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I started playing when I was really little, maybe 4? I can't really remember it except vaguely. That was with my dad on his amiga and commodore 64.

I got my own gameboy colour on my 8th birthday with pokemon red, and then I got LoZ: oracle of seasons and ages for christmas. I loved them! Saved up for a gamecube just so I could play more Zelda games! It goes on from there really.

I play games like Zelda and Pokemon still, but also things like Portal, Half Life, WoW, various Nintendo games and indie games.
When I was 3, the very first PlayStation had just come out, and my older brother was desperate for one. I didn't know what it was, but I just went along with him and was desperate as well. My mom said she'd never, ever get us any video games (although we already had several educational ones on the computer) - she thought they would rot our brains.
That school year, my brother won the PlayStation1 in a school raffle. We played the heck out of the demo CD that came with it, and then the very first ever game we got was the original Crash Bandicoot.
I was in love.
I loved Croc too, and then when I got Spyro I loved that most of all.
I continued playing the PS1 for years, then it was the GBA and then PS2, then DS, then PSP, and now I finally have a PS3.
I started playing games when I was 3, and I just never stopped.
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It all started when i was 4 and i played my stepdad's NES.... I took to mario like a fish to water XD by the time i reached a kindergarten i had my own big gray game boy biggrin
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hmmm its a little hard to recall, but i guess you could say i was a bit influenced into playing games, when i was little i Loved to watch my brother play games and sometimes i wanted to give them a try, i sucked for the most part XD..i dont remember my first game, could have been an old mario game most likely, then i started picking my own games :3 pokemon, kirby, especially Sonic, he was my childhood heart . After watching my bro play a few final fantasy games i finally played one, i started with 7. and so on~ I still Love games :3 heart
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not much of a story to tell, just started playing along with my Older brothers at the time around the age of 5-6. Usually played games like Mario, Sonic, Kirby, and Mega Man. Zelda A Link to the Past was probably the first game that I was blown away by, and made me into the Gamer I am today.
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I started playing Unreal Tournament at the age of 4 and well never stopped. Then I moved on to platformers and adventure games. Now I'm back to fps
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When I was about 3 years old, my dad had a SNES. He used to play it all the time, and I would watch him. The earliest game I could remember was LoZ: A link to the Past. I started to play when I was 3, but I could never get the hang of it until I was four. I remember the controller being so big, and I could never hold it properly. I was hooked since.

I now own an xbox 360 that my boyfriend bought me as a birthday present. Along with a bunch of other consoles. the xbox is the most current-to-date one I have.
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when i was 2 i was given a nintendo 64 and the game donkey kong 64 for my bday i couldn`t play it so my dad played and i would dance to it
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you dont just become a gamer, its a way of life smile
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Lol i got into com games from a very very early age thanks to my father. He owned a com shop that sold pc's and gameing systems and I used to play all the classic consels of the 80's bar nintendo. Even tried my hand at a few spectrum sinclair games. And the very first consel I rember playing? It's two actually. The sega master system and the atari 2600.

Man im starting to really show my age here lol
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Well, It all started when I had no friends.
This is very much part of my life, since I've always been ... to myself.

A computer was my first friend.

It had wonderful games on it that both intrigued me and was subject to my curiosity.
My curiosity was sensational, but I found more friends to play with to cradle my growing interest.

It started with my brothers old NES...
Then his SEGA. Then I was bought a friend of my very own: A Gameboy.
We had intense moments & fun times. We defeated challenging foes, and celebrated great victories.

Soon I found new friends to play with...

Mr. Playstation, and Mr. N64.

Gee, they are great friends of mine.
They still are, only now I have even more friends.
I wanna hear more stories people!!! x3
Angry Demonic Cookie\
I wanna hear more stories people!!! x3

Don't necro it is spamming.
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Pokemon yellow. It all started there, and it will all ******** end there.
I'm not exactly 100% sure on the sequence of events here, but I'll give it a go.

As far as I can recall, my first experience with gaming was pc gaming. My dad brought home a mobile computer from work when I was 4 or 5, the first time I'd ever seen a computer. It had a black-orange monochrome screen and a few games. One in particular cast you as a five pixels tall character exploring a dangerous castle. I could barely read words in my native language at thetime, much less english, so I didn't do too well. The computer also had pac man, which was far more intuitive.

Around the time I started school, or just before, some of my friends had the NES. Ice climbers, mario, track and field, etc. I wanted a game console too, so my parents borrowed an old Intellivision from a relative. Not exactly what I was looking for... After the NES came the SNES, but it wasn't till the release of the N64 that I could afford my own console by scrimping and saving my allowance. Nowait, I did get the Gameboy as a birthday present, but I could never afford any games and you can only play megaman so many times.

Somewhere along the line I got into computer gaming. Perhaps it started with Jazz Jackrabbit...

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