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Steele Lives?

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~ Table Of Contents~

2)Story, Alignment, Purpose
7)Kill-list/Guilds Destroyed

In past times, time of chaos disorder, a time when everyone fought amongst themselves. One man rose above it all. A man by the name of Steele. He and his wife created the empire once known as the Steele Syndicate. The empire lasted for a long time, bringing order and peace to the land. Until one dark day, the empire was brought down, it's forces scattered and confused. Some did not know who was at fault for the downfall of Steele, some believed it was an inside job, other believed it was a hidden force that had built up against Steele over time, no one may never know the entire truth. But now, we hope to rebirth, and continue the great legacy that was Steele.


I guess you could say we are neutral we look to re-organize and bring together all members and family of Steele.


To rebirth and expand the legacy that was Steele, and bring the FFA back to it's former glory.

Open To Attack:

Is This The FFA?

In a heavily wooded area lay a large clearing. In this clearing is a lake, and the remnants of and old town, or settling. Constructed in the middle of
the lake is a large memorial for Steele, all who fought, died, and live on for the Syndicate. The monument itself has a hidden power and calls all those that had, or have ties to Steele.

Constructed not far from the lake is a large stone castle some pieces of it are more faded than others, because the new building was constructed with and on the foundation of the old one. Above the door, enscribed is the following "Welcome To The Legacy Of Steele"

To the left of the Castle is a slightly smaller stone construct, the temple, and safehouse. This is where any practice of religeon may come to do whatever is needed, and during the event of attack it's large stone walls will serve as a haven for the innocents of the village.

Tucked away behind the castle in a wooded area are housing areas, and a local meeting house for more private affairs that don't concern the entire syndicate.

On the lake a dock has been constructed, at the top of the dock there is a small stone shed that contains a weather fluctuating ruin stone. that is conceiled by a false wall.


The Defect:
Apart from the Ruin Stones and Floodlights, only three of the defenses, can operate at the same time, and once they have done there job, or been destroyed, there is a 7 minute cool down time for the power grid on the defenses.

Crests are given to every member, this allows you safe passage throught the defenses. And it also allows you through the barrier over the base with ease, it is also a key to every non-forbidden room in the entire area. They are also proof of your loyalty to Steele.

Crests also make it so you can teleport anywhere in the area, and so that you can use magic, of course magic can be use without a crest, but it will bring on magic fatigue much quicker, no matter how much you magic power you have, it will be drained tenfold without a crest.

Crests will always heed there call and return to their masters at anytime if your loyalty is questionable or you just plain do something wrong, they can be non-matter also. So they WILL find there way back a leader's hands.

The Castle
The castle is damned near indestructible, also unless one has a crest which allow the person to, you can not teleport, you must use doors. Also with out crests, you cannot use any magical abilities in the Castle, except for the training room.

On top ofAll that:
*25 turrets with twin 16-inch/65 caliber machine rounds, also capable of firing single rockets every ten seconds.
*15 turrets with tri-barrel 20-inch artillery rounds.
*25 turrets with high-impact 150 foot range lasers.
*15 turrets with quad-barreled flamethrowers with clear-heat flames.
* Flood lights have also been placed all over the area to eliminate shadows on the inside and outside of the castle.

*50 Avenger systems MLR 40mm anti aircraft weaponry with depleted uranium shell.
*13 20-yard Split-Laser anti-aircraft Lasers.
*4 Mysra-Blast, dark energy artillery (can attack ground as well).
*20-spread homing missiles with Tridiad crystals in them that explode into paralyze dust that immobilizes the target for 15 min and also damage them down to about 80% efficiency.

*4 radar dishes on the castle for scanning almost any type of enemy including normal movement, flight, and also has inferred, cloaking, particle scatter, night, sound, space/time rifts (in chase you try to mist or come though by another demention), shadow movement or shifting, and can detect magical activity.

*There is a six ruin-stone pillar system built into the land that stops inter-dimensional travel, misting, shadow movement, and particle displacement (this being like turning into stupid little bats try something original would yeah? *cough* most vampire movies *cough*) and any type of magical attack unless you have a crest, only given to members. The pillars are 1 of a kind and the only gems that will deflect the magic were made from these stones. The Stones have an effective field that spans the whole area and 50 feet beyond the outer limits of the area. Also the fact that no modern tech can be used without a crest.

*All walls have been given a refraction balance to neutralize sound/light/particle waves and refract them back at the opponent; the energy field also is synchronized with a reverberation system as well. This of course can be broken but with much effort

Defenses Created By: Knivesthehumanoidkiller
No god-modding.

Crests may be revoked from non members, or members at anytime by myself or any other lord or lady

Propper grammer is a must.

No member vs. member unless in a sparring training, or simulation match

Everyone must read all the information on the first page

Don't disobey any order, without good reason, and your reason must be brought before a higher ranked official here

If a fight is brought to you in here, fight it outside, but try to avoid fighting personal battles here at all costs.

Dont break anything in the castle.

Don't enter others rooms without asking permission.

Spy's will be treated like enemys

No-one is allowed wandering the Castle in forbidden area without authorization.


Roy Saeto

Winged Daisuke

Reserve Fighters:
Master Poe (Malachite)




Plain Members

PM if you are a mod and need to know or whatnot.

RP Name:
Postition wanted:
Previous guilds:
RP example:

Open&Recruiting- 10/29/06
Guilds Destroyed:

Kill Count:
Appearing on the dock he faced the water. He had the feeing he was home again.
Roy sat atop the tallest spire on the castle and looked down upon his newly finished work. He would now wait for people to heed the call of Steele.
Master Poe
Appearing on the dock he faced the water. He had the feeing he was home again.
Roy stood up, and looked down on the new figure that had appeared on the dock. He teleported down to see who it was appearing at the top of the dock Roy descended the steps and approached the man.
He turned and faced the being behind him, his eyes covered by his hair and glasses.

Master Poe
He turned and faced the being behind him, his eyes covered by his hair and glasses.

Roy smiled. "Are you new, or have you returned to Steele? To rejoin the legacy?"
Roy Saeto
Master Poe
He turned and faced the being behind him, his eyes covered by his hair and glasses.

Roy smiled. "Are you new, or have you returned to Steele? To rejoin the legacy?"

He removed his glases and step toward the being.

Well Roy i think its quite obvious if im new or returning i havent been shot at yet now have I

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