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Not a problem.

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The Toothache is something I have to bear until I can get it pulled. It comes and goes, but it's been better since I had the cavity dealt with to a point on a temporary procedure. Before I got it checked, it was affecting the right side of my head, something terrible to the point I had to get it checked. First time I ever experienced what I can only assume was sinus problems. an INTENSE pressure. This pain...is nothing compared to that. But still, it makes you feel miserable none the less.

Sorry to hear about your dark thoughts, but I think you've too much good in you to have that overshadow your brightness. That's why you named yourself Splendor. blaugh Very apt. And Animals are way smart and more in tune with things than we, with all our gear and information can never see. Like animals seeking hire ground is always a sign of something bad happening. But yeah, outside of my love for Edgar Allen and his writings, Crows/Ravens are just very cool looking birds, I like 'em.

As for my journal. I only started it because you get like 3K gold everytime you make a post after 12 hours have gone, so I decided to fill it up with drivel but lately I've been sorta using it for it's intended purpose as I go through this spot of trouble I'm in, health wise. So don't be alarmed if I'm writing things about me not feeling the best, because I'm not at the moment...but this will pass. It has to. Efforts are being made to get better....but as of right now...I'm just stuck until it gets better.

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I wish you a quick and safe recovery.
faery nuff

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faery nuff

I don't know what it is! lol, I'm going to have to go and google it now.

Honestly. I was in a complete rut with my ex. He was abusive and controlling and my life was pointless.
Since I got ill and ditched the idiot things have actually improved! It made me completely re-evaluate what was important.
Now I do my best to stay as healthy as I can, never turn down an invite and try new things whenever I can.
And my kiddos have seen me turn it around and I hope it's proving to them that even when life truly sucks there's usually a way to come through it.
And most important; keep smiling. It makes people wonder what you've been up to wink

Ace! Cold pools suck xd
I know you're probably not feeling up to it yet but joining local support groups can be really helpful too.
And if there isn't one to join set one up!
I help to run a cancer support group where we do anything BUT talk about cancer.
We're going Alpaca Trekking in a fortnight.

Ah thank you! Keeps me entertained while I'm stuck at home.
faery nuff

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faery nuff


I was actually arguing with my ex when I happened I turned to walk off and my neck just went pop.
That's how they found my cancer. It had spread from my boob to my spine and basically turned the bone to honeycomb. I fractured my 3rd vertebrae and almost severed my spinal cord.
lol, no, no skydiving. Well, not anymore anyway xd it's on my list of things I'm not allowed to do in case my head falls off!

Our local leisure centre does a lot of classes for people with mobility issues and health problems.
Perhaps you should ask at your local pool or gym if they do something like that.

My Instagram if you want to be nosey wink

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It's a hobby, but it's going well. Glad you're okay.

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I'm hanging in there.
Better than I was at some instance or the other when I wasn't...if that makes sense.
Comes and goes.
But thanks for thinking about me! heart
And if I can confess, I've been thinking about you as well, hoping that your rehabilitation of both body, mind and soul is on the right path.
Still on crutches?
Your avatar isn't.
It's in a chair.....being awesome as usual.
I'd be jealous if we weren't friends, of your designs.
Also, Crows/Ravens!
Always a plus!
I know we bonded on Mockingbirds, but Corvids are just so smart and awesome.
Wish I could befriend one, one day.
Ever had any experiences with them?


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Long time no speak. I hope you've been well.
faery nuff

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faery nuff

3nodding Next year there'll be two of them in and out all day!

Ah, you're still healing then! It does take a good long while.
Is there anything you really enjoy that doesn't need you to be up and about?
Drawing was a godsend for me. Totally took my mind off the fact that I couldn't go anywhere.
faery nuff

Report | 03/04/2023 1:27 pm

faery nuff

The younger two are on a very similar schedule but my eldest is at sixth form college so he has lessons all over the place and study periods between; we only live a 5 minute walk from the school so he comes home for his study breaks. And I end up making lunch and getting distracted.
We seem to have had a flurry of dentist and optician appointments recently too so I've been charging round like a crazy person trying to make sure people are where they need to be!

It's perfectly normal to feel down. And I absolutely get the lack of control and having to rely on other people.
It's annoying as hell. But. If this had happened to someone you love and care about you'd be the one doing for them. And sometimes you just HAVE to let other people look after you for a bit emotion_hug
You didn't come across as defeatist at all. I was just speaking from how I felt when it happened to me. I was in traction for about a fortnight after I broke my neck and honestly I totally could not wait to get my arse off that bed!

How long ago was the accident? It sounds like it was pretty recent.


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