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My brother gave me his Pokemon Gold when I was in 6th grade then they came out with silver and it was the first game that I had ever picked for myself after that we played the N64 and the PS2, I still play a lot of RPGs but if it can catch my attention I will give anything a try. Except head to head fighters, I get WAY to mad when my hubby stomps my tail. sweatdrop
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My mother told me I was born with a controller in my hand. My first memory was when I was 3 and it was pong on the atari. Even thou My mom told me I played it earlier. I rember all the great games over the years Zelda, Mario, Mortal Kombat, Fable, Final fantasy,Halo,even Crash Bandicoot. I still play any game I get my hands on. Any game still gets a chance to many gamers now adays forget the gaming roots and think the games they play are better than all others . Rember The gaming industry almost didn't make it!
I used to hang with my guy cousins and we just seen the NES coming out on commericals and stuff. It was the must have system back in the 80s-early 90s, and then my mom bought me a NES with mario 3 bundle and it just started from there.

Been playing video games since.
Older cousin had classic Namco games on her computer, which were Pacman, Pole Position, Dig Dug and Galaxian. Got addicted.
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Earliest memory of gaming I can remember is watching my dad play Donkey Kong on his Commodore 64 when I was about 5 or 6. I'd try to play myself but I was horrible at it (still am! xD).
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My parents got my brothers and I the first NES. From there on, we were hooked.

Thank you mom and dad.
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it all started when i was 5, and i found that nintendo 64 laying on the floor, in the living room with an copy of super smash bros in it, and then after an few minutes i wanted to become the best gamer ever, never got there though.
Well, when I was about 5 or 6, I played a ton of Mario 64, Mario Cart, and all that other stuff on our Nitendo 64. But I don't think I truly became a 'gamer' until I played and beat Kingdom Hearts in the 5th grade. Because after that I played more and more. Now a days, since I've played Haunting Ground, I play horror games. ♥
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i was a baby with the SNES controller in my hand... never put it down

ive pretty much had games in my life in the 19 out of 20 years I've been around. i figured at this point, why stop now?
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Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog!!!
Both games got me addicted to video games.
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My mom and dad had an NES and a Sega Genesis when I was little. Dad used to play the original Legend of Zelda all the time, while my mom played this game with a guy who fought s**t with magic rings on the Sega.

I guess around 6 I started playing the Genesis and a game called Stryder that was pretty awesome to me at the time. Then Megaman followed and off I went into the gaming world.
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My dad had brought in a Colecovision one Christmas morning, and hooked it up to the old telly. I was mesmerized by this thing, that would display things on the telly and you would control to win or loose. I was addicted, like him, from the get-go. He'd rent me those old 8-in-1 cartridges from a videostore a few blocks away, and keep me entertained forever. Once in a while, I'd wake up super early and catch him playing Gorf, Carnival, or Cabbage Patch Kids while everyone else was sleeping still. Eventually, the power adapter died on us, and with his soldering skills, he just made it worse. By the, the Genesis had come out and that was the gift Ir eceived the following christmas. Now, you have to keep in mind that back then I didn't know s**t about games. None of my friends had anything besides Atari, and I couldn't afford a magazine subscription or many visits to the store to see what was new.
I graduated to the Dreamcast when that first came out, and when I was done with high school and got my first job, all my money went onto new games and systems.
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When I was very little, around two or so, maybe three, my parents would record themselves playing video games and put the controller in my hands so that I thought I was playing. That pretty much set it in stone for life that I would be a gamer.
i cant really say when it started exactly

ive had a super nintendo ever since i can remember
i use to play mario and fishing games with my dad all the time
i also have 2 godbrothers that id hang out with a lot and we'd always play donkey kong country and goldeneye on n64 all the time.
i got way into gameboy pokemon around 4-5th grade.
then i got a ps2 with kingdom hearts,
etc etc etc.

ive just continued playing.
love shooters and some tactical, RPG's from time to time.
me and my boyfriend combine own close to every system.
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Well, I was definitely really young. My first real experience in gaming came when I was about seven. My older brother and sister both had GBAs and the Pokemon game, so I got one too. I never really got into gaming until I started going over to a friend's house a lot. Every time we went over we would play on her GameCube: Mario Party, alternating between files on Harvest Moon, Billy Hatcher. Oh, it was awesome...

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