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Hm. Maybe there is a bug for it when it comes to firefox. I click sign in and it wont sign me in. But I used another browser and it worked. ono;
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I turned it on, and immediately off again. First of all, I dislike Meebo because of it's TOS, and this logs us in without a chance to see and choose if we agree to it. For another, the little ad in the left corner for Yellow pages videos or whatever was very annoying and kept drawing the eye. I like the current footer, which lets me see my mail easily. Also, I didn't like that Quick links was no longer the first and foremost thing on the bar. If we could choose which service to sign into on a bottom, or even side bar, and the layout was more convenient, I think I might like the idea, but as it stands, I will not be using it.
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Imina Ai
Hm. Maybe there is a bug for it when it comes to firefox. I click sign in and it wont sign me in. But I used another browser and it worked. ono;

yeah, i'm using firefox as well maybe your right...
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It's not working for me, all it says is "Sign in to Gaia Online to chat"
Windows XP, Firefox 3.6.13
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Ad in the footer? Perfectly fine; however, I HATE it being the first thing on the left hand side. Moving it to the middle of the bar or to the right side with the other widgets would be scores better.

Edit: fixed side suggestions. I fail at telling my left from my right apparently. Maybe this is why I don't drive?
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Great! Just what I needed!! biggrin
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Hmm.. I dislike the advertisement.
It won't let me sign in. When I click "Sign in to Gaia Online to chat" it just sends me to the Homepage.
So far I'm not liking it.

edit: And I am not using Firefox, I'm using Google Chrome.
Missy Eevee
For some reason, every-time I try to sign it to chat it won't sign in.... I'm confused, cause it seems to be working for others....

Have you tried logging out of gaia and back in again? That seemed to fix the problem for me.
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I have no friends with this yet, but it seems like a good idea, I think this is much better than previous IM set-ups...
One big problem so far is that every time I click Quick Links, nothing pops up. I had the standard links in the old footer, and I'm using Safari 5.0.3
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I love it! The grey color is a bit dull... Color change options maybe? Everyone is always fussing at me for going 'offline' cause i website hop and this is an easy solution since im on here alot whee
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cєℓєsтιαℓ ғιʀєғℓιєs:

I like how slick it looks. The quick links works faster than the old toolbar, so that part is less clunky, but it doesn't seem to pop up on the page as quickly. Before, the toolbar loaded with the page, but now the page loads first and then the bar pops up. That part is kind of irritating, but the slickness of it all kind of makes up for it.

And, isn't it collapsible? The down arrow on the right hides it for me. [[Edit: Odd, I don't seem to see the down arrow now that I'm signed in. Huh.]]

Edit: If anyone else has noscript and it isn't working, make sure you enable meebo.
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Nespin Fernagon
Possibly a bug: Turning on the lab floating IM footer with the other footer turned off has no result.

This should be easy enough to fix though. To account options!

Edit: The floating IM bar can and will cover up part of your text while your typing a post on the forums. Not a BIG deal, since you can just scroll down, but mildly annoying.

I think I have this glitch, but when I turn off the footer from the Account Preference page, nothing still happens. I'm using Firefox 3.5.9 though
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Tricky Glitch

    Lovely, it is.
    Remove the ads for users who have internal ads or just remove the ad in general.
    Make is collapsible much like the current and I would find better use for it.
    for that matter work on blending it in as well.
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i like it, too bad it still doesnt have the features tht the other toolbar had, like the outfit changer n stuff.
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How do I activate the IM portion of the footer?I'm confused.

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