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1) How old are you both
We're both 13

2) How much money do you have and do you have means of income, like qualifications and skills to get a well paid job?
[color=#444444]I have some money. I'm planning on stealing my mom's food card and taking all the money off of it. Were both geniuses and are hard workers so we could probably get a job easily where we're going.

3) Whats the problems your running away from and they really that bad that you are willing to put yourself and your friend in serious danger? our moms are party girls so we never spend time with them. We don't know were our biological father is. I've done this before a lot of times so we should bo fine.
4) Do you actully have a plan?
Yes we are going to ride our bikes up to Stanley, where my cabin is.

do it doesnt matter how smart you are you wont get a job at 13 and TRY TALKING TO YOUR MOMS jesus
<center>Don't think. Just do.
are you able to feed yourself?
Yes, my cabin is cram packed with food
work for money?
Shovel sidewalks, brush horsess, and exersize animals.
There are worse things that could happen and maybe just telling your moms how you feel would be a really good first step. I'm not saying you won't eventually run away but hold off for awhile. Talk to them about your father and stuff like that. At least give them the oppurtunity to make things better.
sad I've tried talking to my mom. She screans at me and calls me a b***h and a hoar
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Unless she is putting you in danger or neglecting you, you have no reason to be upset with her. Moms aren't always perfect. If she is abusing you or neglecting you, then call the police, or threaten to call them if she doesn't start being a better mom. Running away isn't going to solve anything. Stay in school.
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Have fun. And good luck. You'll need it.
Uh...don't run away..mainly because the real world is going to eat you and your friend alive. stare
Ok this thread being so vague I did not even bother to read mroe then the first post. I suggest you not do it, life cannot be that bad and if so seek attention from a higher power, such as the upper authorities. If you are serious, as more then likely asked in other post, do you ahve money, a place to go, a plan for food, a plan for future money, a plan in general?
Go ahead. Hopefully some thugs or cannibalistic homeless people won't kill you. domokun
CrazyKB dont run away it will be the biggest mistake ever. i did it and i havent seen my real parents in like 2 years. i dont even know where they live now. it was the biggest mistake i've ever made.
Go see Dr. Phil biggrin
I guess I'll think about it more.
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<center>You're not 13. You're 12. You won't get a job at age 12 or even at age 13 for that matter. You're not even old enough to get a volenteer's permit. Wait until you're 16. Then you can drive, get a job, etc. </center>
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Go see Dr. Phil biggrin
Ryo dislikes the good doctor.

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