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Gender: Female

Location: lel, lellington

Birthday: 07/01/1996

Occupation: Rivaille's Booty call

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Touko and a Grunt.

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Le lovely Stalkers~

Kahani x Kitty on 10/19/2022
Kyo The Fallen One on 01/03/2022
General Button on 11/12/2021
SubaruYume on 04/18/2020

Das ist Mich:

Homestuck / Brony / Pokénerd / Survey Corps

I'm a fun person that has a lovely skewed and disturbed sense of humor.

I am perverted.
I like Video Games.
Flareon is my favorite pokemon followed by Amaura.
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I love cats, pandas, otters, alpacas, ducks, and goats.
I draw.
I love Haikyuu! and Kill la Kill.

I like shojo manga/anime.
I like Animal Crossing.
I LOVE Yuri and maybe a lil furry. A LITTLE.

I am VERY particular with my Yuri and Yaoi.

I'm stupid with math however brilliant in Science.
Very cultural.
I love Molecular Biology and Human Anatomy.
Chemistry is a plus, Bio or not.
I'm atheist.
[Insert whatever gender/sexuality word people are using now].
Huge misanthropist.

I have but only four fetishes:
British Accents
Hair (so I've been told..?)
Arrogant people with a sensitive side?

I love Kageyama, Levi, and Noiz.
I love harvest Moon.
I love Tokyo.
I love Art.
I love Romance.
I love Homestuck.
I love new vocab words

My tumblr.

I'm shy around people but I like when people talk to me.
Just, you go first.

Lel currently watching:
Ao Haru Ride
Free! S2
Tokyo Ghouls

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