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Super Junior-M, hecks yes~ I love Henry and Zhou Mi. I actually learned most of the members from that movie. I ended up buying it. XD The way I started loving Hyuk was the way I started loving Jonghyun. I was shown a video of Hyuk dancing, and I fell for him then. I didn't know who he was or that he was part of SuJu until like- February? Kyuhyun is my favorite voice in Suju and my second favorite voice (Xiah Junsu always wins)

I learned SHINee in like- 2 hours. I watched their show and everything clicked after the first episode. I do still have trouble telling who has which voice, but I can figure out Jonghyun's and that's all that matters to me. ^^;
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Remembering SHINee's name took me prolly the first try xDD

Ahhh *-* Kyuhyun <3
Everytime I saw "Sorry Sorry" I thought he was hot x3

OMFG Renkuu, You look cute in that cosplay :3

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I'm terrible at remembering names.
Except for Eunhyuk, Taemin, Minho, and Leeteuk, and probably some others. Big Bang was easy though. n___n~~

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It took me a while to figure out who was Key and who was Onew XDD
Key looked more like the leader to me so I was like that's . . . Onew ???
Then when I figured out who was whom I'm like OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE DDDX

It was just that Heechul likes to kiss a lot XDD
So I suspected something >PP.User Image

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Well~ Key is the mommy. XD

He likes J-Rock and because they do it in Japan, he thinks it's okay to do it, too. XDD
Oh, Heechul~ ^^;

Fanservice is nice. I like to see it on stage. But- I'd keep it there. It's just weird for me to think about. So forget this whole little paragraph thing. XDD

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Before I saw Yunhanam , I thought it was weird how Key was the mommy .
He looked more manly in the videos .
Then I saw Yunhanam and I was like never mind . . .
It was all the skipping and JongKey action going on <333
And Onew was left out T~T

Then I realized that Minho was the man of the family .

LOL Taemin doesn't seem much like that , even if he's still a child himself ~
He held a girl who was crying and he just smile XPPP .User Image

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LMAO i have that pic...the one with taemin holding the crying girl XD
it's the cutest thing ever...i used it on my kpop collage ;D which btw is FINISHED.
i finished it at 2 am last night :'D
[yes i like to work on my projects at night]

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I have yet to finish the SHINee collage [more like Taemin >______>] on my mirror .
My mom was like . . . so you like Asian boys ?
She thought Jonghyun with his non - spiked hair was cute .
Which was kind of another reason why I don't like him the way I like Taemin .

I died a little inside .User Image

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omg adam lambert... o__o; LOL that's actually funny

& i didn't know you were making a collage. how big is it XD
but my problem...i have this little space about 10 inches, near the top of the poster o.O i must fill it in!
let's see who i have on my collage!
all of super junior, all of shinee, taecyeon, nickhun, junho, and lee junki. :'D thats alotta people.
;o i would have included big bang...but im not really much of a fan anymore o.o
XD i still listen to their music though...
they were actually the first kpop band i was interested in ;D
then i moved on to shinee...
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OMFG IF HEECHUL LOVES JROCK, I LOVE HIM A LOT xD -sounded kinda retarded-
But wow; YAY FOR YAOI <3
The Japanese come up with the greatest things evarr :D

@Juliette and Twot; You guys are so creative Dx
I swear, I'm not like that xD;

Wow Adam Lambert :/
eww... -.-'

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Unless you're uninterested in them >PP
What about SS501 ?
FT Island ?.User Image

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XD i used to be a lot more creative when i was young-ish. D: i barely have any creativity left...except when i'm bored and obsessive XD
but i must admit :'D the collage was very fun, while at the same time a bit frustrating =.= i keep shaking the poster.
i must show you guys the finished product later :'D

LOLWOW i just remembered that i also have changmin and a little bit of jaejoong on the collage too. XD me forgetful...
@___@ omg i can't stop staring at collage...so much adorableness...eunhyuk holding strawberry milk @___@
n___n out of all the pics i think jonghyun has the most...but he doesn't take much room since most of his pics are teeny. taemin has lots of pictures too. but onew, key, and minho barely have any pics ): it's okay though ;D leeteuk's pictures keep me entertained :'D

EDIT;; Juliette;; hm, FT Island are hot! i just haven't gotten the chance for photocollecting them. poo. minhwan<3
SS501 D: i haven't really gotten a chance to listen to their music either...so for now i don't really know them o: i've seen a video of them speaking english on their way to hollywood bowl though xD it was adorable.

now i feel like i'm rambling. D: sorryy XD

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I'm sure Jonghyun has a lot on yours because he's a camerawhore :'DDD
But that's OK .
They're idol boys XDD .User Image

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he's definately a camera whore XD
surprised sometimes i wonder how old sungmin will be when he finally reaches the age of no more cuteness o___O NO HE WILL ALWAYS BE A CUTIE.
but when SHINee grows up, they will be HOTTIES. xD like everyone else...
OMG hahaa i'm starting to ramble again...maybe because it's late at night ;o

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Minho never was cute.
He was always HOT <333
Well, actually, in Replay he was adorable ~!
Then Love Like Oxygen came on and it was like DAYUMMMMMMMM .

It's weird, he has the same voice he had then that he has now .
I thought it would improve a little bit because he was still young .
Taemin's changed :

Key's also a camwhore -___-

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