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no brother 9? really? me stoopid. me thought there was brother 9. stoopid...
.... really? ...
No! Number 9 is dead to us!
Now, now! Be nice to your brother!
Many Gaians are immensely concerned about the recent disappearances of several Gaian administrators. Are the Zurg involved in their abductions?
Yes. We required special one-on-one meetings with some Gaian leaders, and only by bringing them to our ships could we ensure the privacy required for our sensitive discussions. Have no fear, your administrators are safe!
That reminds me, I should go check on the broth...
Quit fooling around, 05! This is important!
*Gulp*... So, finally, the big question that's been on all of our minds: Why are you here? What are your intentions?
Whoopsie, looks like the transmission is breaking up... hello? Hello? C n you h---e--r - me? *BZZT*
Hello? Hello? Are you still there?

We've lost the transmission. I suppose this concludes our interview with the Zurg! Stay tuned: Gaia's massive Halloween event begins tomorrow at noon, Pacific time, and runs until 11 PM Pacific standard time on Friday, November 3rd. Gaia Action 9 News will be on the scene for a full report!
Hello? Wait! I'm still here! Don't forget to buy "Operation: Unlikely III," now available on DVD! Whoooooooooo!


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