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Two more weeks! Can you do it?

I'm already done. 0.21333333333333 21.3% [ 16 ]
I'm ahead of my quota. I'll make it for sure! 0.04 4.0% [ 3 ]
I'm right on track. Nano says I will finish on time. 0.13333333333333 13.3% [ 10 ]
Meh. I'm a little behind. But I can cram. 0.14666666666667 14.7% [ 11 ]
Awful. I don't think I can do this... 0.16 16.0% [ 12 ]
I've given up, but good luck to everyone else. 0.30666666666667 30.7% [ 23 ]
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*gasp pant gasp wheeze*

I am so ******** proud of myself, y'all.

This has been one of the craziest, busiest, most stressful weeks ever even when I leave NaNo out of it completely. But I caught up like a total boss and made it. Oh my friggin God.

Also, congratulations to everyone else, even if you didn't make it this year! You put in the effort and still did a great job. There's next year to think about, and I'll definitely be doing it again, so we can cheer each other on when next November rolls around! : D
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Wooh Hoo! I FINALLY FINISHED! I feel like crying.... But the happy kind... emotion_kirakira
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YEA!!!!!! DONE!!!!! 13, and I finished! I'm glad!
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YEA!!!!!! DONE!!!!! 13, and I finished! I'm glad!

Yay for you!!
You wrote so much today! 4laugh
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YEA!!!!!! DONE!!!!! 13, and I finished! I'm glad!

*claps* Congratulations! I honestly don't think I could have wrote about 9 thousand in a day when I was 13, and now I'm 15! xD You should be very proud and I am proud myself to call myself a NaNoWriMo-er along with you! x]
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Wooohhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally got to 41,000!!!! Still behind by 666 words, but I'm afraid I can't squeeze anymore words out of me... crying Finally! And I have another red ribbon excerpt 3nodding :
Abruptly, the entire area was quiet and since I had blanked out, it took me a while to realize why. Somehow Zena had lengthened her red ribbon and split themselves into thinner ribbon pieces and shot them out to cover everyone who had been talking’s mouths.
My eyes widened. “How did you…?”
She shrugged at me before sitting on the ground cross-legged her arm dangling a bit from the ribbons around everyone’s mouths. “I don’t know, but…” she smiled closing her eyes for a minute before opening them back up to show a calm hazel color. “I think I like it better this way.” She let out a sigh and I saw Rafira and Seraphina nodding in agreement with her. My ears soaked up the silence greedily and I sat down as well. The people around us seemed to be frozen and I hoped that wasn’t a permanent effect of the ribbon.
Seraphina and Rafira looked around before shrugging and sitting down with us.
That’s when I realized Aritus wasn’t with us. I looked around frowning at all the people with red strips across their faces until I saw a familiar tuff of brown hair. Aritus gave me the puppy dog eyes and his eyes began to water so I had to turn my face away. I rolled my eyes, but still felt the effect of it so decided to say something about him being a bit tied up. (Ha! You get it? Tied up?? Ow! Jeezsh Zena… It was funny to me…)
“Hey Zena?” I asked raising my eyebrows as she lazily opened her eyes to look across at me.
“Yeah Zane?” she said back raising her eyebrows mockingly back at me.
“Are you forgetting someone in our little group of awesomes?”I asked smiling slyly at her.
She frowned and looked around her before shooting up. “Aritus!!”
Her eyes turned silver as she swept her gaze over the mass of people before she of course landed on the same tuff of hair I had landed on. She gave him a guilty look before raising her arm a bit which caused his certain ribbon to shorten in length and he was dragged over to us. She lifted her arm again and the ribbon shortened again seeming to retreat back into her skin. I wondered if it was painful, but doubted it was due to her not showing any grimaces in pain when it penetrated her skin.
He rubbed at his face with the back of his hand giving Zena his best puppy face and even I felt bad for forgetting about him.
“I am so sorry!” she said looking at him guiltily and I smiled at how easily he managed to wrap her around his finger.
“Why did you have to wrap me so tight though?! Goddamn snake… I thought we were friends and you forgot me! Who forgets their friends?” He whined and I fought the urge to roll my eyes again.

Yay ^w^ [/snake hisses]
I have sent you the trade.
I am currently arranging to get your cover art,
if all goes well then someone will be contacting you shortly
about information on your novel~
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princess ammie

Okay Ammie! Here it is! Actually I talked about in two parts. I figured you'd enjoy reading them both c:

xxx“I’m glad I have your agreement on this” Jayden looked at me. “She gets into so much trouble” He sighed them.
xxxI looked up as he said that and shrugged. I had my coat off, all my bandages were showing. My red tank top made the white bandages stick out even brighter but at least the puncture marks on my neck had mostly healed. Instead of putting bandages around my neck, which would have been too obvious to anyone who knew the truth of Vampires, I wore a scarlet ribbon. It wrapped around my throat, crossing in the middle to make a perfect bow. It was cute and girly, but it was better than tell-tale bandages.
xxxI touched the ribbon softly with my fingers and ignored the pain in my shoulder where Eliza had cut me. She had really hurt the muscle but it was healing swiftly. I would be completely healed from all my wounds in a couple of weeks but Jayden suggest I take it easy until then. I would wear the scarlet ribbon around my throat until the wound there had healed. I didn’t want anyone looking at me oddly. He said he would stay with me to deal with any Vampires we came across. He had fed and was looking well. It was night, which was why my Master and him could talk in ease.

