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Hello everyone!

You probably don't remember, but a couple of days back I posted a leafgreen nuzlocke comic. I got a few positive responses, so I wanted to continue... but unfortunately I lost the game (gasp). Since I wanted to keep doing this, I decided to start up another version nuzlocke. I tried to make it more readable than the last one...


Here are the links to the pages...

LOG#0! Introduction!
LOG #1! Timmy!
LOG #2! Devilwott
LOG #3! Ugggu~
LOG #4! Fun times at Accumula Town
LOG #5! Route 2!
LOG #6! Nothing is free...
LOG #7! Jabba The Principal
LOG #8! Striaton City Gym Battle!
LOG #9! Striaton Gym Battle Conclusion
LOG #10! Lucy

This is another thread on the nuzlocke forums where I also update:
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Dangerous Prophet

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Love it. Devilwott is my favorite ever.
Undead Criminal Punch
Love it. Devilwott is my favorite ever.

Thank you. : ) Appreciate it.
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Romantic Grabber

User Image

I lol'd can't wait to see more xD
This is just wonderful.
Thank you guys very much!

I'll get right back to work on thumbnailing the next update.
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Invisible Werewolf

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N! XD I now want to see what the mum is like. X3 And Iris and Drayden...If you get that far. :L
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Greedy Capitalist

Oh god.
I lol'd.
So much.
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Invisible Gekko

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*Grabs popcorn*
This shall be one of the many things that will entertain me.
Inking the next update.

Thanks for the support! : )
Here is the next update:

LOG #5! Route 2!
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Dangerous Prophet

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Love it. Go on forever.
Here is a quick link to the next update. : )


@Undead Criminal Punch - Thank you! I'll do my best.
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Subscribed. This is amazing. Keep up the good work =3
And I have to say, love the art, too.
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Apocalyptic Sex Symbol

-dying- Subscribed possibly my favorite nuzlock comic ever!! xD

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