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Okay so I've been thinking about joining RO for a while, do you think I should bother?

Also, if I did join, which class would you recommend from Gunslinger or Merchant>Alchemist?
Pros, cons?

And how can I get my friends to join >_o
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Play on the free server... If you like it, maybe then consider premium.

I wouldn't make either of those class first, but idk >.>;
Yeah go for it. Its a pretty fun game.
Gunslingers are uuh...not the best choice for your first character. Chemists are pretty cool but I think itd be better if your a bit more experienced before playing one. Try something a bit simpler like an Assassin or Knight maybe , y'know just until you get more used to the game.
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I would actually suggest playing a Magician first. It's a bit tough to get them started, but once you get your first bolt spell, you're well on your way. You don't need any fancy gear, just grab a simple rod from a shop and start killing things. You might be a bit hard up for SP (it's essentially MP) in the beginning, but after a few levels it shouldn't be much of a concern.

Since the Magician is very lost cost, you can use your profits to fund classes like Gunslingers, Archers, etc.
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Depends. Merchant is good for money and supporting your other characters, but they have a difficult start. I hear that Gunslingers just generally aren't good.

Power wise I hear that Assassin Cross is the best. Decent characters with a low learning curve are probably Wizards and either of the Swordsman upgrades. Soul Linkers are in demand for parties, Guilds, etc., but are best left to more experienced players.
best for me have always been..
Assassin, Linker, Priest, Swordies
tons of fun and priests level up the best because we can heal the undead!
healing!!! x3
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Professors, very flexible in close combat (Hindsight/Auto Spell), long range combat (Double Bolt/Double Casting) and support (what makes Professors annoying: SP removal, Dispel, Fog Wall, Land Protector, etc.)
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Jr Banshi
Okay so I've been thinking about joining RO for a while, do you think I should bother?

Also, if I did join, which class would you recommend from Gunslinger or Merchant>Alchemist?
Pros, cons?

And how can I get my friends to join >_o

Yes yes yes! Play it! xD

Mmm, let's see... I don't personally have an alchemist. I have a smith merchant though. And let me tell you, merchants are SO freakin' hard to level. xD In the beginning, it's awful, or at least without a healer. But according to my friends who have alchies, once you get your cool homunculus powers and plant summoning and whatever, they're really fun. :3

I have a gunslinger though. Slingers are nice and easy from the start. xD Especially when you get more agility, you just go BLAMBLAMBLAMBLAM and everything's DEAD. :p Fun stuff. And you can go solo really easy. The sad part though, is that after gunslinger... there are no more classes. D: I play on a higher exp rate server, so my gunslinger really... doesn't have anything else to do. xD They are really fun to play with though, and REALLY good for farming quest ingredients and stuff, lmao D:
I'd say start with an archer or merchant, Whichever is your thing.

Archer: Range from afar. Easy to level up. Nice selection of weapons and armor available.

Merchant: Carts available. Once you get the skill, you may begin selling items you find on the
streets. (Remember to do it on the sides and not in the road! wink Usually for me, they level slowly but once you get it right it's easier. Weapons from axes to some swords.

Love the game. heart
go play the game!

You can be a merchant but its hard to level up at the beginning. if your are to create your 1st char, I suggest you make a thief because of the high flee rate which makes you evade monsters around your level.

I dont suggest on having slingers as 1st char because they are fund drainers. bullets cost a lot.
archers are good too but you have to think about that they use up arrows too.

if you have fast hands, you can start as a mage since they only need low budget which can help you save up to buy armors and stuff. and they are pretty easy to lvl too once you get your bolt skills.

last tip: go research, once you get the hang of it, being an advanced player requires a lot of research (ex: stat builds, skill builds, item builds)

good luck!
To be honest, I would suggest not making 1, but 2-3 classes at the same time. 1 is always an acolyte, while the second is your choice of the "normal" first classes, not any of the expanded (for more info on this, please go to irowiki). Third is if you choose a merch, but only created it for overcharge, discount, and vending. Normal first calss are generally easy to train and are low cost. Easiest to train is probably in this order from easiest to hardest

Thief - double atk and 30 flee helps a lot
Archer - has a cheap skill that hits hard and fast and its long range
Mage - if training at the right places, its easy to kill, but gets boring
Swordman - highest hp, with good skills, just no sp to spam them
Merchant - has nothing going for it battle wise
Acolyte - unless its a battle priest, it will rely on others to level effectively

That being said, the aco. is always made because even if you want to party with poeple, you might not find someone, and you might want to have bless and agi when ever you can. Perhaps even more important though is that you can memo places so you can warp there. The merc exists so that you can start vending stuff right away and buy/sell other needed/useless items. The third would be your main fighter.

If you are attempting to make a slinger, I would highly suggest against it as it is very costly and you will be limited in the gears and places that you can go if you intend to solo. Go for an archer instead, and even if Jad said arrows are something to worry about, it really isn't. At job level 30, you can do a quest that will allow you to make your own arrows if you have the right items. If you manage your loot well, you can easily supply yourself with arrows till job 30.

To get back on topic, I understand that an alchemist sounds highly appealing, but please be prepared. Aside from merchant class being the second hardest to level, the job change for an alchemist is a pain in the rear unless you have money to buy an illusion flower (about 840k on iro valk), or you have saved memo warps to move around.

When you have become an alchemist, you probably want to get your homu. right away, which means doing a quest, leveling a bit, and either gather the pain in the butt items together or buying it for 110k+, and the homu. you get is random, with 4 types along with 2 different sprites for each homu. After that, you will need to "feed" the homu. which cost even more zenny. NOW that this part has been established, you will now have to download an AI to effectively train that homu., and I have no intention of going into that atm.

As you can see, this is daunting, and as a person with 3 alchemist, I would highly suggest making this your first class unless you have steady party memebers. Gunslinger is much worse money wise.

With this in mind, I would suggest making a thief > rogue if you want fast money and a little fun with skills. If you trans it to a stalker, things really get good, and if you are still here for renewal, shadow chasers will be down right fun to play as since they can copy 2 skills.

If your looking for a skill heavy class, become a mage, since they have a large variety of spells to choose from, and are always needed once they become wizards on exp quest maps.

Lastly, important sites, include:

irowiki.com, ragial.com, and ratemyserver.net

Jad mentioned researching your class and I agree. Go to irowiki to read each class and their possible builds, as your stats will be put into different places depending what skills you intend to use. Ratemyserver.net has a great skill simulator (though the skills are named differently, if you can figure out what is what, its really nice), and here is a link on a character simulator - http://calcx.wushuang.ws/

I hope this answerd some questions. I do believe I wrote a little too much but feel free to ask more if need be.
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I think you should go super novice.. dramallama
omg, get ready for a world of pain if you go that route
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If you want to start off easy, make a Swordsman or Thief first. They're melee classes that don't require a lot of cash. (Tae Kwon Fighters don't need weapons, and thusly less money, now that I think about it)
Mages don't really need much money either as most skills don't require catalyst stones. Archers are similar, but you'll need to keep buying arrows for a good while.

If you're nuts, you'll go Super Novice and try out tons of different skills from different classes to figure out what you want, but only, as I said, if you're totally nuts.
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I suggest that first you need a vending character to earn money and at the same time any physical attacking characters.... so you have back up in case you have short supply of healing items, power-ups, and etc

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