Theres the first part.

xxx“I’m in love with him Robert”
xxxThe scratching of his pen stopped.
xxx“I just wanted you to hear me say it…so you knew” He sighed and then motioned me over to his desk. I walked over carefully and quietly. He looked up at me, and then at the red ribbon around my throat. He smiled, but it was bitter. He looked like he hadn’t slept in days, he was gaunt but he hadn’t lost any weight it seemed, he was probably going to be okay.
xxx“That ribbon…is mocking me” He said softly. I didn’t get a chance to go on, because he went on speaking, “It’s like the symbol for everything I’ve lost…and everything I’m going to lose” His eyes touched mine for a moment. “Red like blood and you feel safe wearing it? Its as if you’re calling those monsters to you Ginger! It’s like you
want them to change you”
xxx“Change me?” I heard the shock in my voice and I touched the ribbon. “I don’t…” But the ribbon was red, scarlet like blood. Maybe I was calling to them, asking to leave my mortal life behind. My face fell and then I turned away from him. “Well I suppose it does represent everything you’re going to lose then, all the blood that’s fallen and all the blood that has yet to fall. I’m sorry Robert. I won’t bother you again” I walked to the door and hesitated as his words reached me.
xxx“If you do change, I’ll kill you Ginger.”
xxxI smiled and didn’t even glance back as I said “I would be disappointed if you didn’t try”

Whoo~ Two times in one chapter.
I'm thinking of making this part of a series of novels about supernatural creatures c:
If I do, I want to use your ribbon as kinda an easter egg in each story XD;
Because I can be awesome like that

That would be so awesome! >w<
I loved the second one. ^^
The trade has been sent.
I would love to read any mentions
you put of the ribbon in the future ^^
It would be great.

So, according to all the ribbon references so far...
I am a loyal snake
I am a Ribbon that hides things
I am a symbol for everything lost, and everything to be lost
I am (lost) blood
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User Image

                At long last the journey is over.
                There have been many obstacles along the way,
                but we have made it through.
                Even those who may not have completed NaNo,
                left with a hope for the coming year,
                or a realization that NaNo is not for them.
                I, with everyone else, would like to congratulate all the winners of NaNo!
                A winners post will be set up on the first page of this thread for winners.
                Just post here in the thread, or shoot me a pm,
                stating the name of your novel, the day you finished (time optional), and word count.

                Now we begin the long and treacherous road of editing our first drafts.
                On December 5th, NaNo winners will receive a winners code.
                Do not forget to use this code and receive special offers from NaNo's donors
                such as...

                *five free copies of your novel for free from publishing website CreateSpace
                *50% off an annual subscription to writing software Yarny
                *with access to software not included in the free version
                *A premium membership to BiblioCrunch for advice
                *on editing your novel from published authors
                *50% off of the professional version of organizational word processor WriteWay
                *10% discount off of a diamond or pearl publishing package with outskirtspress
                and more...

                It is my hope to keep this thread alive for as long as I can.
                It will be renovated for Camp NaNoWriMo in June and August,
                and hopefully again for NaNoWriMo 2013.
                I would love to have all of you stick around,
                and discuss what, and how,
                you edit, complete, and publish your novels.
                All contests, but the Writer of the Week, will continue on.
                The Final Writer of the Week will be listed soon,
                and all cover art for previous winners will be posted here in the thread.

                Thank you all for joining us this year,
                and I hope to see you all again this time next year~
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YAY! So we're still allowed to post here then? I didn't know if you were going to close it down or not now that NaNoWriMo is over with so I'm very happy that you're not lol.

My story Hell Angel is actually nowhere near finished, but now I have time to actually sit down and plan it out a little better now that NaNo is officially over with. Haha
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Aw... ^^;;
I would never close it down willingly.
I would miss you all too much ;w;

Yes, it feels good to have the pressure of time
taken off my shoulders ^^;;
I kind of speed through my book, so I have to
go back and fluff it up with detail xP

How many words do you think you will end up with dragon?? owo
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Probably around 60-65k based off how long TWLOHA's rough draft is. Hoping that the rewrite, whenever I get to it, will push it to about 100k.
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Lonely Puppy

That sounds awesome ^^
I estimate my novel to be about 80k
by the time it's all complete and edited >.<;;
It's part of a four book series, so I can't put too much into it.
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Ah, Hell Angel is just a single book, but I do have a trilogy and two series I plan on writing. smile
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