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We are aware that Monster Galaxy is currently down on Gaia. We're looking into the issue and will post further updates as we have them.
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well then i await your resonse that its up again
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Are people still having problems with Monster Galaxy, or is it just me?
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Neither my friend nor I can get Monster Galaxy to load - not even a load screen. I wish that when the staff said it was back, that it was back for me as well sad
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to devs: pls don't abandon this game heart
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Yeah....still not loading correctly.
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Witty Genius

I can't get it to load, I even deleted my cookies.
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Witty Genius

I'm still having problems....
Can any of you Gaia staffs PLEASE release some new quests?The game is getting very boring.If the game doesn't get back how it used to be (always with new quests and mogas),I have 4 words for you---"GAIA IS F*****G LOUSY!"
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But apparently it's working for me....
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Monster Galaxy is working fine for me, but its not letting me add new friends! gonk
And the private message system for on the game isnt working either.
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This Game it's boring without something new gonk cry
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Still having problems.
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A friend sent me a request but i can't find it anywhere. Help? ease wait 2 seconds for an uncompressed image, or press Ctrl+F5 for original quality page

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