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Sparkly Cat

I would buy some wishlist items, that's for true!
I'd spend it on ICE CREAM! Ice cream, I tell ya! (Rina would love me.)
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Caring Vet

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I would put the gold towards my quest funds, because even with 5 million gold, it's still not enough to obtain the extremely expensive cat items that I covet so much.
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Distinct Lunatic

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Depends, If its a fairly low amount, I would buy something for me, and my two siblings lol. If it was alot, I would donate a bunch to charity guilds, and probably go on a tipping spree for all the people I respect here on Gaia lol xd
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  • Conversationalist 100
  • Gaian 50
i would get something i love off my wishlist and save the rest for my angelic scarf quest biggrin
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Generous Cutie-Pie

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  • Friendly 100
i would buy stuff on my wishlist and buy stuff for my friends that they want and donate some to ppl that is poor and got hacked badly
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  • Money Never Sleeps 200
  • Treasure Hunter 100
  • Cart Raider 100
With that thing, I would definitively get my Fortune's favor and the Sweetheart ring.

With the rest of it, IDK. Maybe I could finally stop being homeless!
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In a relationship with Damn My Leg

Friendly Businesswoman

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I'll piss my pants if I got this 0_0

then I'd find some crazy mad scientists and tell them to resurrect Johnny for Halloween, and build a giant satellite to call some alians to resurrect him in his full glower during a time between Christmas and New Years!

I'd spend it on zomg stuff for that war was also predicted and um....So pretty items to show Johnny I as the money to support him and Gino!
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Fistrick's Spouse

Gracious Beau

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Well, really, I'd just hang on to it for when I really like an item. I'm not very good at buying and selling any way.
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If I win I can now make my friend go back to gaia again. And buy items rofl
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Dangerous Wolf

id save it for a while then help my friends get things when there questing them
I would invest the money into the market place so that I can afford items I've lost, given away, or sold over the years.
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Tipsy Lunatic

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  • Grunny Rainbow 100
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I'd use the money along with my current funds for my quest to try and invest or hoard some items. This way, it would help me get my minis. ninja
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Romantic Grabber

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First of all, I'd buy two sweetheart rings! One each for my sweetheart and I! <3 We were OCD on zOMG and that's the only rings we're missing.

Then I'd split the remaining gold in half and give her half of it for her quest that she'll never complete(Minis... lol).

The rest would be mine! I'd waste it all in about 3 minutes buying random items I think look completely awesome without a second thought... finally realizing by the end that within 15 minutes, I'm bankrupt yet again, which is what happened when they were closing the Facebook game and I cashed out. XD
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Oh, that's easy to answer, I'd spend most of it on my Owen because he's the sweetest boyfriend in the world. biggrin heart heart heart heart heart

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