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Should I auction off the shop?

yes 0.51785714285714 51.8% [ 29 ]
no 0.48214285714286 48.2% [ 27 ]
Total Votes:[ 56 ]
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Rainbow Fatcat

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  • Clambake 200
took the freebie X]<3 cute shop cannot wait to buy biggrin
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8,950 Points
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  • Friendly 100
Took the freebie -- this shop is going to be sooo cute. ;Q; ♥
Ghost Gummie's avatar

Playful Lunatic

I took Sprinkles >D
can't wait to buy from this shop > U <
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super uber cute items
i cant wait to buy your items!
i took sprinkles dont worry!
i'll treat her gently (:
Rainbowrific Renia's avatar

Rainbow Shoujo

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Took the freebie, too cute!
I'm definitely going to subscribe to this shop now... I bet everything is going to be just adorable.
Wow, thank you all very much! I didn't expect to get such a great response since we're not even finished setting up.

I added four Puchis so far. I think I'll be adding one or two more before I officially open for orders. But feel free to window shop and toss me any ideas.
happi berri

    <3'ed this thread~
    so cute o u o
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Bashful Fatcat

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    User Image
      username :: SleepySketches
      recipient :: SleepySketches
      puchis :: All biggrin
      tip :: (of course!)
      total :: 5k

PS I took the freebie biggrin
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      username ::Angel Heart__love_love
      recipient ::Angel Heart__love_love
      puchis ::all
      tip :: yes
      total ::2k

Took sprinkles~
-loves on the Puchis- ; u ;
I'll probably wait for more before I order <3
happi berri
But feel free to window shop and toss me any ideas.

-Has an idea-
Since we are adopting the Puchis, we have to feed and play with them.
So make little toys and treats maybe? o wo
takochuu's avatar

In a relationship with Erebus Animus

Lonely Genius

i took sprinkles,she's just adorable! i will totally order them all later! heart
            { } xxxxxx oCudos ;;

                { ♥ cute-os <3
                I'll have to buy soon <3
Rorani's avatar

Shirtless Fatcat

~ took a freebie too ;o

    User Image
      username :: Rorani
      recipient :: Rorani
      puchis :: Strawberry Shortcake and Cotton Candy
      tip :: 100g
      total :: 700g

Angel Heart__love_love


Are you sure you want to order now? I still have a two more Puchis to add.
If you still do, just let me know. I just don't want you wasting your time on a second order.

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