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I play the violin and piano. I like to play music that involves rock which is sometimes hard for an acoustic violin and piano, but on the other hand there's film music I enjoy to play and a bit of folk. Guitar is also another great instrument I played but don't now.
i play clarinet
i wanna buy a new 1 but im not sure wat brand yet
My main instrument is the flute. I just bought an intermediate Gemeinhardt model in January and I love it to death. fjsdjfis.

I also play trumpet for jazz band and marching band... And I play violin on the side, just for fun. I sing as well... but I kinda consider that something entirely different. n.n;
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Wheezing Ladykiller

I can play piano, bass guitar, violin, contrabass, viola, cello, guitar, tin whistle, ocarina, ukulele, mandolin and vocal.

I have a Korean Wurlizter (?) baby grand piano and a SP-88 Kurzweil (semi-weighted). I'm saving up to buy a carved UB Hawkes contrabass with some upgrades on inlays, tuners and bumpers. The rest of my instruments, I do not know what they are or who made them, or they are not of great quality to be mentioned.
I've played violin and trumpet, though I don't anymore. Now I practice piano, and I'm teaching myself to sing. Hopefully someday, I'll learn how to play the ocarina.
First instrument was the piano. Learned it at about 5, and my teacher always
said that if you can play the piano, you can learn any instrument. So I took
that to heart and learned the drums, bass, guitar, and trumpet.
First, I played violin for two years and then piano and the cello. And I still play cello.
I march a pearl bass drum. Black with a white head. Bass 4 in my band. I've marched it the past 2 seasons, winter percussion last year and now marching band (marching band last year, my first on bass it was bass 1). Owned by the school.

Also a Yamaha, small shank, trigger-less trombone. Rented, sadly. Except maybe not as I may have more a chance of someday my parents buying me my own as it wouldn't just be an upgrade (A trigger would be good, and apparently I need a large shank for full orch). But yeah. I've only been playing since november. And I'm a junior in high school. I'm a bit insane, aren't I?

Between the start of fifth grade and my conversion to bone, I played flute. I still own one... yamaha, open-holed, gold embouchure plate, silver headjoint. 315II, I think. I still play sometimes for fun, but I don't really consider myself a flute player anymore.
I play the violin, really got into it i got 6 trophies from it. Along with cello,& viola (i was in orchestra..was the captain) then i moved on to a lap harp, got into it alot..and then(now) bass guitar! YES! learning electric guitar next..i am still into all my instruments, they arent rotting lol...
yes ima nerd for music! emo rofl biggrin xd
I play bassoon.... school rented so i forgot what brand, i alsp play sax, Bundy. Last thing I learned to play was guitar, I own a yamaha pacifica and Epiphone SG.... im joining the drumline this year and screw around with the keyboard every once in a while. I was surprised to see how many ppl play the bassoon out there! O_O! GO BASSOONS!
I've played hand drums for 13 years now or ever since I was 3 years old. (self-taught) The first I got was a kids pair of bongos (now way to little) but recently my dad got me a schallock conga and bongo set with stands. But the recent drum is my djembe.
I play a baritone.
I have a Olds baritone
I like the baritone.
I own a Vinci Acousitc Guitar, a Samick Troino Electric, and might be the owner of a Fender Standard strat or a Fender SSH. I also own a Bach Trumpet.
I don't have any pictures but if you name it, I can at least want to play it. I play saxophone (soprillo to bari), tuba, trombone, accordian, a bunch of percussion stuff, and a bit of clarinet. My main is tenor saxophone and I mostly play in my school band. I want to make a private jazz band but I live in a bad place to love music. Damn jocks.
I used to play recorder. Lol. Then I played the Alto Saxaphone. Now I play Clarinet! mrgreen

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