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What should happen to Queen Riverwisp now?

Dissolve blissfully into the world beyond, losing all memory and identity. 0.069163694015061 6.9% [ 349 ]
Serve a hard term in Hell Prison. 0.038644470868014 3.9% [ 195 ]
Become the spiritual ward of the forest. 0.89219183511692 89.2% [ 4502 ]
Total Votes:[ 5046 ]
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Ena Lucine's avatar

9,600 Points
  • Forum Junior 100
  • Conversationalist 100
  • Bunny Hoarder 150
My dearest Queen, may you always reign in our hearts!
The forest needs you!
Lieutenant Commander Data

Abelard XIII will help protect the forests... by eating zoo animals. YEAH.

...but men destroy the forest...
women protect the forest, all know that.
HououMinamino's avatar

Romantic Healer

17,600 Points
  • Healer 50
  • Magical Girl 50
  • Conventioneer 300
I am glad that you have been finally freed of evil and found the peace and closure you desired, Your Highness!

I now extend my hand to offer you an alliance with my kingdom. May you live on as a guardian and ruler of your forest kingdom. It seems that many, including myself, wish you to stay and rule.

Perhaps one day, you shall be restored to your former glory, and return to your body untainted by evil, and made new, no longer a hollow shell in the ground. Perhaps I can help with my power.

You have a gift for poetry, something I love as well. I would love to hear more!

Mr-Vendetta5's avatar

Desirable Raider

7,850 Points
  • Treasure Hunter 100
  • Brandisher 100
  • Survivor 150
I will take care of the forest well my queen ~salutes~ T^T
Tetra Luna's avatar

Wealthy Millionaire

10,600 Points
  • Alchemy Level 1 100
  • Alchemy Level 2 100
  • Millionaire 200
Thank you for adding me as a friend my Queen!
Neko of Crystal Hearts's avatar

Shy Mage

11,800 Points
  • Battle: Mage 100
  • Somebody Likes You 100
  • Pet Lover 100
Your majesty, please stay and protect the forests of Gaia. We all still need you and your wisdom. The curse wrought upon the lands by that vile man who did this to all of you is still causing harm...Only with you at our lead can we restore nature to its true glory!
SteamPunk D i n o's avatar

2,950 Points
  • Prayer Circle 200
  • Risky Lifestyle 100
  • Tycoon 200
her magesty deserves some final peace. I wish you the best my Queen.
Luna Proudfoot's avatar

Sugary Fairy

18,050 Points
  • Timid 100
  • Clambake 200
  • Over Easy 100
sorry I apparently ripped your wings off :/ I didn't have much of a choice
you'll enjoy being the forest's protector heart
Elenwyd's avatar

Virtuous Lover

12,600 Points
  • Love Machine 150
  • Object of Affection 150
  • Beta Critic 0
may you find peace in your forest, for even in death, you and your forest are still one. Farewell dead queen, and hello spirital guardian of the wyrd
stay queen riverwisp! Your forest would love to have you I bet
I wish your soul happiness in whatever fate it is given, fair queen.
Oxis's avatar

7,450 Points
  • Invisibility 100
  • Flatterer 200
  • Megathread 100
oh dear queen ): I am so sorry for your death and I hope now you can move on and not hate us smile I love you dear Queen!
Silent_Moon_Fox's avatar

6,100 Points
  • Somebody Likes You 100
  • Generous 100
  • Gaian 50
May you rest peacefully, Your Majesty. Allow us, your humble servants, to watch over the forests of this world.
Dalia Salvd's avatar

Eloquent Carnivore

13,450 Points
  • Demonic Associate 100
  • Battle: Rogue 100
  • Bookworm 100
-Bows- My queen, I'm glad I was able to serve you in death and I'm glad I was able to help you rest. I hope you will remember me and the others who served you fondly, and I wish you nothing happiness. Goodbye~! heart

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