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Okay, look. You should not be in here, only those of the evil people OA O GET OUTTTTT.

Anywho, this thread was made for all of you to rant about your favorite Akatsuki character. GDI I DON'T WANT TO SEE ANY POST ABOUT SAKURA AND WHO EVER ELSE THAT ISN'T AS SEXY AS ALL THE AKATSUKI. emotion_donotwant
Cuz no one currs emotion_awesome

To be a conversation starter, I am gonna say one word.


Itachi is my favorite character. I cosplayed him for over 2 years. I even had ninjaband, and orinkage for him. I ******** hate the Gaia Market.
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Sasori is soo ****** <3
Sasori is alright....but like the two above, I'm an Uchia girl. I like Itachi-sama so much! He's cool. and... he and I have things to relate to.
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I would love Sasori if he were not a puppet, I don't wanna get splinters while I...well im not gunna finish that one hahaha, but I also love Itachi...Now there is a man;D
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Tobi is so hot.....I heart him so much!
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ugh, favorite akatsuki, for me i've narrowed it down to hidan and sasori... hidan's a hilarious mother father, but sasori's got an awesome personality with a horrible past, i like pain for the same reason but unfortunately sasori passed him up, bad life is my kinda character cool
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What the hell are all of you atheist jerks doing..talking about the organization. We're supposed to be catching the jinjuriki! I've already caught mine..
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Sasori's my overall favourite. I also love Itachi & Konan.
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Konan's my waifu (^∇^)
Kakuzu ,hidan and sasori are my favorite. whee
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Epic Rogue7081
Tobi is so hot.....I heart him so much!

I had a dream about him last night...no lie eek
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or diedara rofl
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dude. everyone knows pein is like DA BEST biggrin

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