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can you make it so when we play we also earn gaia gold
cool love this game
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can you make it so when we play we also earn gaia gold

when we use whistles we gain gold, but we need neighbors for that =/ and there is a freaking glitch that we can't have neighbs
My Monster Galaxy has been down for 2 days now (again). Are things going to be fixed anytime soon?
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Again with Monster Galaxy being down. This is the second day. Will I be able to add friends again when you get it back up? Please, just get it back up; I have quests to finish and monsters to evolve.
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Instead of repeating the neighbors issue that everyone has already stated, has anyone else experienced this issue: deleting previous neighbors, yet...they still show up when you go to add new ones? I hadn't played in quite some time, so I was unaware of the adding neighbors issue, but I deleted old MG friends from my Gaia friends list...yet for some reason they were still appearing when I went to add my new friends. I'm assuming this is obviously some sort of glitch, but it's rather odd that I can add old neighbors that I'm not even friends with any longer but not my new friends that were recently added XD

Anyway, I hope the friends issue gets resolved soon, or there's some sort of work being put into the game. Just from an overall standpoint, I feel a bit sad to see such a promising game now rather...abandoned in favor of the new one (which I have yet to play, & don't truly have the desire to). I recall this happening with zOMG, when MG was new, so just as an overall comment I hope that the same doesn't happen with MG. Favoring what is new & shiny...it seems sad, since older games were what got people hooked to remain here. This is just a random suggestion from a member who has been around since the site was originally 'Go Gaia' XD So I've been around ;3 (just with various usernames over the years). I think it was wonderful that you were trying to add more features for the various age groups of people on here, but what will make the site less desirable is projects that are so very promising & fun that then get abandoned before entirely completed or fixed in favor of the newest 'toy,' so to speak.
Don't let things go downhill, since the site is wonderful. :3

(as a side question, does anyone know if they released any new Mogas recently? Just from my own pure curiosity).
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that monster galaxy thing...
you can't even earn gaia gold from it
MONSTER GALAXY IS DOWN ? scream scream scream scream scream scream
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ok so I don't feel as bad anymore.. it seems I'm not the only one who can't get on Monster Galaxy... I've tried a few times over the past few days and keep getting the same thing "Cannot be loaded at this time" does anybody know if there are plans to fix this? my girlfriend loves playing Monster Galaxy and I would like to play it as well.
ok is a true!!!!
yeah its been running kind slow for me on my computer and i dont know why
My friend's Monster Galaxy is back up! No changes though, she still can't add anyone. Mine is still down though sad I'd like to play again too...
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What gives ?!? Monster Galaxy was up an hour and a half ago. I watered the tree, collected the star seed, & sent gifts. Then I had to log out for awhile. I came back to play heart , and now it's down again crying It's been over a week... What's wrong now ?!?
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i like that game
Go monster galaxy mrgreen

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