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What should happen to Queen Riverwisp now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.069348127600555 6.9% [ 350 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.038636813948881 3.9% [ 195 ]
Become the spiritual ward of the forest. 0.89201505845056 89.2% [ 4502 ]
Total Votes:[ 5047 ]
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That Mad Cat's avatar

Dapper Lunatic

8,450 Points
  • Risky Lifestyle 100
  • Survivor 150
  • Brandisher 100
Good bye my Queen, may we meet again some day ...

and now perhaps I will get even more to write about our glorious Queen ... I bid you fairwell

Your humble Scribe,

That Mad Cat, a.k.a. Chesh
Evolu's avatar

Fashionable Lunatic

6,800 Points
  • Forum Regular 100
  • Signature Look 250
  • Ultimate Player 200
All I ask is that I stay by your side, my queen... I will follow and serve you until the day my spirit fades!
Bani Slasher's avatar

Unbeatable Bunny

12,150 Points
  • Hygienic 200
  • Peoplewatcher 100
Does this mean I can eat all the animals? heart
Mycin-don's avatar

Dangerous Sage

9,600 Points
  • Millionaire 200
  • Treasure Hunter 100
  • Citizen 200
JUDGEMENT:you shall stay
Farewell my Queen... may the trees of your eternal forest grow ever taller.
Amulet_Ruby's avatar

Dangerous Raider

15,200 Points
  • Magical Girl 50
  • Bunny Hunter 100
  • Bunny Hoarder 150
Yes please stay in gaia my Queen! We will help restore the forest and water! *has always been careful to not pollute*
GreenNinjaCat's avatar

5,950 Points
  • Brandisher 100
  • Window Shopper 100
  • Friendly 100
may you stay queen in the hearts of Gaias forever
Succubus Evaligan's avatar

Desirable Sex Symbol

7,350 Points
  • V-Day 2011 Event 100
  • Generous 100
  • Somebody Likes You 100
Become the spiritual ward of the forest.

I love you Queen Riverwisp heart
I stay in the forest and do yuri with the nymphs and the others fairies. 3nodding
The girls and the forest need you.
[The Shadow Hawk]'s avatar

Sugary Fairy

25,500 Points
  • Battle Hardened 150
  • Partygoer 500
  • Survivor 150
My Queen, I'm glad to see you have returned to your former self.

I think Gaia needs a powerful spirit such as you to protect our forests. I wish to see you remain here to protect Gaia from humans who either do not know better or knowingly harm the world.
Fae Pyre's avatar

Unbeatable Hunter

My Queen I am relived that you have returned to your senses. I hope that you are now able to find peace.
iSports Fanatic's avatar

Rainbow Fairy

11,500 Points
  • Forum Sophomore 300
  • Bunny Hoarder 150
May the queen live on forever, and become the spiritual ward of the forest ~
MaidenEirys's avatar

6,000 Points
  • Tycoon 200
  • Forum Sophomore 300
  • Bunny Hoarder 150
Poor Queen Riverwisp... Protect the forests as a spirit to prevent further harm to the environment please. We will all help you guard Nature heart
Salaura's avatar

Tiny Shade

19,350 Points
  • Jolly Roger 50
  • Battle Hardened 150
  • Brandisher 100
Majesty, please don't leave us! The forests need you to protect it, from us.
Lieutenant Commander Data's avatar

Sparkly Genius

13,150 Points
  • Tycoon 200
  • Money Never Sleeps 200
  • Elocutionist 200

Abelard XIII will help protect the forests... by eating zoo animals. YEAH.
Lucryllyn of the Shadows's avatar

6,200 Points
  • Tycoon 200
  • Profitable 100
  • Forum Sophomore 300
Our Lady Queen, stay and guard the forest with us. heart

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