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^^ f*ckin' Cuties. ^^

Wanna find me?

Deviant Art
Skype: catfishcake
&& AIM and Facebook ain't gon' be givin' out to random critters, lol.

about the b*tch behind the avvie
I'm fifteen years old, going on sixteen (in like, 236 more days. Yes, I keep track.) and I have you know, I like Homestuck.

tl;dr really i has no ideaaa u liek hamsteak u derp llalalama fish thing u ur so fake n kno one lieks hiometsuk only u do

My love for Homestuck is like my love for my friends. You insult Homestuck and I will go into a huge dialogue of how terrible you are and how you should die in a hole. (lol, not really. i don't care.) I am not like those fans who are all "OMG SHES MY MATESPRIT /hiss" because I find that sh*t stupid. I don't get all overly worked up over quadrants, but if you seriously be a b*tch to me about it and say I shouldn't be all /matesprit with so and so, I will interrogate you and will not shut up.

I am slowly drifting from Naruto, V o V
I don't even care about the fanbase or plot anymore. I lurk in the Naruto forums, however, because it is fun to contradict, and or, talk to those of the Naruto Fandom. I am clueless of what happens after Neji's death. Naruto is like one of those things you loose a muse for.

But I still like Hidan and Kakuzu. They will forevs and always be kawaii neku desu. (What does that even mean? Look at me speakin' Japanese tryna to impress you.)

I participate in the Harry Potter fandom because Harry Potter is f*cking cool. My favorite series of all time and I would actually not mind if JK. Rowling continued the series with a different setting. It is mystical and amazing. My personal fav book was the last one and I actually sobbed like a b*tch when Fred Weasley died.

Speaking of books and sobbing. DO NOT READ FIFTY SHADES OF GREY. I am reading it as I type this. LOL


It is the most terrible pos I've ever laid eyes on. Why would that even be a thing? It makes kids cry.

Welp, that is that.

About me even more: I am literate and I role-play. However, I have a terrible habit of just ditching a role play on Gaia. They're not fun, okay? And I only roleplay with those who are close to me/my followers on Tumblr. It's more fun, I guess? I don't know. I am weird.

If it wasn't obvious from my picture on Deviant Art, I am a girl. A girl means I have curves, a butt, a pretty face, and boobs. A girl means I have feelings towards anti-feminism and all things disrespecting women. I am not saying that you should just respect women and not men, I am saying that you shouldn't be such a sexist person. I hate sexism. No one is superior. Just because you're a woman, that doesn't mean you're better than a man, and vice-versa. I am not saying "lol, men, hit your wives because they're just like you". No, I am saying that you all shouldn't be such controlling, privilege pushing, sexist assholes.

Speaking of sexism, there is racism- I am a tad racist and I will crack a black joke as well as a white joke. Race is stupid, I believe. So what? You're black. So what? I am white. Does it honestly matter? But cracking a joke against someone and making them feel like utter trash after they say stop is a no-go. If I were to make a joke against someone of Chinese descent, and I offend them and they tell me to stop, I will stop. If they don't tell me to stop and they start to insult the white race, then I will go along with it and continue. It's simple. You make a joke, I make a joke. I make a joke and you tell me to stop, I stop. It's not rocket science.

I don't believe anyone is superior and anyone is inferior. We are a people and we have our own opinions and everything. If you don't like the words typed on this about me, you're entitled to your own opinion.

To all the assholes who believe a certain type of individual is better: Ha. Ha. Ha. I am laughing at you and judging you.

Before you call me an overly sensitive person on the internet, I am going to tell you that I actually get worked up over triggers. My triggers include animal abuse, drug abuse, child abuse, domestic violence, rape, sexism, slavery, and bullying. There are others, but they're so small that I really don't pay them any mind unless I want to torture myself. I only cried twice when reading something about something terrible happening. Twice. When there's a troll on the forums talking about something along the lines of "I hate this and this because it's-" I don't get offended. The person who is speaking (and they have terrible grammar most of the time) can say what ever the hell they want because they're not important.

I laugh at those who really get offended over what someone says here. If it isn't involving you directly, then it's not important. There is such of a thing as blocking and reporting.

._. Enough of that.

I enjoy random private messages and comments. They're fun. I also enjoy notifications. They give me something to do on here. If there wasn't any PMing or forums, I would've quit Gaia a long time ago.


I don't really think there is anything important to share. You can probs tell that I really don't want to say anything else.
Just message me for any questions.

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