be dead by the time were finished.....head to the battlefield now likely......,''! And Sana was off already, but they stopped, coming to a stop and facing down Xeneria, who was anti-commander lvl along with Zeke back there.

Kaizoku was clashing and bashing with Ozhiro still, flying around in the clouds in the back space. Blaze sliced his weapon, unleashing blunder bus, a solid block of fiery hell, but it was shattered by a heaven's wall defending against it ,''hEY THERE TENOHIRA....,''!! Tenohira had shown hey there hot head your getting controlled again what a bad gamble but Kaizo's busy keeping that mad man busy.

Mikai was grasping, saying ,''no just give me a moment.....,''!!! Soruro, Driscoll, and the platoon were licking there chops alright at Wolfie and Yoi with the serpent. And Mikai wanted to fight still ,''heeee Yoi stay with me for now....Wolfwood will cover us both.....,''!!