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erm...it's lovely.... sweatdrop
... confused
Another Reflection
Bump! And her hair is so cute!

uhmm wierd
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[NPC] Vanessa
The contest has come to an end, and we're happy to award the one-of-a-kind Best, Worst and Craziest Hair Achievements...

User Image

We're happy to congratulate Giraffe Town for having the BEST HAIR OF THE CENTURY! Cute, classy and perfect.

User Image

I've seen a lot of bad hair in my time, but VoodooGoober's is the first to make me throw up in my mouth. Congrats on winning WORST HAIR OF THE CENTURY!

User Image

Battery Acid Included wins CRAZIEST HAIR OF THE CENTURY for demonstrating what happens when an elf falls into a chemical vat at a candy factory.

User Image

Congratulations to all of the contestants and thank you for playing!!!

"That's what she said"
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I think it absolutely stinks that Gaia would give a 1000 point achievement for this.
It is a slap in the face to so many thousands of people who work so hard on their acheivements, but who could not win at this one.
That is my honest opinion.
Gaia should extend the opportunity to ALL Gaians to gain this achievment by some means.
Perhaps changing your avatar's hair or something like that.
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my hair is so cool
congratz all heart
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I saw wayy better hair then these too

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