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Hello! Welcome Sindar, Noldor, and.. others. Welcome to The Closet, why yes, the same conveniently placed one I always shove Legolas into when he is being inconvenient. So what makes this different from the other advice threads you ask? Why, we shall tell you, you shall not be given bad love advice by a stalker, bad advice in general by Elrond’s spawn, or no advise at all by that group of homicidal maniacs, no we shall give you very useful advice. We shall help you stay within the most cutting edge fashion of Arda, and for free, out of the goodness of our heart.(Though we do ask all we help and invite any other to leave a comment on the Closet Door, it can be relevant or the most random bull you can come up with) So step up whether you be Elf, Man, Orc, or one of those other races (Spiders NOT welcome) And we shall make you shine with your full potential!
'The Closet Door'
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*poke* Ada, should I run around making people come?

"Look, Thranduil actually figured out how I could make my avatar look like me!!"

XD And I am getting very skilled at escaping this closet, have you noticed? *grin*

*is out of reach of retaliation for the poking.*


I was given cookies and coffee, do not blame me. >.>; Blame the fangirls. It is always their fault.
*Wants advice.*
Ooh, fashion advice. If you have any suggestions for my avy, tell me!
1. Good luck with the advice milord.

2. I promise I'm going to resist the temptation to make any closet jokes.

3. Any recommendations on better pants/shoes/skirt for this outfit?
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1: Be careful Nimmy, this is Ada here.

2. Siren, I would GREATLY appreciate a lack of closet jokes.

3: Wow, busy all ready. This was apparently a good idea, Ada.
Don't worry, Legolas. You've taken enough abuse without me adding to it.
Legolas of Eryn Lasgalen's avatar


And a fair amount of it from Ada. In fact, we were talking in that... MSN? and he was telling me that he did not trust me. *pouts, is obviously faking it* I mean, it was not my fault that my fangirl tackled Carmelor... >.>; After trying to strip me... <///<;
*Has idea for Legolas.*

You should totally keep extra underwear in your pockets for when fangirls attack. Just throw it in the opposite direction and they'll be distracted long enough to escape!

I suggest smaller styles as they are more compact.
Legolas of Eryn Lasgalen's avatar


*twitch* Um... interesting idea... But... um... O///o;
You're right..

I could totally see laundry day: "Legolas? Why is there a thong in your pocket?"

Sorry. I just had to say that.... o_0
I'm going to second Nim's recommendation for more compact styles. Boxers are too bulky and don't go very far when you throw them.

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