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Updated 1/21:
Added Friends, Messages, and Outfits (if you have Outfits turned on in Labs).

While we removed the Gaia Instance Messenger feature due to low usage, a number of users were telling us that they still liked having the ability to message their friends -- they just wanted a much lighter weight interface.

Anyway, given that, we spent a little bit of time and decided to integrate the Meebo toolbar, which gives users a really lightweight chat widget.

If you turn on this lab, you are REPLACING the standard toolbar with the Meebo toolbar.

Some things that we still want to do:

- currently, you'll see your quick links but cannot edit them
- we'd like to add a "collapse toolbar" button.

Anything else we should add? Do you find this useful? Please try it out and let us know!
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where do i go to turn on this option? its been so long since i hit the ol' labs >_>
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Should show up in /labs now (first item) -- we want to make sure stuff is working before announcing it.

where do i go to turn on this option? its been so long since i hit the ol' labs >_>
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Played around with it a bit and then turned it off. It seemed a bit slower to load than the current footer and I miss the ability to collapse it, which I see is already being considered. Being able to sign into multiple IM accounts looks pretty useful, though.

Minor note: the bland grey isn't visually appealing. Maybe an option to change colors or themes?

Feb. 14 Edit
It's still too slow. Stop forcing this on people.
EPICNESS. Love it.
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Possibly a bug: Turning on the lab floating IM footer with the other footer turned off has no result.

This should be easy enough to fix though. To account options!

Edit: The floating IM bar can and will cover up part of your text while your typing a post on the forums. Not a BIG deal, since you can just scroll down, but mildly annoying.
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Just turned mine on (:
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OH MY GAWD OH MY GAWD. If I can log in to my other im accounts, I'm set. I wonder if I'll ever use this...
EDIT: WHOOOOOOO! I'm set. I'm staying on FOR LIFE.
the advertisement is a turn-off, i subscribed to the monthly gold mainly for the option to remove advertisements from the site, and having one on the bar is awfully annoying and distracting when it contains movement.

O.G. Gaian

I LOVE IT, I LOVE IT. now how about doing away with the other footer?
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This...is perfect. o:
I just found a reason to use my footer again.
I love that you can sign in to different accounts too.
Here are some glitches I'm having:: How can I add new quick links? There isn't an add button anymore ; ^ ;
& My friends list says I have friends online and yet the footer lies :OOO
I'm liking it so far. surprised

EDIT: and I have a question now.

It says I have no friends online, is this because they haven't activated the footer?
List of bugs that I've found and fixes that have worked for me (running google chrome) just in case others are having the same problem.

Can't log into instant messenger - Log out of Gaia, then log back in again

Keep getting logged out then into messenger - You may have too many tabs open, close some then wait a little while, that may fix it. If that doesn't do it, try closing completely out of gaia for a couple seconds to a minute or two, then opening gaia back up again. <--- It looks like the maximum number of tabs is three or four.

Status disappears when logging out of either instant messenger or gaia - I'm not sure if this is a glitch or intended, and I don't really have a fix for it. Just thought it'd be worth mentioning.

Footer not loading - It looks like this is affecting the safari browser of the ipod touch as well as firefox four. I don't really know of a fix for this yet, but I'm trying to think of one for my itouch. The only thing I can suggest right now is downloading google chrome, firefox (preferably not version 4), internet explorer, one of the more widely used browsers. At least until it's fixed. Before deciding that it's a problem with your browser, however, go into your account preferences and make sure you have the footer display set to yes.

Are your tektek forum icons appearing all over the place in your post? - This is a result of the new instant messenger, if you want to fix this, simply deactivate the widget from the labs page. I've tested this myself and it solves the issue.

Your friends are shown online in Gaia, but not on the instant messenger? - They simply haven't enabled the new floating footer yet, try encouraging them to do so if you really want to chat with them this way :'D

This list will be updated :3
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For some reason, every-time I try to sign it to chat it won't sign in.... I'm confused, cause it seems to be working for others....

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