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            *Guild currently unavailable

            Welcome to the 100 Acre Woods! This is the interest thread for a breedable and changing pet shop inspired by the wonderful world of Winnie the Pooh! Inside you will find Winnies, Piglets, Tiggers, Rabbits, Owls, Roos and even Heffalumps! We are currently looking for interest in this shop, as well as hunting down an artist to create our lovely pets! Once we have some pets to colour, we'll be looking to hire colourists!

            So stick around, chat, throw some things around for the ideas box! If you become a regular, there might even be a surprise in it for you when we do have the pets!
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            ● 17/11/12 Opened IT thread!


            Be respectful and polite. No drama llamas
            No pinching art, ideas, concepts etc. Please.
            Follow Gaia TOS
            No quote trees please, and do not quote the front page.


            ● Will these pets be role play required?
            No, but it will be encouraged! We'll have more info on role playing at a later date
            ● question
            ● question

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            *full story coming soon

            Once upon a time there was a young boy named Christopher Robin. Christopher Robin had a secret - his very best, closest friends, lived in the woods near his home. The wood was called 'the Hundred Acre Wood', and his friends went by the names of Pooh Bear, Piglet, Tigger, Roo, Kanga, Owl, Rabbit, Gopher and many more. But that was many years ago, and Christopher Robin and all his friends have moved on - but! they have left their legacy in the forms of William, the grandson of Christopher Robin, Eleanor a young girl who stumbled upon the miracle of the Acre Woods purely by accident, and the decendents of the original inhabitants of the woods.

            However, there is trouble brewing on the horizon. The number of woodland inhabitants is dwindling, and many fear that one day soon they will all be gone. William and Eleanor have their minds set on saving the woods inhabitants, and they're going to need all the help they can get!

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            Pets are plushie -> unisex child -> m/f adult. Only sketch previews are available at this time, and the pet descriptions are still a WIP

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            Winnies are a type of bear, who are very fond of honey and are usually rather well-tempered and easy going. Their stages are:
            Plushie: At this point Winnies are inanimate, waiting for a visitor to come along and wake them up. They are small, soft, and are often found sitting by a tree or flower patch, almost tilting over.
            Child: This is when the Winnie has first awaken from its plushie stage. They often can't walk very well, and like to laze around a lot.
            Adult: When the Winnie becomes an adult, they are distinctly male and female. They are often honey collectors.

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            Tiggers are a bundle of energy. They just can't keep still, which can sometimes annoy the other woodland inhabitants, but Tiggers don't usually notice because they're having too much fun. Tiggers and Kanga's get along the best before they can bounce about together.
            Plushie: Even in an inanimate state, Tiggers seem to be full of energy. Their tail is out, ready for bouncing, and if you look at them from the corner of your eye, you could even claim to have seen an ear or nose twitch!
            Child: As soon as they can move, they do! Child Tiggers waste no time before getting into bouncing, and they're far better bouncers then walkers at this stage. Because of this, adult Tiggers like to take the time to make sure a child practices walking, so they don't have to rely on bouncing all their lives - they have to take care of their tails after all!
            Adult: Tiggers calm down a bit when they reach adulthood, though they're still the first awake and the last to bed. They still bounce quite a lot - just not so much on people. The Males bounce a little more than the females, who tend to spend more time doing things that you can't do when bouncing.

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            Piglets are a small type of pig who walk on their two hind legs. Because of their small stature, they are usually rather timid and afraid, but its not amiss to get those who are full of bravado
            Plushie: Plushie Piglets are extra small. All the better to hide in their vulnerable state! They're usually propped up in the shade or in some friendly bushes away from prying eyes.
            Child: A child Piglet isn't much bigger than the plushie, not even reaching a full grown Winnies waist. They learn to walk very quickly, and they enjoy it so much they hardly ever sit down! Always on their feet
            Adult: Adult Piglets are a lot calmer and confident then when they were younger, and they've often formed lasting friendships with other inhabitants of the Woods or their visitor, so they feel safer. They can take their time to lay about and teach other Piglets a thing or two.

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            Eeyores are a type of Donkey who, while quite smart, aren't always seen as the cheery type. They're very good at building, and they're rather friendly too.
            Plushie: Plushie Eeyores are generally found all folded in on themselves, usually under some kind of shelter.
            Child: Eeyore children don't have as much energy as others, but they're very curious. They love when things that flutter and fly come visit them when they're sitting about.
            Adult:Female Eeyores usually have more energy than the males, and tend to be better at taking charge when it comes to projects.

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            Kanga's are a mature, caretaking breed who make friends with all and are always ready to lend a hand.
            Plushie: Plushie Kanga's are usually found curled up, nose to tail, looking fast asleep.
            Child: Child Kanga's, often called Roos, are curious and playful, though they tend to keep close to their mothers. They like to ask a lot of questions, and often have their head tilted back to see all the tall adults.
            Adult: Adult Kanga's are very tall - usually the same height as a human in their mid teens. Their tails are very large, and females have a big pouch on their bellies to help carry things - usually young Roos who are getting sleepy from all their question asking. Males look similar to females, with a larger tail and no pouch.

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            Owls are wise, the educators of the Acre Woods. They keep the library up to date and teach all the children. They live in the tree tops.
            Plushie: Plushie Owls are small, and usually have their head nestled under their wing, perched in a tree.
            Child: Child Owls are still learning to fly, and are wary of where they step so they don't fall out of any trees.
            Adult: Adult Owls fly around quite a bit. Males like to show off their wings, while females show off less.

