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Fashion of His Love


Who the hell am I kidding?! I LIKE EVERY ******** SONG BY HER!
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ii like paparazzi, and just dance xd
The Fame Era: The Fame
The Fame Monster: Dance In The Dark
Born This Way Era: OMG!! Alot lot, can't choose, maybe Marry The Night, or Scheisse, or Fashion of His Love, or Hair, love this album heart heart
ARTPOP: Not yet released but I'm eksoyted!! LOL

Unrelease Songs: Nothing On (But The Radio)
well ,I love all her songs biggrin
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I can't even pick a favorite! xd
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I can't narrow it down to one. My favorite album was The Fame, not that the others aren't good. 3nodding
Bad romance
bloody mary 4laugh heart
I mostly like the parodies that littlekuriboh has made of them
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My favorite would be gaia_nitemareleft Dance in the Dark gaia_nitemareright
It's either Bad Romance, Paparazzi, or Born This Way. Born This Way has a nice message, so that one gains my love in the Lyrickasectione of the Gaga Songs. The other two... just, musickal appeal. NOTHING MORE!
Americano, bad romance and born this way
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mmm The Fame!
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Speechless from The Fame Monster. smile
The one that doesn't suck major c**k.

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