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None of the halfies I know have ever had problems making friends because of their race. Lol.

I'm in an interracial relationship with my amazing Asian boyfriend heart
I wouldn't mind dating a man of African decent, as a matter of fact, the Biracial guy [Caucasian and African American mixture] that I've been talking with for awhile and getting to know better is probably one of the sweetest guys I've ever met, I'd venture to say.

The only people that may need some warming up to the idea would be my grandparents. It was hard enough to get them through my being gay, much less gay and in an interracial relationship. Plus, living in the Bible Belt [Northeast Texas/Southwest Arkansas] only makes things more difficult.

But I would totally go out with him, the ol' teddy bear.

@ Metheshrew I hate that swagga' thing, too... I just chuckle and keep going. There's nothing like a gay guy trying to pull that off while complementing my "sweet white azz"... rolleyes

I wish you all the luck with him, Chemhound!
Guilty Pride
Guilty Pride
Guilty Pride
I know how you feel, im Black, my dad doesn't approve of me dating a white guy

And i LOVE WHITE GUYS! you know?! how is that a problem? But w/e hes gonna have to deal with it, and my half white babies

lol I'm currently in love with a white guy myself. He's so adorable!

Ahh, don't you just love white men? Like really, this may be racist, But i prefer a white guy, over a black guy, i find them more attractive, with healthier minds
And, i will date a black guy, If hes Cute, Smart, doesn't dress like he came out of a hip hop music video, speaks proper english ( i hate slang, or Ebonics ), has goals in life, besides get rich or die trying heart

My Baby has to meet the requirements

Yeah, I know what you mean. I got ticked off one time, because a black guy who was dressed like a hip-hop wannabe tried to hit on me one time saying, "How's it going beautiful? Light brown almost white." That really ticked me off. If you're going to give me a compliment, don't call me "almost" anything. I don't care what ethnicity someone is, I find it unattractive when a guy of any race tries to have some sort of hip hop swagger.

Oh my Goodness! you are JUST like ME! im So not into that hip-hop thing, don't get me wrong, its nice on T.V, its okay to listen to the music, but people DRESSING LIKE THAT, its over the top, why can't a guy be, simple? and Yeah Hip Hop swagger, so isnt cool in my book, we must be friends ( No homo )
And, i can't stand slang, or people who CURSE IN EVERY single SENTENCE they say!

Wow...I think you could be my long lost twin!
lol Sure, I love to add you.
Sexual Innuendo
None of the halfies I know have ever had problems making friends because of their race. Lol.

I'm in an interracial relationship with my amazing Asian boyfriend heart

awww...I wish you all the luck in your relationship.
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I didn't realize that this is still an issue. I must live in a very progressive area...

Alright everyone! I gotta go to class now! I'll do my best to be on later.
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In my opinion, people are people. Their race is irrevelent to me. I'd rather like a person because he/she is a good person, instead of because they are of a race of my preference.
I'm Asian, and my boyfriend is Native American. Granted, he's been.....Americanized...but none of my family or his have any problem with us being together. He's a great person, and that's all it matters.
I never really got it. I don't see the big deal.
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It's not really a problem in my family. My mom is Hispanic (even though she doesn't look like it) and my dad is Caucasian and both side of my family get along, especially when my grandparents see each other on the holidays. They even ask how the other is doing whenever we visit one set or the other.
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I've murdered half the town, left you lovenotes on their headstones....

I don't know why people have a problem with it. I always get rude comments from one guy in particular who heard me call a half black guy at my school hot, and who knows I have a crush on an asian guy. I mean damn, it's not my fault there are hardly any white guys my age where I live, and that none of them are cute.

...I'll fill the graveyard, until I have you.
I don't have a huge problem with race, or interracial relationships, but I don't think I'd want to date an african american. I'm just not attracted to any of them. Not one I've seen. Mm.. This is a little off topic isn't it? Maybe people don't find it attractive in society? Like a taboo? I don't know.
I don't have problem with it.
Love someone for who they are, not what colour they are.

I'm a New Zealand caucasian, and I'm in love with a Bangladeshi indian. We also have a little 6 month old daughter and I love her to pieces!

But my mother keeps telling me that baby Alex is going to get bullied for being part indian when she goes to school sad
It's stupid racism. >.<;
I'm not sure why people are so stupid.
my boyfriend is mexican-caucasian and we've never had a problem. His mom just has problems with him dating at all, not dating white, since she married one (:
For starters there shouldn't even be an issue.

In this day and age, people should get over it.

I'm mixed.
I turned out just fine.

Its the environment you're raised in that shapes you, your skin tone doesn't define anything.

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