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Location: The Abyss of Time

Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TO48Cnl66w

Quote: "So... now we are at the beginning of your journey. Let us uncreate the events, that allowed your journey to begin. The only way, to stop this vicious time loop, is for me to defeat you... making me to no longer exist. Can't you see, I must kill you... the me from the past. Let's allow it to occur."
1. In a ghetto somewhere.


3. "You spent your whole life trying to find thug life, but thug life found you."
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Dangerous Genius

Location: In the sky, atop a burning city.

Theme Song:

Quote: Through the ashes I will rise again and again; I will create the chaos needed to spark the flames to a new beginning!
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The Costume Guy
Airship Canon

This, sir or madam, is boss.
I'm visualizing . . . A turn-based aerial combat?

Mecha combat. Not turn-based. Sorta like Armored Core, but the player's mechs can't fly that well.
The boss itself is a massive floating fortress.

The boss fight seems somewhat turn based as the boss isn't constantly shooting at the player and fires in somewhat predictable patterns, with each pattern finishing with one of the big weapons firing. During the firing window of the main weapons, the boss becomes temporarily vulnerable (as an impenetrable shield created by black hole manipulation protects it normally). The time which the boss is vulnerable reduces each time it takes damage during the window... and if not defeated soon enough the window becomes zero. (Either by not destroying it during vulnerable phases or actual time passing). The third major weapon fired is always the charged particle cannon- and this is the only time the major weapon will not be fired directly at the player, and the boss cannot be defeated until at a very minimum of 5 phases.
The hero has allies on this battle, and they'll quickly be killed if they get caught by the boss's major weapons.

Taking a direct hit from one of the major weapons is instant death. (Except the VLS, which is just an unearthly swarm of missiles, which do serious damage, but unless you get hit by all of them, it's not going to kill you outright.) As there is NO EXPLOITABLE TERRAIN, the focus becomes one based on dodging full attacks while maximizing damage. With the major weapons, it's not really possible to avoid taking damage from the blasts, but as long as you're not stupid with dodging, it shouldn't kill you if you're good at damaging it and dodging the other weapons (light VLS fire, smaller Railguns, Gatling fire)
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Tricky Unicorn

1. Probably by a lake and/or forest at night.
2. Either Aurora by Susumu Hirasawa or X by X JAPAN(the one version on the Orgasm single)
3. "Sorry I'm late."
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Hunter Rush
1. Pulling myself out of the ruins of the castle the Hero just destroyed trying to get to me.

2. Either Iron or Into Battle, both by Ensiferum.

3. "Oh great. You made it. *Sigh* I hate this job."

God, that's great.
I totally imagine this cartoony, cell-shaded hack n' slash.
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Eloquent Streaker

1. The ruins of the universe.

2. "Oculus Ex Inferni"/"Set The World on Fire" by Symphony X ("Oculus Ex Inferni" would play during the intro speech).

3. "So, you've made it this far. And what exactly do you hope to accomplish? Take a look around you. I've cracked time itself and destroyed all of creation. I've thrown down your pathetic god and claimed his power for my own. What can you, a mere mortal, possibly hope to achieve by facing me?.........Very well. If your own death is what you seek, I will oblige you that final request. Let the clash of blades be your final requiem."
1. A LAN cafe in uptown Calgary

3. More GG, more skill
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1. An open plains where the lush green meadow and a barren landscape is bordered by a field of dry, dead grass, with the sun and the moon at opposite horizons, never rising or setting. The skies are partly covered clouds, not obscuring the moon nor the sun, yet rumbles with thunder.


3. "Relax; you don't exist to begin with. You may think you do, but to many of us... you're just a concept beyond the plane of existence. Of course, I'll correct this little paradox with my own hands. You will be reflecting on this soon enough, so let me see your efforts trying to prove that you exist."
Battle location:Anywhere in Pandora would be lovely mrgreen

Battle Theme:It has to be something epic......so I'd pick Caramelldansen mrgreen

Quote: "Me:How about we play a game?
Hero:What sort of game?
Me:First to die loses...Oh and the winner has the right to play with the loser's lower intestines and other inner organs." mrgreen
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Timid Prophet


3."Really?, all the strategy guides in the world couldn't help you!"
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1.Dark Forrest (Cutting tree,s by sword motif)
2.Similar to this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqEEcpD1ORI
3.WATCH! and learn something(Nornal opponet) Let's finish this, once and for all!(Rival) MAY! WHY YOU BETRAYED ME!! (My Girlfirend biggrin )

After my power armor on foot are destroyed after many hits i fall back to....my VF-1 Valkyrie smile and ive gonna bombard all place with missile spam.
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Hygienic Bloodsucker

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1. My room.
2. my terrible singing.
3. "lalalalalalalalalalalalala"
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Hardened Hunter

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62k/150k User Image

User Image
1.- Inside an space station


3.- "Maybe if we had met under different circumstances we could have been friends.... but to fulfill my dream I must destroy you! Prepare yourself!"
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Agile Paladin

1) Top of the skyscraper
2) Scaretale by Nightwish
3) ". . .So, I am the final boss? I have to fight myself?"

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