To answer people’s questions once and for all… yes. My username is from Ouran Highschool Host club. No, I don’t like the Haruhi x Tamaki pairing. He pisses me off. Yes, I’m a Hitachiin fan. Which Hitachiin? Both are wonderful. It was at one time, Hikaru. But Kaoru grew on me. So it’s either. Or both, even better. [/wink]

I’m known as Haru by most. Moso by a select few. Don’t ask about how that came about, even I don’t know why I was nicknamed it :’) But anyway, yeah. I’m well known for randomly ‘ghakdkjdfjshaksk’ ing and odd/hyper ramblings. I’m off and on due to weird internet and a mom who wants to ‘cure’ me of who knows what… meaning she turns off the modem. [insert booing of the crowd] I’m mostly on Gaia for roleplaying, and sometimes for art. But mostly for the roleplaying. I’m an addict. I’m trying to be better so I don’t overwhelm myself… but it’s hard. I’m somewhat picky and often get bored with a storyline quickly. Call it an acute case of ADD. Or maybe RADD, Roleplay Attention Deficit Disorder. Hm. But yeah! Uhm…. I live on the West Coast of the United States, which means I rock PST. Though even more cool? I’m likely in your past. Oooooo~ Or you’re in my future. It’s good to see that since you’re looking at my profile, the world hasn’t been wiped out yet.

Random fact about me: I’m a certified scuba diver. It’s cold, and the visibility over here sucks balls often. But it’s still amazing~ And two other members of my family are divers also.[/ramble ramble]

I’m the type of girl that never listens to a song all the way through, unless I’m zoning. And the type that once I’ve watched a movie, I never watch it all the way. I skip from the middle to the end, back to the beginning and all over the place. I also tend to talk during movies, much to the annoyance of my family.

One of my favorite foods are olive sandwiches. (Don’t judge til you’ve tried it) They’re so simple… and I’m so effing addicted to them. I dislike the taste of honey by itself, though it’s fine if it’s with another food. Spinach makes me gag, but spinach dip is fine. Ah, I’m full of paradoxes, aren’t I?

I’m Caucasian, though I’ve been told I look Spanish. Not Mexican folks. Spanish. User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

I love reading about murders. Yes it sounds creepy, and I really don't like it that the people died...but the story is interesting none the less. Also, reading about plagues = win. My dream job is to work in Forensic Science, either as some type of lab tech or as a blood splatter analyst. Yes, a tad grisly but it fascinates me. [enter blank faced crowd] Just being honest here… yeah, it makes me sound a tad creepy. But just keep reading, kay?

I’m an avid reader. Not so much lately, but I’ve read tons of books. Anime and manga hold only slight interest with me. A few, I’ve liked but, eh. The most complicated book I think I’ve read would be The Brothers Karamozov, written by the amazing Fyodor Dostoyevsky. It’s a huge book, but awesome. Though boring at times too. (He’s the same dude who wrote Crime and Punishment lol).

Oh yeah…. I HATE TWILIGHT. I sadly, was at one time a liker of the series. While, yes I’ll still say it’s a good read… the population of teenaged fangirls throughout the country have turned me against it. Thank god there was a cure. Or I might have been in a shitload of trouble. But yes, I have read it, though I haven’t seen the movies. Wait. No I lied. I saw the first cuz I was forced. [insert understanding sigh from the crowd] As Heather Brewer, author of the Vladimir Todd series stated, “Mulling over this, Vlad wiped her lip gloss from his lips with the back of his hand. Vampires, after all, didn't sparkle.” She. Is. Amazing. Even if I didn’t like her series, I would love her for that quote.

I finished highschool, though sadly without a diploma. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not stupid, or a drop out. It was a big… I don’t know. Basically the charter I was going through went poof and sorta screwed me outta my diploma. I was homeschooled before joining the charter, so yeah. I got a pretty high score on my ACT with barely studying and the only math I had was Algebra I. But yeah. I still have to take my GED. I’ve had some college, while I was finishing highschool and I’m planning on going back soon.

Hmm. Uhm, if there’s anything else, feel free to comment or PM. Or PM me for my MSN or AIM.

[insert huge cloud of black, orange and blue balloons falling from the sky]
You read everything, CONGRATULATIONS!