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Ah, this will be so handy for those awesome outfit changers!
Not to forget the ones that love to be in "I Am" items as well as regular outfits.
I love it. If in a roleplay you need to change outfits or looks fast, this is ideal.

Only change I would make is add more outfit options, but that's a tad unrelated sweatdrop
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I really like this feature. I have a few outfits I use, and not having to go into the "customize avatar" page to change into them is very convenient. Thank you very much for creating this handy feature and I look forward to whatever else u guys can cook up. ^_^
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I love it, I've got a habit of switching my Avi's constantly. This is a God Send. heart
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I like it, it's so easy. I just wish we could save more outfits. XD

**** / *****
{4 / 5 stars}
would be nicer if it was just a small popup box in the bottom right corner.
It's way spread out and idk... it just doesnt have to be that big.
Still support it though! Just needs a few tweaks.
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I really Like this. It took me a few mins to find it but it was worth the search. maybe for the time for stupid ppl like me be best to make it Really noticeable haha good job thx<3

Ps i just used it biggrin
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Wild-Haired Hellraiser

This is a good idea. I know a lot of people that have a very basic outfit that they're well-known for, and that they also change their avatar like crazy. Making it one step easier is nice and means less clicking.

Only side note is that the saved outfits in mine aren't in their boxes, they're lined up outside of them. I'm not sure if that is related to this at all or not.
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I like this but wouldn't use it...I would need alot more space to save other outfits first.
woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo luv it
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its a great feature, i love it!
its very helpful, now we just need room for more outfits
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Nice feature, thumbs up biggrin
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I love the outfit changer idea.

Two problems: 1. All avatars are not in sync with their boxes and are instead lined up at the top and 2. One day consider putting in more than four? And if you can slap four of them now into the footer, how about increasing the number on the main My Avatar page?
Ok, i dont get it
can someone message me explaining it to me?
not quoting me on this thread, just private messaging me plz
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Lonely Phantom

This feature isn't very useful since there are only 4 saved outfits. Now if it was possible to have 10 to 20 saved outfits, this thing would be extremely useful. But still, it's useful till more saved outfits are allowed.

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