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            Hundred Acre Wood Rabbits are unique to other rabbits, as they stand on their back legs. They're usually farmers of some sort.
            Plushie: Plushie Rabbits are usually found sitting about with their floppy ears, bushy tails and a smile on their face.
            Child: Child Rabbits are already eager to get their hands dirty and start planting and growing.
            Adult: Adult Rabbits are generally becoming quick experts at growing things, though some prefer to work at selling their produce.

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            Gophers are small, burrowing creatures who spend most of their time digging tunnels underground. They have wonderful sight at night, though it can be a bit iffy during in bright light. They are wonderful workers, and spend a lot of time helping Eeyores with their building. They also have a knack for making plans and reading maps.
            Plushie: Plushie Golphers are quite small, about the same size as Piglet plushies. They're usually found in or around gopher holes, or resting against piles of dirt.
            Child: A child Gopher already has the natural skills to dig, but they don't have much technique or talent. This is their important leaning stage.
            Adult: Adults have usually picked a niche in the construction world, whether it be dynamite, mapping, structural support or whatever else tickles their fancy. They're still rather small, but around the size of a Piglet.

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            Heffalumps are a strange, mystical creature, often misunderstood as mean. While some may side with the Jagulars, wanting the woods to themselves, others are far friendlier, and they are all very protective of their children. They resemble elephants.
            Plushie: Plushie Heffalumps are cute, cuddly looking cratures.
            Child: Child Heffalumps are playful, curious and noisy. They're also not very aware of their size, so its best not to let them near fragile objects.
            Adult: Adult Heffalumps are the biggest of all creatures in the woods - even humans. Males and females look a lot a like.

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            The Acre Store is where all the woodland inhabitants can go for those special items you can't find laying around the woods! Whether it be something to increase breedings, choose baby genders or change their appearance - it can all be found here!

            Check back soon for items art!

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            The ideas box is where we mention all our ideas for the shop. If someone posts an idea in the thread, you'll probably see it make its way here too!

            ex o ex Snoof

            think your best bet for stages would be three each, and have them all unisex :0 At least to start with!

            Like the first stage would be item (unless you do breeding, in which case maybe a teeny tiny plush toy stage?), then a smaller-than-average stage for youngins (they could be nakers, like waaayy back with original Winnie the Pooh?) and then the final stage they can get their clothes and be fully grown and all that ; u ;; and look like actual animals instead of more like walking/living toys? Like they're finally imbued with the "life" energy or what have you that's helping to save them and the woods? :'D


            maybe the first stage could be plushes or fluff of some sort with like, a feature that whinnies, etc. have on them.


            and what about woozles and jagulars
            and maybe something about a backson

            they go

            Thanks for all the input guys! Yeah, I was actually thinking last night the pets should be unisex to start out, or only had final stage be m/f. And I love the idea of them starting out as plushies! Was originally thinking of starting them as items, but plushies sound way better!

            And creatures like Heffalumps, Woozles and Jagulars with be much rarer. Is there ever a description of the jagulars provided? They never actually appear in any of the books or shows, so we can design them from scratch. Perhaps they're part of the reason the 'magic' is leaving the woods? OHOH! Maybe once, there used to be plenty of visitors to the woods and so the woods inhabitants flourished, but then the Jagulars started scaring visitors away, and because they've been lacking human company for so long, the plushies need to actually be cared for by a human/visitor to transition to the next stage!

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            We're currently looking for templatists! To apply, please post the following form in the thread, fully filled out.

            [color=#6fb00f][size=18]I'd like template these guys![/size][/color]
            [color=#6fb00f][b]Price:[/b][/color] How much would it cost? Per line and for the whole lot.

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            If you would like to affiliate, just put our button in your thread and post here with yours.

            User Image
            [url=http://www.gaiaonline.com/forum/pricing-and-suggestions/t.83320507][img]http://i827.photobucket.com/albums/zz199/ssserpentine/BREEDABLE PETS/acrewoods/button.png[/img][/url]

            Twas a Kingdom

            User ImageUser ImageUser ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User ImageUser ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.User ImageUser Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

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            they go concept, graphics, thread content
            miaowl concept, art, thread content

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            COLOUR YOUR OWN!

            That's right! We're having a CYO contest! At the end of this post, you will find links to nine different Winnie the Pooh characters. Each character will be getting a corresponding pet in the shop (Winnies are based on Pooh Bear etc). The objective of this contest is to colour as many of the characters how you would like a of your own to look. Want a black Winnie with pink polkadots? Colour Pooh Bear like that! A Tigger with yellow stripes? Tiggers colouring page awaits!

            The contest will run until we have the finished pets, at which point 3 winners will be chosen. We may throw in a draw, who knows. The winning colouring pages will become a pet, coloured as you coloured the page!

            So go ahead, pick out your favourate characters and start colouring!

            The Characters

            Pooh Bear Piglet Tigger Eeyore Rabbit Owl Roo Gopher Heffalump


            You may colour as many as you like, but you may only win once
            There is no limit to markings/colours etc. Please keep in mind, however, that almost all Tiggers have some form of stripe pattern. Very few are stripless. That doesn't mean they're covered in them though - the stripes might be only on the tail or legs etc.
            Be sure to post your entries using the following form.

            Entry form
            [color=#67a30e]● [b]I've Coloured My Own![/b][/color]
            [b][color=#67a30e]●[/color] Username:[/b]
            [color=#67a30e]●[/color] Entry:[/b] Please link or contain in spoiler tags.

            None yet!

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Mad kawaii
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ex o ex Snoof
Mad kawaii

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            inorite? I can't wait until we find an artist <3 its super exciting
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c: Yay, they go!
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          -chains self to thread-
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            hey su!
            ...what can i call you? xD

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