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Gah, I remember that cover by Lisa. <3
She's really so talented. Us SHINee family at the first internation forum,
are doing a collab to that :] I'm excited to see how it turns out.

ANYWAYS. I have changed the Members section.

And please tell other people about this thread.
I know I've seen that SHINee thread, but I wanted to make an official one,
since I saw a lot of other SHINee threads posted everywhere.
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Yeah! Thank you JenJen! NowIhavemyTaeMinnie! twisted

Ohh really? You guys are going to sing Replay?
Haha, yes. You're critically acclaimed Mrs.Taemin.

mmhmm, we're just waiting for a mixer to complete our collab project~

I'm so happy I participated in Project T-day. I can't wait til Taemin hears and sees my birthday message to him! As well, I snuck in the message: "Key, marry me! You are mine!" onto it. LOOOOOL. I'm glad it got sent through <3 Thanks to my lovely Shane unnie and yeah! XDD;
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Omo! T-day project! >: Gahh, I'm a badd badd badd Mrs. TaeMin. >;

I will make him the best beefday card ever then. xD

Or...I'll try.
Yay! Thankies JenJen! :3

Really? I wanna see it when you post the vid up.~
LOL. I'm very excited to see if SHINee recieves their gift :] Next is my Key's birthday <33 But that's not til September. LOL. AND YAY, WE'RE BOTH LIBRAS! heart We really are meant to be *O* <3

BTW. If you want to hear my cover of Lisa's rendition, look for it on my youtube account.

And you're welcome you guys! ^^;

080711 MBC-R FM4U Radio Noona You're so Pretty
^ I LALALOVE THIS. They sounded AMAZING. And looked great too!
SHINee in yellow = mmm sexy ;] GAH. MY KEY LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!
I always loved his smile and thick eyebrows <3 LOL @ THE DJS.
Just dancing away XDD~ This song never gets old <3
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Ahaha, TaeMin and I are like, "AISH"

I need to send some stuff to Sukira so I can ask them to send stuff to SHINee. xD

Thanks for sharing! <3

<3 TaeMinnie.
Thank you for posting the link. X3

Heehee. I really love that song as well.
Woo, you're a libra? :D I am too. x]

Ahh, I just read on soompi that SHINee are going to be on KangIn's and TaeYeon's ChinChin Radio on the 17th. <33
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xD I'm an aquarius. >w<

With... HanKyunghesnotminethough.

Ooo, hooray!

Thanks for sharing!
^ bahaha. donghae's birthday is the day before mine <3


{SHINee Subs} 080710 Mnet Wide News SHINee
Mother Key. I love you, my wife. LOL. Yes, he is definately almighty. Aw, he's so caring for the other members. LMFAO I LOVED HIS RESPONSES. And his "SHHH!" was very sexy ;D LOL. I loved how they repeated it twice XDD "Nuna...you're really pretty." and then he smiles so widely. OMG, Can he get any cuter? Ah, I wish I was his noona ): Oh my Key, I love you so smile I love SHINee, they're all so adorable <3 Taemin's shampoo commercial LOL.

Hodong Cut from Next Weeks[080719] Star King
LOL "Hodong you're so pretty"? That's too funny! XD I love this intro <3 And Taemin's move is definately the best wink LMFAOO.

080712 Lotte World Taemin aegyo
Oh what a sexy boy wink LOL. He's so cute, I love his aegyoness~ What an adorable body wiggle. HAHA, and his smile is beautiful <3

080712 Lotte World Onew talk+aegyo fancam
Onew has such a beautiul smile, I love it. And he's sooo cute. Leader Onew love~ smile ENERGY! That song has been stuck in my head for days XDD;

080712 Lotte World Noona You're Pretty Group cam
LOL @ THE "TAEMIN AHS~" And when the audience sang along :] I did too ^^; They lipsynced here, but it's okay. I know they have the ability to sing live. <33 They're such amazing performers! OMG. <3 My key is so gorgeous~ I always love his solos. Taemin's dance solo = OMG THE SCREAMS :] The ending pose is always love. AND KEY'S "KAMSAHAMNIDA~" AHHHHH *FAINTS* <3

More videos on krabbypattie's channel on youtube.
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I love your aegyo TaeMinnie! <3

Thanks for sharing JenJen! ;D

<3 OH, is this a good blinkie?

User Image

Yes, it is mrs. taemin! ;D
            Your birthday is five days before mine then. xDD
            Yay for october birthdays!
            But hooray for february birthdays! :D

            New SHINee vids. <33
            I shall watch them tomorrow though. XDD
            It's kinda late and my brother is watching something in the room.

            Haha. HoDong never fails to make me laugh. I saw a pic of him carrying TaeMin on Star King.

            It is a good blinkie Tia. :3
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February's too common. ><


I didn't watch it either....yet. ><

I will! <3 And I love on TaeMinnie. :3
SHINee Hwaiting.
I loved it when they were Dj's for sukira kiss the radio.
Jonghyun and Onew.
Onew amazing singer<3
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<3 Thank you Ayame!

And thanks for sharing Moon!

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